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  1. St Vincent on tour last year. The only new music I heard in the last decade that I liked.
  2. I don't know about this. I hear he never does anything he says he'll do.
  3. The Nessa Juggernaut rolls on

    Are you aware that is showing the notice: Domain Not Claimed This domain has been mapped to Squarespace, but it has not yet been claimed by a website. If this is your domain, claim it in the Domains tab of your Website Manager.
  4. Abusive and violent jazz musicians

    You might be onto something, but what about Mingus? The honkers, shouters, and bar walkers might say otherwise.
  5. Abusive and violent jazz musicians

    Not to diminish the importance of domestic violence, but it's one thing to hit your wife; it's quite another to go to work and punch one of your co-workers. I don't mean one is worse than the other, I mean socially it has much different consequences (usually).
  6. Abusive and violent jazz musicians

    Didn't Wynton describe jazz as "men working together" in the Ken Burns Jazz doc? Maybe he should have said "men fighting together".
  7. After watching this clip in another thread and hearing the anecdote about Mingus punching Dolphy in the head, I started wondering why Dolphy would put up with such abuse. Then after recalling the incident in Miles' autobiography (IIRC) about punching Coltrane in the stomach, I started wondering about how common such violence was among jazz musicians. The only similar case I can recall hearing of in a rock band is Ginger Baker/Jack Bruce, and Ginger was of course a jazz drummer. Was there some sort of 'hazing' dynamic in the jazz world?
  8. Kenny Burrell

    This would be more reassuring if it had been released somewhere other than the Gofundme.
  9. Trying to help out Mosaic by suggesting sets

    Obviously I'm presuming the remastering is an improvement on previously available material. I'm most interested in pre-post-war jazz (is there a better term for that?) so I'm thinking about transfers from metal or 78s. But even remasters from tape can sometimes be a big improvement.
  10. Trying to help out Mosaic by suggesting sets

    No. In my mind the real point of this PD debate is over remastering. If a PD label steals from, say, a 30-year old OOP CD who cares? But if someone invests the time and money to remaster the original recordings and then a PD label swoops in, steals the remastered material, and sells it for pennies on the dollar, further remastering is discouraged.
  11. Trying to help out Mosaic by suggesting sets

    The point of argument was over costs and ownership. If Victor recorded Joe Blow's Orchestra in 1933 then Victor owns the master. If Sony bought RCA-Victor, now Sony owns the master. If a PD label rips the Joe Blow Orchestra's recordings from a RCA/Sony CD and sells them as its own, PD label hasn't paid anything to record, transfer, master, or legally acquire ownership of that material.
  12. Kenny Burrell

    Can you help an old altar boy, father?
  13. Kenny Burrell

    Reality is political in 'Murica.
  14. Kenny Burrell

    That's bizarre logic. You're willing to give money to a scumbag thief because you owe Kenny so much? It's kind of disturbing that apparently the Jazz Foundation was behind this all along and yet it still got bungled. I would have hoped that an organization devoted to aiding the needy would operate more efficiently. At the very least the foundation could lent its imprimatur to the gofundme campaign.