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  1. Album Covers That Say It All

    Enjoy Fred's cream.
  2. Joe Henderson Blue Note 1963-1966

    That's the kind of shrewd marketing decision that has kept Mosaic a strong and vibrant enterprise.
  3. What Are You Watching

    Mr Deeds Goes to Town. For a hero, Mr Deeds is given to oddly violent rages. So far he's physically assaulted 3 people.
  4. Recently I heard some boots from that era and I was really surprised at what a motherfucker of a live band Mellencamp had. It's too bad he hasn't taken any interest in releasing live material like Springsteen or Petty have. I think his reputation suffers in comparison to those two because people don't know or have forgotten what a great live act he was.
  5. Culture War, Young Lions & Trend Manufacturing

    Someone who listened to Led Zeppelin would end up sounding like Greta van Fleet.
  6. How's Your Sperm Count?

    Hell, it's the medical industry/deep state/Bill Gates cabal that's responsible for our dwindling sperm! Them and the Rothschild's 5G satellites. I don't trust anyone to count my sperm but myself.
  7. How's Your Sperm Count?

    Dunno, haven't counted my sperm lately.
  8. Now reading...

    I'm not really a fan of any of the acts he produced except for a few of the Van Halen records, but I still enjoyed it. I love seeing how the sausage is made. Wisely, Renoff concentrated mostly on the nuts and bolts and didn't delve too deeply into Templeman the man, who doesn't seem very relatable. Towards the end, in the 1990s, he wallows in self pity when Mo and Lenny fail to take him along to Dreamworks when they exit Warners, leaving him to his fate as a lowly senior vice president with a 6-figure salary. At another point he describes James Taylor lying on the floor, weeping, as a distraught Carly Simon attempts to console him, because Warner Bros and Columbia are locked in a bidding war for him. Man, some people got it rough.
  9. Now reading...

    Ted Templeman: A Platinum Producer’s Life in Music (as told to Greg Renoff)
  10. Phil Spector Dead at 81

    I didn't know such a thing still existed. I assumed all AM stations had been taken over by the right wing. Here in San Diego KOGO calls itself "news radio" but hosts Rush, Hannity, and other lesser known conservatives. They've also hosted Coast to Coast AM for years, which I realize now seeded the ground for QAnon through decades of outlandish conspiracy theories.
  11. Phil Spector Dead at 81

    I can't listen to AM "news" radio for more than the length of one segment, i.e. ~15 minutes? -- and that's assuming they're talking about a fairly objective issue and not screaming about Demonrats eating babies. I cannot understand how a business model that delivers more commercials than content survives. For news I listen to my local public radio station, which is far from seamless. It's not uncommon for KPBS to go silent for so long that I turn off the radio before the problem has been fixed.
  12. Phil Spector Dead at 81

    I was listening to some airchecks of "Boss" radio from the 1960s such as KHJ and I was surprised at how little music they actually played. I've no doubt the turntables were sped up but that hardly mattered considering the fact that the jocks talked over the song's intro right up until the lyrics began and always cut the song short to resume talking or start a new song or go into a commercial (which were almost as as abundant as songs). I never measured it but it seemed as if the average song lasted about a minute. I wouldn't be surprised if the Boss jocks had special short edits with a verse or two removed made just for them.
  13. Record vending machines.

    Probably Japan.
  14. Now reading...

    LOL. I stand corrected.
  15. Now reading...

    >getting offended on behalf of Martians SJWs. SMH.