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  1. Savoy, Beehive, Shaw - very very happy to be proved wrong
  2. Stock at Jazz Messengers is going down quicky, a number of items on website now showing as "no stock"
  3. Intakt Festival (London) 15-27 April 2017

    "King," nice to meet you at such a great great gig. Hope the journey home is ok.
  4. Ric Colbeck: The Sun Is Coming Up

    I'm seeing the Ric Colbeck as "release cancelled" while all the others show as having been delayed to May......maybe its a system update thing and eventually the Colbeck will also move to May (I hope so)..... (Correction - the Naura and Richardson also showing as release cancelled as at 19th Feb)
  5. Hi Kevin, I'm interested if these are still going ?

  6. 5 of the 6 tracks on Love & Understanding are available on this CD from Jazz Messengers in Spain ..and I think some Amazon sellers http://www.jazzmessengers.com/es/98989898/albums-of-jimmy-heath
  7. Exercise Regimen - What You Got?

    I have to confess to being a runner, 30-40 miles a week plus other training. I find it almost impossible to put weight on!
  8. http://www.waxpoetics.com/features/video/video-tower-records-sunset-los-angeles-1971
  9. I dare hardly say what this thread is about

    I was curious so ordered and received last week Juba Lee. Packaging wise - my sense is that it pretends to be Japanese but is not. The card quality & obi detail just does not feel right. Sound wise - it doesn't sound like a needle drop, but my expectation is that it is a copy of the Japanese issue.
  10. A few CD's for sale. Price includes shipping worldwide. Payment accepted by PayPal. Earliest posting date is Monday 25th (Jan) Jimmy Heath Triple Threat Japanese Mini Sleeve edition VICJ -41771 20bit-K2 $25 Anthony Braxton Four Compositions Solo, Duo, Trio, Hat ART 6019 $20 XXXsoldXXX Anthony Braxton Two Compositions (Ensemble) 1989/1991 Hat ART6086 $20 XXXsoldXXX Anthony Braxton Creative Orchestra Music 1976 BMG ND86579 $20 Charles Tolliver Music Inc & Orchestra Impact ! Charly CDGR231 $20
  11. Hill Street Blues

    typewriters banging away, smoking in the office, saloon bars that have the blues playing in the background..... When I re-watched the Season One DVD last year I was surprised how the show made the right wing militarist policeman, Lt Hunter, so cartoonish/bufoonish and quite beyond the pale. If I remember he was made more human as the series progressed thereby diluting the quite explicit liberal stance. In fact, the whole programme became more mainstream as the ratings grew...although I think that comment could apply to a few other programmes as well...............
  12. Intégrale Michel Legrand / Jacques Demy 11-CD Set

    But not available until end of March...
  13. Hi, I'm looking to sell a collection of Marvel Silver Age comics but can't work out if it's better to sell the whole lot to a dealer/shop or individually via ebay. I don't really know anyone in the comic book fan community and it's 30+ years since I was even close to it, so am in the dark somewhat. Anybody got a torch ?
  14. Moacir Santos

    Yes it would
  15. Moacir Santos

    I can't speak for the 3 x BN's - but waiting to order them in the next re-issues planned this Nov/Dec/Jan. The disc that I really like is "Coisas" from the mid 60's. It's difficult to find now. Some find it too easy and lacking in bite, oomph or soloing space, but I find it beguiling. The songs were remade on a couple of 90's disc's which are available and are quite faithful, but there's nothing like the originals....