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  1. File format

    I've started using VBR more lately on stuff of lesser importance, but I still like to keep most things in lossless format primarily for the latitude it allows me. You can always go down from lossless but you can never go up from mp3.
  2. File format

    ape is as good as flac. foobar should be able to convert it to wav. At worst foobar will ask you to download and install a codec for ape, but I think foobar has native support for ape.
  3. I did, and I didn't see it the first time. That's what you get when your website designer decides to get clever with tabs.
  4. Call me crazy, but is it too much to ask of Resonance that they provide at least a tracklist for a box they want me to pay $99 for?
  5. Tips for Appreciating Baseball?

    My dad only took us to one game and it was like the episode of the Simpsons when Homer had to go to NYC to get his car back. We all just wanted to have a good time but he just complained about all the bad shit that happened to him. IIRC someone dropped ice cream on his head from the upper deck. And everything cost too much, of course. When I was much older I went with my mother's family to some sporting event, I forget which, and someone stole our seats. My mother was so pissed off that she decided to throw a drink on the offender. She ended up dropping it at the woman's feet rather than actually throwing it on her; we've never been good at confrontation. Anyhow, keep in mind that you're making family memories, not sports memories.
  6. Yes, so don't be surprised if someday UMG releases a NEWLY REMASTERED! CD and neglects to mention that the source used was the original vinyl. How will you know? How many people know exactly what was lost in the fire? How many people know what safeties survived? And I don't know about you, but I will be going back and looking at all of my "remastered" CDs to see if they say "from the original analog tapes."
  7. As a point of comparison, the 4-CD JSP box Radio Sessions from the Early Years 1938-43 only contains 20 instrumentals.
  8. I don't think the loss of Cheryl Crow's unreleased tracks is what people are outraged about.
  9. Rick Beato makes a very interesting point amidst his ranting against Youtube and UMG for suppressing his videos: for the past 11 years and from now on, when UMG presents "remastered" product it probably isn't from the original analog tapes. One commenter summed it up well: Regarding Remasters: You are all thinking about "new transfers from the original analog masters". That's actually not what remastering means (when a label uses this term, at least). You'd be surprised how many "remasters" were made from DAT tapes the label made once in the late 80s/early 90s. The term "remaster" just refers to someone doing a new mastering job from whatever transfer at hand. Which usually means taking this transfer, compressing and brickwalling it into a distorted mess with zero dynamics and cashing in on the re-release. Usally what you want is a fresh high bitrate, high resolution transfer from a properly stored analog master tape. That's what the labels are suggesting happened when they sell you remasters. More often than not that's not really the case. Sometimes it's a higher generation production copy that's being used (and with UMG, that's their only option now if you want fresh analog transfers). Sometimes they use old transfers made to DAT. And there are cases where even an old CD release from the 80s might be the best source material you can find, since they quite often did nice flat, uncompressed transfers back then (simply because they didn't have the time nor the technology to fuck around with it all too much), while the analog master deterioated into an oxide sheddding mouldy mess and the DAT transfer from back then is dropout fiesta.
  10. Beethoven piano sonatas - Pienaar?

    I am in the fortunate position of not being able to distinguish a good performance from a bad one, so I generally look at which recordings garner the most recommendations, then choose from amongst those based on price and sound quality.
  11. Kenny Burrell

    a) A few people have reportedly talked to him on the telephone so apparently he is still alive. b) That's what we're all wondering. c) If he really is ill, it would have made sense for his wife to start a Gofundme. But if he isn't ill, his wife still might have started the Gofundme.
  12. Beethoven piano sonatas - Pienaar?

    Kovacevich is my first and only cycle. At this point I'm not qualified to judge musical quality but the sound quality is excellent. When I was researching cycles I found plenty of recommendations for Kovacevich as well as some who don't love him, but that's par for the course. The critics are never unanimous about anything.
  13. Kenny Burrell

    Ooh, lookit Mr. Fancy Pants!
  14. Kenny Burrell

    That's true. Still, I think if you really wanted to convince people you were alive and well, you would simply make an appearance. Unless you were Jesus.