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  1. Harry Dean Stanton R.I.P.

    RIP, HDS.
  2. R.I.P. John Abercrombie

    RIP, JA. Very fine player with an original voice.
  3. Francois Rabbath ....

    Interesting! Thanks for the post.
  4. Nice interview, thanks for the link. I used to see James all the time in the late eighties in LA. I ran into him a few years back at UCLA backstage at the Ornette concert at Royce Hall. I was shocked at his appearance! He was always heavy but he's morbidly obese now. Too bad, doesn't bode well for his longevity. He's a superb musician and seemed on track to do great things, in my opinion. Maybe he still can. Sure hope so.
  5. Buck Hill RIP

    RIP, Buck.
  6. video - Lee Morgan with Oscar Peterson trio 1959 cbc

    Nice! Thx for posting. Always great to see more video on Lee.
  7. Jaki Liebezeit, Drummer (1938-2017)

    Jaki was a real original. Nobody played like him. Perfect for the music of Can. He'll be missed.
  8. Billy Paul Dies at 81

    Adios. RIP.
  9. Esperanza Spalding

    She is, by no means, talentless and a case could be made for her as a quality singer, I suppose. But as a bassist, she's quite over-rated. Her intonation is inconsistent (although she is naturally more accurate on a fretless bass guitar than a contrabass) and her chops are nothing that really distinguishes her playing. She has found a niche, however, based on qualities that she does possess. But it's problematic to call her a "great bassist" as some have. I see her more as a pop artist, frankly. And she seems to have found a place based on her social messages, identity, etc. Good for her.
  10. Your favorite headphones?

    I love headphones and have a fair amount of money tied up in them. I own a number different headphone amps. For various types of music with differing amplification, etc., I prefer Seenheiser HD800, Beyerdynamic T-1 or Audeze LCD3. I probably listen to the Audeze's most of the time.
  11. Ornette Coleman - RIP

    He was exactly like this music: direct, original and warm. He was a great artist, father and friend. Ornette was a REAL human being.
  12. Threadgill and Air

    I recently got the Mosaic box and have listened to the whole thing. I'm very pleased! Great sound, nice booklet, the usual Mosaic treatment. Henry's music is certainly diverse.