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  1. I’ll take the Art Pepper. Will pm.
  2. Peter Green; Gone At 73

    Tragic case, kind of obsessed with him.
  3. Liberty Ellman

    Check out his recordings with Stephan Crump’s Rosetta Trio. Crump with Ellman on acoustic guitar and Jamie Fox on electric guitar.
  4. Does Your Wife or Significant Other Love Jazz?

    My wife loves me, but she finds very little jazz tolerable.
  5. Fascinating but not truly one of a kind. I went to Colgate in the ‘70’s when an English professor, Dr. Blackmore, was nurturing a similar vinyl collection which numbered in excess of 20,000 then. Dr. Blackmore was very approachable and I had the chance to see his collection at his home on several occasions. He told me he never left town without at least a couple hundred dollars in his wallet in case he ran into records of interest. I just wish I knew more of what to ask about then. i can’t say exactly when but that collection was accepted by Colgate
  6. The bass clarinet

    The track with Shertzer on bass clarinet is High Society from April 3, 1939.
  7. I remember stores with a turntable and headphones by the register, but not listening stations as pictured.
  8. Summer songs

    Marc Johnson, Summer Running, from The Sound of Summer Running.
  9. The bass clarinet

    Hymie Schertzer takes a bass clarinet solo on one of the Lionel Hampton RCA dates from the ‘30’s. I’d have to go digging to tell which date.
  10. Ideas for Integrated amp to pair with Focal speakers?

    I agree with everything Bresna said and would add, don’t be afraid of buying used. If you come across an integrated amp that’s 10 years old and doesn’t have a mark on it, it likely hasn’t been abused. I run a B&K amp and pre that are closing in on 30 years old with no problems at all. I had a tech check them out a couple of years ago and only minor adjustments were needed. You can find B&K equipment for short money, under $500 for 140-200 watts. But as already noted above, you’ll hardly ever use more than a few of those watts. A site you can find a lot of info on regarding older equipment is Audiokarma. Also try and find a reputable tech in your area, They’ll be able to help you determine what are good deals on Craig’s List, Letgo, Facebook Marketplace etc.
  11. I went to the IRS website and gave an account # for deposit. I believe this sped up the process. The IRS website also has a link for tracking your check.
  12. Noirish, Pulpish Standards and Substandards

    Idle Moments. Also, no standards, but check out Mark Zubek’s Horse with a Broken Leg. A lot of noirish sounding cuts there.
  13. Happy Birthday Larry Kart!

    Happy birthday Larry, and thanks for interesting and insightful posts.
  14. Prestige All-Stars records

    I have a soft spot for the session released at some point as Kenny Burrell All Day Long as it was one of the first 50 or so jazz records I bought. I picked up Earthy and a couple of the others when the label was sold to Concord and a bunch of titles were available cheaply. I loaded up thanks to reading about it here.
  15. May COVID 19 Poll

    I wear a mask if I go somewhere that will bring me into contact with people. When my wife and I go for an afternoon walk I bring a mask but don’t generally put it on. Here in a Rhode Island the state is beginning to allow more no-essential businesses to open starting tomorrow. I work as an independent agent servicing the Medicare population. I have an office but I will not be having client meetings there for the foreseeable future. Any 65 or older person who is willing to come to my office is probably not someone I want to come in. Insurers are already implementing processes that allow for remote enrollment. My busiest time of the year is from October 15 through December 7 (Medicare Annual Enrollment Period). That coincides with what is expected to also be a potential next wave of COVID-19 spread. I’ll be likely working remotely until there is a vaccine.