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  1. Recommendations for a pianist switching to B3?

    There's a nice series of videos by BT Productions. They feature Bill Heid (one of my favorite organists) among others. It's a nice series that really teach you the basics of the instrument, from how to turn the thing on, to standard drawbar settings, to licks and basslines. Highly recommended for the beginner. Other than that, I would say listen to all the Jimmy Smith you can. That's the starting point, IMO.
  2. Welcome to the Organissimo Forums

    Yeah, this software is sweet. My server dude turned me on to it. If you guys would really like to make this a new home, I can set up as many forums as you want. Just let me know. (b3-er)
  3. Welcome to the Organissimo Forums

    Wow! This place is swell! I hope all my friends come in and rock the casba. Post away, fellow organissimo fans, BNBBers and neighbors and stuff. ps. Joe Gloss is way cool!