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  1. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    Same with my wife. She even had some taste and breathing issues. We're quarantining. I'm pretty positive I brought it home from campus last week, since my wife basically doesn't go anywhere (immunocompromised). Thankfully she's feeling okay today.
  2. Our beloved dog Scout

    So sorry for your loss, Larry. It's the worst.
  3. Rick Laird, R.I.P.

  4. Burton Greene (1937-2021)

    Very sad news. Got to know him a bit over the years too, though not nearly to Cliff's extent, and always really dug our interactions. Not to mention his terrific music. Rest easy, sir.
  5. Laid off today - now what?

    Hoping for the best of all outcomes, John.
  6. Mario Pavone (1940-2021)

  7. Bob Koester RIP

  8. Frank Zappa

    I saw FZ in Cleveland on this tour and I'm pretty sure he didn't play a note of guitar all night. Was an amazing gig though.
  9. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    We're making good progress nationally in general, but there is disparity among the states. Also, we're dealing with a robust population of deniers and skeptics, so that's also a factor.
  10. Our library has the same dates as Dub Modal's, alas. I wonder if that reflects a gap in what the PC has made available. Perhaps there was even a fire or something similar at some point? Sorry, Dan.
  11. I love the MOI stuff for sure, and have a soft spot for Flo and Eddie ("Billy the Mountain"!). But for me the greatest FZ band is the Roxy band.
  12. Mark Whitecage

    Damn, RIP.
  13. Bandcamp waiving fees on Friday

    Same, Cliff. I'm gonna pick up some stuff this evening, maybe fill in some holes in 1970s FMP, some recent Room40, a few metal records.
  14. I live in the kingdom of vinegar-based 'cue and I have seen the light. Also, Wickles Pickles makes for a delicious garnish.
  15. Ralph Peterson Jr. RIP