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  1. Package arrived today, packed as if a drop test was expected. The blemish Kevin mentioned would escape notice for the great majority of us. Thanks.
  2. More jazz CDs - many cheap titles

    PM sent on the following ;Payne, Cecil Patterns of Jazz $4 SV-0135 Stan Turrentine 0946 3 11494 2 9 That's Where It's At $4 0946 3 37766 2 3 Joyride $3 0946 3 74224 2 7 The Spoiler $6 50999 2 15363 2 8 Dearly Beloved $5 7243 5 24552 2 5 Rough 'N Tumble $5 7243 5 40036 2 2 Hustlin' $3 Don Pullen Black Saint 120088-2 The Sixth Sense (quintet) $3 TCD-4001 Walton, Cedar Composer rear insert trimmed/UPC hole $3 ECD 22190-2 Walton Sextet, Cedar The Art Blakey Legacy $3
  3. Tony Rice passes

    A masterful improviser laid low by health issues since the 1990’s.
  4. With Strings Jazz Albums

    In the previous thread noted I mentioned Glen Wilson’s Trombari, The Devil’s Hopyard. There’s a review here: Another favorite with strings is Alan Ferber’s Nonet with Strings, Chamber Songs. I think both of these releases are really high quality and deserving of a wider audience.
  5. LF - Dale Fielder cd’s

    Huh, no break for multiple items on bandcamp shipping?
  6. LF - Dale Fielder cd’s

    Yes, I am aware, at least 2-3 on Bandcamp are also available as cd’s (much prefer physical product) which I’ll probably order today, thanks for tip about artist Friday. For others I’d rather work a trade than pay what Amazon has’em listed for.
  7. Ricky Ford

    I like his playing on Pete (Laroca) Sims Blue Note release, Swingtime.
  8. Looking for cd’s by Dale Fielder. Currently I have only, Plays the Music of Pepper Adams. Ideally would like to trade (I have a pile of dupes etc) but would also buy if the price is right.
  9. what are you drinking right now?

    I’m told it’s a one time drop, Other Half beers are available in some RI package stores (what we call a liquor store in these parts). Enjoying a Double Mosaic Daydream.
  10. Andrew White (1942-2020)

    My Cadences are in boxes atm, was there a session that White did with Elvin Jones?
  11. DON BYAS

    Yes Steve, you are correct (just grabbed the LP from the stacks). The notes refer specifically to Byas cutting everyone on The Romp, I’d say he does it again on Honeysuckle Rose which does include a pretty young Dexter from 1945.
  12. DON BYAS

    Jazz Archives 35, Ben and the Boys, has a track with Ben, Dexter Gordon at his most Prezish, and Byas. As the liner notes state, Byas cuts everyone. The fidelity is a bit rough but defined worth searching out.
  13. Miles Davis- Paris Olympia Theatre March 1960

    Didn’t the original vinyl release cut a lot of Hank’s solos?