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  1. Cassette tape production revival?

    I think the real importance of the cassette was that for the first time it gave the consumer some control over the music. You could create mix tapes from the records you owned and best of all you could dub records you didn't. Which is why the cassette is completely obsolete today when digital music is far better suited to those ends.
  2. Cassette tape production revival?

    "As with vinyl’s comeback, however, music fans seem eager to embrace the quirks of physical formats, in this case such as winding tapes by hand with a pen and turning it over at the end of each side. Some websites also mention the hiss of the tape as an appealing feature."
  3. Cassette tape production revival?

    IIRC Dolby wasn't available on too many portables, probably because of the additional expense. To be commercially viable today a cassette player would have to be portable. If you could reduce hiss and avoid the Dolby licensing fee you could manufacture cheaper.
  4. Michael Wang - Bone of the Wang, Vol. One

    Wang's got some big ol' balls to choose a title like that.
  5. Soundstage TV show WTTW Chicago

    Isn't wikipedia complete?
  6. Playing music in the car

    That's why I still drive a '56 Chrysler: it's impossible to find a car with a built-in record player anymore.
  7. How do MFSL, DCC Gold, etc work?

    What's this about Sony no longer leasing to other labels? Not having access to 1/3 of the canon could be a death blow for MoFi.
  8. Copyright

    I just happened across this while googling and chuckled: Sony BMG Asks Judge To Dismiss Toto Lawsuit: Music giant points to Black's Law Dictionary on the difference between a "license" and a "lease," an alleged distinction that could be worth a lot of money.
  9. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    That's how I feel when I hear people talking about the language of music, or when Leonard Bernstein wants to explain to me what music means.
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    But what about a language comprised of nothing but hmmm's? I suppose it's possible, but damned impractical and all but impossible to reproduce.
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    You mean like using drums to communicate? OK, but in that case unless everyone in the tribe has agreed that this drumbeat means "enemy approaching" it's useless as a means of communication. If Art Blakey starts expressing himself on the drum, the tribe won't know WTF to think and they'll all be slaughtered by the enemy.
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    WTF are you under the influence of today, my man? For thousands of years traditional cultures without writing or gov't have been communicating just fine.
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Because if a language has no fixed meaning that people can agree upon, then it's useless. What if I'm finding god on my sax but that fat homely bitch in the front row thinks I'm wooing her?