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  1. I emailed author Eric Allen (with whom I arranged this deal) about getting the PDF and here is his reply:- Thanks for the note; I’m glad you are enjoying the book. The last time we offered the PDF add-on by itself, we were charging $29 USD. We could offer that to you and the other people that have purchased through Jazz Messengers in Barcelona. Please let me know if you would like to do that and I can send a PayPal invoice directly to you and anyone else who wants to purchase it. Once you pay it, I’ll send a link to download the PDF on Dropbox. Thanks, Eric. Hope this is ok for you all. His email address is:- Ken.
  2. I just received my one - only took 3 days from Spain - beautifully packed and really great service. I'll have a word with the authors again to see if we can get the PDF too. Ken.
  3. You need to go to their Book section and scroll down the page; I was "talking" to Jorge of Jazz Messengers yesterday and it was still in stock then. Ken.
  4. Some of you may know of this wonderful book: it's already sold out on Resonance Records (the price to Europe was $135 !!!) but I contacted Jazzmessengers in Barcelona and put them in touch with the authors and they managed to buy 6 copies at a reduced price and are offering them at 74.99 euros including postage! I just ordered my copy so if anyone is interested I would suggest you act promptly. Ken.
  5. Milt Jackson's "Explosive!"

    I was actually at Ronnie Scott's on the first day (a Friday) for that session and it was truly fantastic. I am a Vibes player and when I booked in advance I asked Ronnie for a seat as close to Milt's Vibes as possible so was knocked out when I sat down in the front row and he was right in front of me! It was also my birthday so the best present I could have had plus the audience was so appreciative it just enhanced everything. For me, one of Milt's greatest records is Oscar Peterson's "Very Tall" and I can't help wondering why Verve have never released this with the 5 unissued tracks; crazy!!! Ken