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  1. Don Patterson

    Don is the MAN! Another giant we lost too soon. He's really not on enough recordings, either. Have you got the Muse dates? Those are killer!
  2. Scottb, I actually had to get on CDStreet's case about not shipping the discs. They are supposed to ship them within 48hours. I was pretty upset with the guy I talked to on the phone and it looks like the newer orders are getting shipped rather quickly. Sorry for the delay. I emailed Michael Ricci at AllAboutJazz about reviewing our disc, but haven't heard back from him. He's probably inudated with the BNBBers!
  3. Welcome to the Organissimo Forums

    I agree with that logic.
  4. Welcome to the Organissimo Forums

    Thanks Al!!! I appreciate your kind words. RDK, someone specifically asked for the Discography forum, so I think I'll keep that. I do like your idea of combining Re-issues and New Releases though... we'll see.
  5. Not at all my favorite, but...

    "Let's give Adam and Eve another chance to show us how to love one another"?!??!?! WHAT!??!
  6. Lucky Thompson

    I haven't heard much Lucky Thompson. I have a McGriff record with him on it that's smokin! Any suggestions?
  7. Not at all my favorite, but...

    I think it's Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. What that name means, we'll never know. All of his hits had something to do with underage girls.
  8. Welcome to the Organissimo Forums

    That begs the question: Do we want this to be primarily a jazz board, or is it a music board? If the latter, a misc. music thread is obviously not needed. But if we want it to be primarily a jazz board, then I can make a misc. music forum... no problem. Talk amongst yourselves!
  9. Stanley T box

    Noj, The Mosaic box covers his Bluenote Quintet/Sextet dates. The records you have are from his later period on CTI. So there's no overlap. I would highly reccommend this box! Do they have samples up on the Mosaic page?
  10. Ground Rules?

    Sounds good...
  11. Welcome to the Organissimo Forums

    Ah yes... forgot about that one...
  12. Lest We Forget

    He said that it was out in the last email I got from him. That would be neat if it's available via Cadence. You could always call them. I believe they have an actual print catalog they can send you. I still need to send them 25 of our discs... just haven't gotten there yet.
  13. Those really bright headlights on cars...

    See, that's where I was coming from too. But I do a lot of highway driving at night and the stock lights on my '99 Voyager stink. These help immensely. If it helps me see better coming and going to gigs, I'm gonna do it!
  14. Jimmy Smith Corner

    Yeah, the stuff with Wes is fantastic. It's a shame they only did two records together.
  15. Welcome to the Organissimo Forums

    Done and done! I think the suggestion for a seperate Politics forum is a good'un.
  16. Hey thanks guys! I hope you enjoy it. Consider posting a review (good or bad) in these forums. Saint Vitus, yeah CDstreet ships them. It's just easier that way!
  17. Turn outhe stars

    When were the tracks recorded? I haven't heard of this. Does it have stateside release?
  18. John Patton Corner

    Is there a discography of Patton anywhere? If not we should compile one!
  19. Ground Rules?

    As a musician I would say CD-Rs if it's OOP or really hard to find. But that's just me. If you want to trade CD-Rs of in-print material, just do it via the PM fuction.
  20. B3Bombers - Live at the Green Mill?

    I'll have to check out the clips. It's called B3Bombers but there's only one organist? And no Dr. Lonnie Smith!?!?!
  21. Welcome to the Organissimo Forums

    Berigan, I think what we should do as a community is have a poll asking "politics or no politics". This place is for you guys. I can do without politics too, but if enough people want it, then it's cool with me. I'll just stay out of it! Does that sound cool?
  22. Groovin at Small's sound quality?

    I would get it for the playing alone. I agree with Soulstream on that one. Jimmy at his wildest. Some of it is mind-boggling, some of it is downrigth too much in my opinion, but it's all amazing. The sound quality isn't great, but I don't think it detracts from the music. I don't think Bluenote had figured out how to record live yet. Or maybe the equipment just wasn't up to snuff. Whatever the reason, it is kind of rough, but the music far outweighs that concern. GET IT! B)
  23. John Patton Corner

    And I just sent you a PM!
  24. How many times can Verve re-issue Soulville?

    Hey I like your avatar! Horace Silver! Yeah! My copy of Soulville sounds fine too. Enough with the re-packaging I say.
  25. John Patton Corner

    OoooooOOooOO yeah baby! Burn me one! Let's see what I can trade... I have that Shirley Scott record on Strata East that's bad as all getout... I also have a sweet Billy Preston record where he's playing organ and piano and doing all gospel tunes. Amazing organ work on that one. I've got lots of vinyl. Ask me about something... Oo, just remembered one. Gene Ludwig on Mainstream. With Jerry Byrd on guitar. Bad shit!