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  1. Today's Active Topics Link

    Ok, after working on this for three hours, I've decided to call it a nite. It's now 6am here in Michigan and I'm tired. I can't understand why it doesn't work. All the code seems to be in place, yet no changes show up on these pages... it's very strange. I must be missing something extremely simple. Anyone know html and care to help out?
  2. Dude - Solve Us A Mystery

    If I told you...
  3. Today's Active Topics Link

    J Larsen, Well, I edited some code and tried to upload my changes, but I keep getting an error. I think this is related to the avatar uploading problem we were having before. I can't seem to upload anything. I'm going to talk to my server dude about this. Might be some permissions I need to set on my directories.
  4. Organissimo on the RADIO!

    I just found out that Jim's show aired at 1:00am tonight (technically Sunday). But our drummer taped the segment and he said some nice things about the group. Hopefully he'll keep playing tracks off the record.
  5. wesbed, Thank you! We are very proud of the disc. Joe (who posts on this board) and I have been together a long time and we've been dreaming of this record for years. It turned out as good as we could've hoped. We're hoping it takes us to the next level, which is at least regional exposure if not national. We'll see!
  6. Today's Active Topics Link

    Hmmm. I'll see what I can do. It might take a little bit. I'm not up to snuff on this software's code.
  7. Stanley T box

    Man, I love his tone. Maybe I'm not hearing what you're hearing. I picked up a tenor sax just because of Stanley's tone. I realize I'll never be able to imitate it, but I love it. Again, I suggest Queen of the Organ. That band swings so hard it's a crime!
  8. Jimmy Smith Corner

    No shit, Chuck. That's awesome! I wish I could've seen that show. Of course, I was three years old at the time! HA!
  9. Stanley T box

    I don't understand the thin comment. His upper-register is maybe a little thin, but his main sound is PHAT! If you're on the fence about his playing, may I suggest the Shirley Scott record "Queen of the Organ". It's a live date on Impulse from the mid-60s and features some amazing work by Turrentine.
  10. "View New Posts" problem

    Seems to be working ok... we'll keep an eye on it.
  11. Lucky Thompson

    Yeah, the Cook County is the one I have. His disapperance? I haven't heard of this...
  12. Andrew, I'm glad you like it! Jim Wilke is playing it on his Jazz After Hours show out of Wake Forest, so maybe we can hook up a NC show somehow!! That would be fantastic!
  13. recommendations

    I can add that! Yeah, let's get Al over here. I have his email. I'll give a shout out to him.
  14. Don Patterson

    Soul Stream, The foot/hand technique is the defacto standard for organists. Those that don't use it probably never had anyone show it to them. I was in the dark until my mentor, Doug Decker, showed me the light. All the old school cats use it: It's the Jimmy Smith School of Pedal Playing. McGriff, Holmes, DP, McDuff. Larry Young didn't use much pedals in his later stuff, but he does in the earlier stuff. The AMG cat that said Don doesn't use pedals has no idea what he's talking about. Patterson was bad mofo on the pedals.
  15. Change date/time of post to red?

    I'm still working on that... I can't find what part of the code is being accessed to make the date. I'll figure it out. Having a "Top Ten Posters" with only 85 members is lame, but as more people come over, it'll get more interesting!
  16. Eddie Baccus

    That would be totally crazy. Why couldn't he do it? It's not that hard to play organ!
  17. I have the old CD of this (from the 80s I believe) and I know they made a new one in the 90s and now here's another one that has "bonus tracks" and stuff. What gives? Great record, though.
  18. Stanley T box

    I haven't noticed this. Of course, I've only really listened to it in my car driving to and from gigs/work. I'll have to put it on the big rig!
  19. Don Patterson

    Man, my favorite Don Patterson? That's a hard one. Like you, I love the Prestige stuff. If I had to choose, I would say "The Exciting New Organ of Don Patterson". Just because it contains his version of The Good Life which is the best organ version of that tune ever.
  20. Not at all my favorite, but...

    No wonder you got into jazz! Talk about rebellion!
  21. catesta's post at AAJ

    Very interesting. Unfortunately, organissimo.org isn't in the top 100,000 so no stats on this site. But there's definately been an increase in traffic.
  22. Change date/time of post to red?

    It might take me awhile to figure out what part of the code to revamp... Keep checkin' in...
  23. Change date/time of post to red?

    I'll look into it... it seems like it wouldn't be a problem.
  24. I'm glad to hear it, Saint Vitus! You know, I paid them $30 to set up the online ordering and they also take 20% of every sale which is fine because it costs an arm and a leg to set up the ability to take credit cards from your website. But for that $30 plus $3 that they are making off every sale, I expect the product to be shipped out promptly. They were very kind on the phone, I must say. I decided to go with them instead of CDBaby, because CD baby takes a flat $4 from every order. With CDStreet, if you charge less, they take less and you get a little more bread per sale, dig?
  25. Those silly UPC stickers on fruit

    Do they really need to have those on fruit? Are cashiers so dumb they can't remember the code for a peach? They have to scan it... which leads into another story... Don't you hate checking out at a grocery and something doesn't scan... so the cashier just sits there and tries it 5 MILLION TIMES. TYPE THE DAMN CODE IN YOU MORON! What is wrong with people? Also, what's with not saying "Thank You" anymore? I buy $100 worth of groceries and the person doesn't even look me in the eyes, much less talk to me.