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  1. Album Covers showing musicians lying down

    Someone should tell Mutter she's too old to still be playing the sex-pot.
  2. Lionel Hampton - Decca Sessions

    I searched for Hamp on CD about a year ago and as I recall several times came across a complete collection of his Decca sides, but I could never actually find a copy of it anywhere. So there is a mythical collection that may or may not exist. For example, I think if you google it it shows up on Spotify, but it's not actually available on Spotify. I think perhaps there was a complete collection on LP issued ? and maybe got reissued on CD in Europe or maybe was intended to but fell through.
  3. Lionel Hampton - Decca Sessions

    They can be downloaded ... if you know where to look.
  4. CDRs Not Recognized as Burned

    I meant that I keep all my files in digital format (flac or mp3) on my computer and play them through a digital to analogue converter (DAC) connected to my stereo. I never actually take my music when I go out but if I did I guess I'd have to buy a digital audio player (DAP) or maybe a phone with good audio quality. By keeping everything on my computer I can constantly fiddle with it. It's true that hard drives fail but if you keep everything backed up you won't lose your collection. As for data corruption, yeah, it's a possibility, but what are ya gonna do? Life is risky. For my really important files I try to make par2 files and keep them up to date.
  5. CDRs Not Recognized as Burned

    This is one of the reasons I stopped burning discs a decade ago. DAC is the only way to go.
  6. "In February of this year, a producer met with a representative from human resources at NYPR to discuss multiple comments Lopate made to her that she considered sexually provocative. While she didn’t deem any single one to be “fireable,” she said the comments made her feel uncomfortable." So there you go: all you have to do to get fired is make a woman feel uncomfortable. Welcome to the new McCarthyism.
  7. None of your examples match what I had in mind, and after quickly going through the Goodmans I can't find a good example either, so perhaps I need to revise my opinion. Here's the closest thing I could find to movie soundtrack music: Mm, but interpreting them historically is another matter. Something as subjective as music can be interpreted anyway you want. The music got loud and raucous? That's because the atomic bomb was loud and violent. The music got quiet and subdued? That's because after the war everyone wanted peace and quiet.
  8. See? You can play that game all day and in the end it doesn't explain anything. If Jack responds to the alleged stimulus by X and Jill responds by Y, what good is the stimulus for explaining anything?
  9. Hmm, there is more pre-war material than I remembered (which is no doubt why I too bought it to begin with), although the last 3 discs are from the war years and beyond. You may well be right that the music becomes more orchestral and less pop, but to my ears it becomes more pop in the sense that in sounds like garish movie soundtrack scores. I'm not saying it's better or worse -- I'm not qualified to judge -- I'm just saying it's not to my taste at this moment in time. And don't give me that facile bullshit about music emulating life: by that logic the music should have become very quiet after that loud war ended -- or perhaps the music should have become very cold during the Cold War. Or am I missing something about that?
  10. I got it and I have to say, I wish to hell they had done the Victor sides instead. I'm no expert by any means but the sound of the big bands really changed over the war years: by the end they were really brassy and loud and all the charm of the '30s was gone.
  11. I don't know how this particular shipment was packaged, but if it was like mine -- in a cardboard box -- it was all that can reasonably be expected and Mosaic deserves no blame. Virtually all of the used CDs I've bought have come from across the U.S. and Europe in just an envelope and arrived with little to no damage. If the carrier is going to drop something on your package, nothing short of a hardcase is going to prevent damage.
  12. If that's true, their order handling capability is even worse than we thought! Excellent point. That manpower could be much better spent elsewhere.
  13. What 78 are you spinning right now ?

    That rings a bell. I think I remember encountering that somewhere, perhaps on my grandmother's record player or in my grade school.
  14. What 78 are you spinning right now ?

    Same stylus plays 78 as 33?