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  1. Les Génies du Jazz box set

    I don't really care, I'm just curious. It's not as if I stand to lose any money.
  2. Les Génies du Jazz box set

    I recall reading a discussion here (probably in the Mosaic forum) about how difficult it is to obtain the rights for multi-label compilations, so I always wonder when I see these giant European collections.
  3. Les Génies du Jazz box set

    Are these officially licensed or some sort of bootleg/public domain thing?
  4. Ellington Treasury Shows

    The design is all-around poor. That typeface in particular is atrocious: I'd bet they downloaded it for free from The real nightmare however is the drop shadows, which make it look like it was designed in Fireworks in 1998. Storyville's products aren't usually badly designed but this one is a real turd. I'm of the opposite opinion on cover art: when it's so easy for me to download (legally or illegally) the music, if you want me to buy a physical CD I think you ought to put in a little effort to make it look good. But I'm a frustrated graphic designer, so perhaps I'm more sensitive to these things than most.
  5. Thoughts on the Ahmad Jamal Mosaic?

    But it's certainly documentation of parties and seductions.
  6. Thoughts on the Ahmad Jamal Mosaic?

    The old-timey sound quality was initially the hurdle that prevented me from listening to early jazz, but eventually I learned to hear the music behind the recording. But if I have the choice between new, clean, well-done digital transfers with judicious noise reduction, and a dirty, scratchy old LP that's been laying on a garage floor for the past 40 years, I'll take the former, thank you very much.
  7. Thoughts on the Ahmad Jamal Mosaic?

    Do you also buy used mattresses and pick up sofas left on the curb? XD
  8. Thoughts on the Ahmad Jamal Mosaic?

    I like piano trios, so I had to have it. The only part I don't care for, naturally, is the non-trio material.
  9. What does "remix" mean...

    Oh, right. I was thinking the stereo versions were all done later, but now I remember reading that the band worked on the mono versions and the stereo versions were left to some studio hacks to slap together.
  10. What does "remix" mean...

    Couldn't the original session reels be multi-tracks? If it were recorded on a 4-track that doesn't necessarily mean it had to be released to the public in stereo. Sgt Peppers was originally released in mono. I'm strictly a consumer, not a producer, but I've always understood 'remix' to mean having more than one track to fiddle with. I suppose the obvious question is: if they had multitracks of Wes Montgomery In Paris why didn't they release a new stereo mix?
  11. Listening Patterns

    No, the second is definitely better. At least it is for me. When I began listening to classical music, I approached a CD just like the rock and pop CDs I'd been listening to all of my life, playing the whole thing through at one sitting. And because my powers of concentration were underdeveloped, I never really heard the second half of the CD no matter how many times I played it. Eventually I discovered that playing individual works or even single movements works best for me.
  12. At the top of the page is a tab marked "View history" On that page are more options, including "Edits by user": Found 438 edits by Philip Cross on Duke Ellington (6.9% of the total edits made to the page)
  13. By " that active" I assume you are referring to Philip Cross' prolific Wikipedia editing, and not double checking all sources. On one hand, he could be driven by the same enthusiasm as us. On the other hand... the plot thickens:
  14. I grew up in a small town where the only music radio station we could receive was the top-40-format-playing WLS out of Chicago, so I learned from an early age not to expect the mass media to satisfy my cultural needs.