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  1. Miles Davis--Kind of Blue live

    Faster live cuts, I can’t remember who said it but somewhere in liner notes the writer said, familiarity breeds attempt…
  2. Booker Little

    I don’t generally like trumpet and rhythm quartet lps, this one is an exception for me: My appreciation for this record may be affected by the fact that I came into a mint first press around 1979 but it is one of my personal favorites. I’d cite Bee Tee’s Minor Plea and Opening Statement as highlights.
  3. Are Certain Speakers AR-ish?

    Most ADS models have rubber surrounds which are much less likely to need to be replaced than foam surrounds.
  4. Are Certain Speakers AR-ish?

    Classic AR speakers were sealed box acoustic suspension speakers. If you are looking for something similar from a somewhat more recent vintage try checking out speakers from ADS. ADS had its heyday from the 1970’s to the early 1990’s. One model, L710, was manufactured for many years and are not too hard to find.
  5. Best Joey DeFranceso albums

    I am by no means deeply into Mr Defrancesco but I have always liked the date he did with Danny Gatton on Big Mo called Relentless.
  6. Venus Records

    I’m confused a bit by this thread. Back when I shopped more at brick and mortar places I almost never saw Venus releases. Have Venus releases been more available in Europe? Is the thirst for Venus product so great in Japan that their domestic market can support this number of releases? As to their sound, the cds I have had access to all are noticeably louder at a given volume than pretty much any other cds I own.
  7. Blue Note and CTI were my primary intros to jazz in the early to mid 1970’s. George Benson lps, Hubbard’s Red Clay and First Light and others were records that my friends I returned to a lot if for no other reason than that none of us owned a lot of records in the first place. Maybe it’s unfair to think of CTI first when thinking of Creed Taylor but they got me started on this road.
  8. Streaming questions

    Some of my friends are using various streaming services and I suppose it’s inevitable that on my next move I’ll be getting rid of the majority of physical product I own and go streaming (not my preference, but…). Anyway, I’m curious what happens to music of labels that go belly up. For instance, do any streaming services have Chronogical Classics available? Maybe a better ask would be a label like Uptown. For major labels, are entire catalogs generally included? Trying to begin to plan on what I’ll keep and what I’ll part with.
  9. Crazy story: James Carter and Larry Storch

    Thanks for the post.
  10. The Leaders

    I haven’t listened to them in some time but I remember liking a couple of live dates I came across.
  11. Streaming questions

    Another streaming question, do most services show or give a choice of which issue of a date you can stream? In other words, can you choose mastering that is better than others? I became curious when reading about the recent Candid reissues here.
  12. Tune that affect you emotionally.

    Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole, because it was played at my dad’s funeral. I also get an emotional charge from Don Byas playing I Remember Clifford and George Adams playing Send in the Clowns. For lifting my spirits almost every time, Danny Gatton playing Linus and Lucy.
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Chicken or Beef, Reptet. Milestone 1000th post! And it only took 19 years.
  14. Wordle

    Still playing, got stumped once, ouch. Like Chuck I compare scores with my kids every day. They’re younger, smarter, thinner, faster….
  15. Miles Davis Live Records

    I am curious about the responses naming Live at the Blackhawk, were people referring to the vinyl issues that were significantly edited or the subsequent cd versions with sidemen solos put back in.
  16. Nice post, it was this group that basically pulled my listening habits out of the ‘50’s. Happy to say I got to see them several times at the 1369 Club in Cambridge and once in downtown Providence for a lunchtime concert (yeah, that happened).
  17. Joe Henderson - So Near, So Far

    I am a huge Adams/Pullen fan, most people who are also into Adams/Pullen that I know tend to not like the live lp with Scofield included. I like it and wish there were more examples of people sitting in with Adams/Pullen (excepting the concert with Archie Shepp joining, it’s awful).
  18. Athletes who were/are jazz fans

    Long time sports writer from the Boston Globe, Bob Ryan, is somewhat of a jazz fan. I remember he mentioned in an article from the 1980’s that then Red Sox lefty Bruce Hurst was a jazz fan
  19. Prestige LPs: 1960s Blue Label Pressings

    Are those KLH 23’s?
  20. Wordle

    Avid player for the last month or so. I’ve solved in two twice but most often take four tries. Haven’t been stumped yet, only a matter of time I suppose. Funny aside, I recently saw a Urologist and somehow Wordle came up, his starting words are either urine or penis, staying on brand.
  21. El Cerdo Gordo - Doug Webb

    Yikes, that was something else. Thanks for posting have definitely not seen quite a few of those instruments. Also looks like a shitload of work to get that down.
  22. Joke of the Day

    What happens to duck when it flies upside down? It quacks up….
  23. Kenton Presents Mosaic

    Yes it really was. It was a store selling instruments and sheet music. The EP’s were sold at $1.98, 2.98, and $3.98. Over e few weeks I probably bought 30 or so. I sold most on eBay about 4 years ago along with another 40-50 I had picked through the years. I still have some that didn’t sell.
  24. Kenton Presents Mosaic

    I just brought up my copy of this set. Funny, mine does not have the hinged cover. Anyway, with snow falling this will be my morning listening. Weirdly, I had a good portion of this music on 2 and 3 disc 45 rpm EP sets that I bought as NOS from a record store in Providence in the late 70’s.
  25. A Jazz Guitar Christmas No. 2 - 1995

    Thanks for posting, and merry Christmas.