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  1. Charles Mingus set on last chance

    Haven’t heard the cd release but I’ve had this material as a dl’ed ROIO, have enjoyed it quite a bit. As a young fan in the ‘70’s I got used to Bird airshots so listening to these recordings has been no problem at all for me.
  2. CDs and DVDs For Sale

    PM sent.
  3. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    Some years ago there was a Van trading group on Yahoo, I am amazed at just how many of his shows are around. He came off of the restricted list at a popular torrent site last year.
  4. Reflections on Audiowave Blue Note XRCD's

    Thanks for posting. I really like all the XRCD’s I’ve managed to snag, both sound and packaging production.
  5. Looks like the Clifford Brown sold, is there another link to your listings?
  6. I checked the notes last night, Spontooneous is right, it was another Benedetti famiuly member that had a couple more discs, not Chan, according to the booklet.
  7. I'll have to go back to the notes for the Mosaic but I am pretty sure they mention additional discs held by Chan Parker that were not available for the Mosaic set.
  8. Resonance Records Sale

    Maybe the sale is only for people on their mailing list. The website doesn't mention it, does show a buy any cd and chose one free from a list of 8 or so.
  9. Pm sent on a Ben Webster, David X. Young.
  10. Happy Birthday Tom in RI

    Thanks for the well wishes. Amazingly enough, my wife and I just purchased a new house after having sold our last house around this same time last year. I have been living at my mother-in-law's house sdince we closed on the sale of our last home last October. Most of my records and cd's have been in storage, very anxious to move.
  11. Thanks for posting, I enjoyed the read.
  12. I just picked up a copy of this 2 cd set at my local Savers ($1.40 after my senior discount). There are no notes other than the ridiculously small reproduction of the original lp cover. Didn't these come with a folded up insert with session info? Anybody have same they could scan and forward? Thanks.
  13. George Cables

    I apologize if this is posted elsewhere here. George Cables is having some pretty big health challenges. Donations can be made here: