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  1. Most interesting/favorite 'Wayne Shorter' BN

    "Adam's Apple", IMO, must win this poll. But "Speal No Evil" is a solid contender.
  2. Dexter Gordon

    It sound like distorted French words. So, well, it could be creole. Or cajun?
  3. *** SUN RA Corner***

    Yes, Jazz In Silhouette is a great album of Sun Ra, at a time he was still very close to the dominant style of that time, the hard bop, and in the same time already "somewhere else" (and not only because he was alone - and stays alone - to play this style in big band). But the universe of Sun Ra is more vast than that particular records: Other Planes Of There, The Magic City, Atlantis, Space Is The Place (the vidence one), The Heliocentric Worlds Of Sun Ra (vol 1 specially), Nothing His, Les Nuits de la Fondation Maeght (LPs on the French label Shandar, out of print), Disco 3000 and Sunrise In Different Dimensions, are some of my favorite (but you may like others) and all show how unique this band and how great and out of proportion the genius of the Sun Ra was. It seems to me that today, Sun Ra doesn't get the recognition the man and his work (from swing and bop to the new thing and back) deserve.
  4. April Listening

    - Steve Lacy 6: We See (Thelonious Monk SongBook) (hatOLOGY) - Steve Lehman Qunitet: - Structural Fire (CIMP)
  5. *** Eric Dolphy ***

    Just a correction to my previous post. Alone together is not a solo but a duet between Dolphy bass clarinet and Richard Davis bass. The solo is, of course, his takes on Love Me where he uses his alto.
  6. *** Eric Dolphy ***

    I've always like Dolphy much. But I've never listen to an album of his who was completely satisfying. I'll like very much some tracks in each of his records but never the whole record as an entity. I think than his best work where with Coltrane, Mingus & Hill (Joe Henderson is a hell of a tenor, that sure but he doesn't "outblows" Dolphy at any moment on "Point of Departure". It's Dolphy who gave sound and charactere to the session and makes Andrew Hill compositions alive). IMO, I think than his best work ever is to find on the two Mingus on Candid: "Charles Mingus presents Charles Mingus" and the self-title "Mingus". On the last, the version of "Stormy Weather" who start as an incredible duet between Ming and Dolphy could symbolise jazz in his whole. In his album under his name, I think than his most greatest take is his solo version of Alone Together on bass clarinet who is as thrilling, mysterious and incredibily modern today than ever. I think than, if he didn't died so young (36, even Ken Vandermark is older than him today!) it will have grown bigger and bigger because, as it concerns his recording career, it was just beginning to start.
  7. *** Cecil Taylor ***

    You may try his last solo album of a long list of solo album. It's happen to be one of his best ever: The Willisau concert on Intakt (www.intaktrec.ch). it has been recording at the Willisau Festival in 2000 and the piano it's an incerdible good one. The recording is also first rate. A great choice in my mind.
  8. ESP Disk!

    The best Albert Ayler are on ESP. (It's what I discover when I buy the Japan printing of the ESP at the end of the seventies. With the original you couldn't hear the music because the printing was so terrible).
  9. New Steve Lacy CD

    Too Much in my Taste. Nothing here, IMO, to compare with WORK, also on the French label Sketch & recorded in May 2002. His best record for years. And no Irène Aebi at all. This is howw I like my SL.
  10. So who gives you a jazz high?

    - J.S. Bach - Edgard Varèse - Morton Feldman - Gérard Grisey (the greatest French living composer until he suddenly died few years ago at the age of fifty-two. He was the lmost illustrious composer with Tristan Murail of the so-called school of "Musique Spectrale) - Jimi Hendrix - The Doors - Captain Beefheart - Robert Wyatt - Tony Joe White - Johnny Shines - Sarmila Roy (india, singer)
  11. April Listening

    My April list (so far): - Sabir Mateen Trio: Divine Mad Love (Eremite) - Pandelis Karayorgis Trio: Blood Ballad (Leo Records) - Joe Henderson: Inner Urge (Blue Note) - Paul Bley: Hommage To Carla (Owl) - Abash: Jazz (Dragon) - Louis Sclavis Trio: Ceux qui veillent la nuit (Label Bleu) - Kaoru Abe: Solo.1972.1.21 - Steve Lacy/ Daniel Humair/ Anthony Cox: Work (Sketch) - Myron Walden: Higher Ground (Fresh Sound NT) + - Johnny Shines: Wet To Plow (Corazong) - Morton Feldman: Only (Works For Voice & Intruments) (New Albion Records)