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  1. Michael Henderson 1951-2022

  2. Now reading...

    Shameless self-promotion, but my fourth book was published last week. I've returned to writing about religion and politics, and I'm pretty proud of this one. https://global.oup.com/academic/product/embattled-america-9780197623503?cc=us&lang=en&
  3. *** Cecil Taylor ***

    Apologies if I missed this somewhere in the thread, but for those who purchase digitally the entire Two Ts for a Lovely T box is available on Amazon for 15 clams.
  4. David Murray - Seriana Promethea

    Just spun it a couple days ago, very good indeed. Plus there's a Sly Stone cover!
  5. Tune that affect you emotionally.

    Almost too many to consider, but one that really gets me is the Paul Motian Trio's performance of "Folk Song for Rosie" from the 95 VV set.
  6. Dennis González (1954-2022)

    Damn it! I'm deeply, deeply saddened by this news. A great, great human as well as a beautiful musician. Rest easy, my friend.
  7. Joe Henderson - So Near, So Far

    Burning version of "Dr. Jackle" on that one, Jim.
  8. Joe Henderson - So Near, So Far

    Bad take on Sco. So he uses a chorus pedal. He's a terrific player. I don't care for the chorus that much but it doesn't mar my appreciation for his work.
  9. My Friend Hot Ptah has passed.

  10. Ron Miles R.I.P.

    Just awful. RIP, sir.
  11. Big Ears Festival

    Starebaby night one is a must for my crew. But as always, TOUGH decisions.
  12. Big Ears Festival

    Ain't it true? My friends and I have taken to calling it FOMO Fest.
  13. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Just signing on to agree how demoralizing it is to still be having some version of this conversation after nearly two freaking years. As I tell my students on the first day of the semester (in a purple state, at a university with no vax mandate), you have approximately 12 mandatory vaccines in your body right now just to attend this school, and you're gonna raise questions about the efficacy of science mid-stream? Social media and lying politicians are doing a fine job at undermining trust in everything.
  14. Greg Tate R.I.P.

    Devastated. The funkiest critic ever, and a major source of inspiration. Rest easy, sir, and thanks.
  15. Alvin Lucier RIP

    Damn. RIP, sir.