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  1. What Are You Watching

    Currently watching season 2 of The Good Fight, thanks to the free month of CBS All Access. I guess I’ll also be taken no advantage of the free month of Showtime also.
  2. I hope this the right forum. Recently I watched a pretty good documentary on Paul Butterfield called Horn From the Heart on Netflix. Can you suggest other documentaries on jazz or blues musicians you can recommend? Thanks in advance.
  3. Sending positive thoughts. Good luck to you both.
  4. Criss Cross Jazz Special / Complete Catalog

    Pm sent, hopefully just under the wire.
  5. Jazz Mass by Joe Masters featuring Harold Land and Anthony Ortega.
  6. I have a disc of Lockjaw Davis and Johnny Griffin from Seattle dated 10/10/62. Haven’t heard the new release so I can’t comment about how it compares.

  7. Baritone Madness

    Thanks for the post, I will check this out.
  8. Bill Frisell, solo, at an intimate theater in East Greenwich, RI. He had several pedals and used loops judiciously. Also played an acoustic interlude including a stunning workout on Moon River. I get out to shows almost never so this was quite a treat. The experience was marred somewhat by an annoying buzz in the stack on stage right.
  9. That Gerald Wilson is one my most played, from about 40 Mosaic sets I own. I should be selling some of these myself.
  10. Happy Birthday kh1958!

    Happy birthday, 61?
  11. Most of my magazines have survived the last two moves, much to the chagrin of my wife. Really though, I’ll grab a random Cadence for a diversion but I almost never reach for the others. If I do get rid of my magazines I’ll still keep the Cadence issues. Prior to a move in 2017 I managed to sell a few magazines, mostly issues of Musician from the 1980’s, based on who was on the cover over at Audiokarma.
  12. Artificial Vinyl scarcity

    Concerning new vinyl releases, I can’t bring myself to spend $18-$40 or more on a new release when it is likely to also be available used as a cd soon enough. If someone is releasing something as vinyl only, for that kind of scratch, I can do without it. Particularly when I can pick up used records in great shape most often for $4-$12 or so at my preferred shop in Providence. Fact is I’ve got more records and cds than I can get to anyway and my collection is not exceptional, around here I am just another guy. I started buying records in the ‘70’s and I’ll still grab one here and there if I see something that strikes my fancy but nowadays I am buying ridiculously devalued cd’s when I see something of interest (the latest cd I bought was $.50 at a library earlier this week). I still play records but play cd’s a lot more. I’m lucky to have fallen in with a group of people who share the music and gear fascination and we get together periodically, share a libation, and let the world slow down enough to enjoy some tunes. I don’t begrudge buyers or sellers of new vinyl issues, it’s just not for me. As far as playback, Porcy’s comment hits home with me the most, I want non-fatiguing as the most important virtue in my system.
  13. Happy Birthday Tom in RI

    Yes it was, thanks Dan.
  14. Happy Birthday Tom in RI

    I know this is somewhat pathetic to revive my own Happy Birthday thread, but, I’m shameless. Sixty three today.