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  1. Hi. I'll happily pay a fair price for this set. UK or EU preferred but would buy from CONUS. Please let me know if you have one in excellent condition.
  2. Your 'old slippers'....

    I like that this thread's been resurrected! Sonce I started it my tastes have changed a little and as a result I can add some newer, though nonetheless comfortable, slippers to the pile. One is Marcin Wasilewski's first, 'Trio'. In a similar vein Brad Mehldau's 'Songs' with his first trio. Keep them coming please! T.
  3. Belated best Patricia!
  4. All the very best!
  5. Happy Birthday 7/4!

    Happy birthday 7/4!
  6. Happy Birthday Andy.
  7. All the very best :-)
  8. Happy Birthday tonym!

    Ha. Thanks mate!
  9. Happy Birthday tonym!

    Thanks gents.
  10. The guitar corner

    Family shot. Some may be up for adoption...
  11. The guitar corner

    Ha! There she is! Thanks BFrank :-)
  12. Happy Birthday tonym!

    Thanks BeBop. Evening in York. Slightly drunk.
  13. Ralph Vaughan Williams

    Yes indeed, and although I don't want to hijack the thread, a whole new world of English music has opened up before me; possibly initiated by my exposure to RVW.
  14. Ralph Vaughan Williams

    Yes. Def worth a try. To my simple ears it does everything a piano concerto ought to do. Plus the Naxos recordings of late are lush, crisp and vibrant.