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  1. 6 people: pure groove!

    Enjoy the music...
  2. My first body percussion video https://youtu.be/P55iedgxOQ8?list=PLVjabARatXFaexrGq0q5jTfyOU20z89tz
  3. Very fun and improbable mashup!

    Yes I admit it this was pretty crazy... To listen to the mashed up lyrics it's pretty fun too! https://youtu.be/gHF_vl6yjSk?list=PLVjabARatXFaexrGq0q5jTfyOU20z89tz
  4. Crazy drummer shift

    Here we have an hip hop groove with the drummer shifting...crazy! http://youtu.be/rwNlKm9NX7Q?list=PLVjabARatXFaexrGq0q5jTfyOU20z89tz
  5. a U2 song played with Hello Kitty??

    Hehe! Thanks man!
  6. It's a lot of fun to make music with different stuff! http://youtu.be/I5O2YuG6KoY?list=PLVjabARatXFaexrGq0q5jTfyOU20z89tz
  7. Here we are http://youtu.be/UKX2O6bzjik?list=PLVjabARatXFaexrGq0q5jTfyOU20z89tz
  8. Sia Elastica Heart crazy drum cover Be careful at the end of the video
  9. FourFiveSeconds (drum cover 10 music styles!!!) Rihanna Kanye West Paul McCartney. How to spice up a song
  10. 4 drummers in 1 drums!

    Drums solo: 4 drummers (1 drummer + 3 clones ) playing 1 drums. Enjoy!
  11. Jingle Bells in 4 languages!

    Here is a Soul Jazz arrangement of Jingle Bells with 4 amazing singers! Merry Christmas!
  12. Listen to Entering The New Era (432 hz) from today in a mix on Youtube: