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  1. Big Ears Festival

    Organissimo meetup?
  2. Joseph Jarman - RIP

    Very saddened by this news. RIP, sir, and thank you.
  3. Alvin Fielder - RIP

  4. Nancy Wilson RIP

  5. Wadada Leo Smith

    It was great. He actually gave us the incredible gift of a world premiere solo piece. This is the acoustically uninspiring environment of a conference. But the greatest thing was that the session next door to ours opened our door to complain ("We can hear that") and W didn't even flinch from his playing. AWESOME.
  6. Wadada Leo Smith

    FYI, Wadada just received the American Academy of Religion's award for religion and the arts this past weekend. Was a real privilege for those of us involved in getting him the award. He's really stoked about this recording and there is a ton of amazing stuff he's got on deck, including a 3cd solo release recorded in a 16th century Finnish church.
  7. Super cool, Mark! I'll look forward to reading it too. Been digging this Mingus set a lot. Pullen, holy smokes.
  8. Sonny Fortune R.I.P.

    RIP, sir.
  9. Hamiet Bluiett R.I.P.

  10. Randy Weston - Thoughts and tributes

    What a legacy he leaves, on so many levels. RIP, Mr. Weston and thank you for your artistry.
  11. Randy Weston - Thoughts and tributes

    RIP, sir.
  12. Aretha Franklin, RIP

    The greatest. Always. Deepest thanks to The Queen. RIP.
  13. Tomasz Stanko R.I.P.

  14. I'm reviewing it for Dusted, so I got a promo from the label. 2.5 hours of glory.
  15. It's insanely good. Steve's been on a roll lately, but this one is crackling.