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  1. SteepleChase new releases

    Why? From a design standpoint it's very competently done. As for the cover "image" I cant' tell if it is intended to be abstract or if it is no longer recognizable due to a change in contrast. Either way I find it preferable to staring at the pores in Ronnie Cuber's nose.
  2. Return Of The Film Corner Thread

    Get Out didn't live up to the hype. It reminded me a lot of The Skeleton Key from 2005.
  3. Jazz musicians that started their own labels.

    From what I've read, no distributor has ever paid a label owner on time.
  4. Jazz musicians that started their own labels.

    Apparently Lionel Hampton started two labels. According to Discogs, Hamp-Tone was started by his wife Gladys so I don't know if that counts.
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Been really digging the four Charlie Shavers Quintet Keynote sessions included on this disc.
  6. SteepleChase new releases

    Yeah, that's an image I'd like to hang on my wall and stare at for hours:
  7. What's next for Mosaic For me, I can trust Mosaic to do the job right. For example, look at their Artie Shaw box or their Benny Goodman Classic Columbia and Okeh Sessions box. They've collected virtually everything recorded in those eras (sans vocals), used the best possible sources, remastered them as well as you'll hear anywhere, compiled a detailed discography, and put it all together in an attractive package for a relatively low price. And their products are designed for aficionados, so they don't cut corners to save money or make compromises in hopes of appealing to the popular market. Most Mosaic releases belong in libraries because they preserve history.
  8. Aerosmith - Honkin on Bobo

    Not in my neck of the woods either. I grew up in the middle of Illinois and the only -- literally the only -- radio station I could pick up that played rock was WLS-AM out of Chicago, which had a Top 40 format. According to Wikipedia "By the mid-1970s, WLS became conservative about introducing new songs, and many record promoters referred to the station as the "World's Last Station" to add new releases for airplay, usually only after the songs had reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100." But in 1985 I was a freshman at U of Illinois when I bought King of Rock, so I heard of Run-DMC somewhere and it probably wasn't the radio in Champaign-Urbana either, because the student radio station was shit!
  9. Aerosmith - Honkin on Bobo

    Listened to Rocks again last night and now I see your point. I'm sure a lot of other ingredients went into the stew that became GnR but Aerosmith was likely the main ingredient. No, we always wore suits. I even shaved.
  10. Aerosmith - Honkin on Bobo

    What about "Freebird"? In college I worked weddings as a photographer's assistant, which was a pretty sweet gig, since all I had to do was hold the secondary flash unit. In essence, I was a human tripod. Unless it was a really cheap affair we got to eat and drink with the rest of the guests, so I could get drunk and we we were able to clear out before the debauchery started, which was either good or bad: I never got laid but we never had to put up with any drunken tomfoolery, either. The only bad experience I remember was when this rich bastard let his bride sing some jazz standards, and then afterwards he said something like "If you don't think my lady has a beautiful voice you're crazy." So that was traumatic, but otherwise it was a pretty fun job.
  11. Aerosmith - Honkin on Bobo

    That's a heck of a stretch. If Aerosmith hadn't existed GnR would only have had to reach back a few more years to get the same thing directly from the Stones. I think it's more accurate to say no punk, no Guns ‘n Roses.
  12. Aerosmith - Honkin on Bobo

    I still don't have a clue what you're moaning about but if you don't like those two songs you don't like rock. (I don't have any use for Aerosmith beyond those two.) What instrument did you play? It can't have been bass because that bass intro is groovy as fuck.
  13. Aerosmith - Honkin on Bobo

    I don't know about the 70s, but nobody was listening to Aerosmith in the 80s until Run-DMC resurrected their career in one fell swoop. If Aerosmith were gentlemen they would have given half of everything they earned after 1986 to Run-DMC, because they certainly owe it to them. BTW, I just watched this video for the first time in decades and I'll be damned if it might not be the best video of the 80s.
  14. Recording my father and his music

    $100 and you buy lunch. His fanboys act like he's the god of mastering engineers but I've never seen his name on any CD I own. I see Inglot/Hersch, Bob Ludwig, Ted Jensen, Vic Anesini, etc over and over, but I never see any big label trusting him with their major artists.