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  1. Classical Music Box Sets

    well, no.. when I use words like "almost" or "usually", that's pretty much what I mean. You can never know for certain, but you can suspect, and that was my main point. Example: "hmm.. this 20cd box set of the complete works of X-composer with this unknown performer and orchestra.. considering the 10$ pricetag.. is probably some low-budget recording of mainstream repertoire with the purpose of generating income" could there be hidden jewels among ? Sure.. but is it likely that this 20$ cd recording with just a few of the same works but with [insert preferred artist] will be more enjoyable for me ? It very well may be. But don't get me wrong however, if you are just getting into classical music your frame of reference is underdeveloped and most of your attention goes to just getting to know this very different music and its instruments/sounds/color/dynamics. By all means go ahead and buy lots stuff (or, just go to the library!), you do need those "bad" recordings to develop a sense of personal taste. But once you've gotten to know you first bulk of standard repertoire, and you find out that life is to short for sloppy articulation or tacky rubatos, or whatever your subjective preferences might be, then you might want to go about your record shopping in a more critical way.. or not, that's just my opinion. The classical music industry is so different from other genres, in the way that it's more or less the same music being sold over and over again. And even though every CD is made with the purpose of being sold, there's still a difference between those that value profit, and those with artistic value. This tendency of quantity > quality is mostly noticeable when it comes to box sets, they are usually a good example of is.. but far from always, one of the things I still listen to the most to is my box set of Glenn Gould's complete recordings.
  2. What music did you buy today?

    Just yesterday I bought "Inner Voyage" with Gonzalo Rubalcaba, so far been enjoying it very much.
  3. Morton Feldman

    Hey 7/4, thanks for the article ! Feldman is one of my favorite modernists, and was quite enlightening reading
  4. Gil Evans

    agree on the "Gil Evans & Ten".. haven't heard the other one, will definitely check it out though
  5. Cedar Walton, RIP

    RIP Cedar ! I went to see Jimmy Cobb trio the other night at the Vanguard, Mr. Cobb talked deeply about the loss of Cedar and they played a couple of his compositions.. very moving.
  6. Shitpissnvomit.. New wave of experimental jazz ?

    Well, I asked more or less the same question, and he wouldn't completely answer it.. but It had something to do with a statement about how having the right name/image is supposedly very important, despite the fact that the music is supposed to be at the center.. also he said they were on a mission to "break with expectations".. but who knows, I bought it : )
  7. Shitpissnvomit.. New wave of experimental jazz ?

    wow wow wow, chill out Big Wheel, first of all, how'd you think I suddenly heard of this unknown band ? Answer: one the members is studying in New York for at semester, living in brooklyn.. met him at the vanguard the other night and he introduced me to his project. now if this is JUST TO UNBELIEVABLE, then I apologize for not going about my thread posting like a private detective.. and by all means JSngry or any other moderator, delete this, don't mind being acused of being a stupid marketer, but I had no intention of slandering the bands name. And I'll promise only to make negative recommendations from now on, so it'll seem legit.
  8. Classical Music Box Sets

    problem with box sets are that they almost never are worth buying, no matter for how cheap.. sure, some of them may be Deutsche Grammophone collections of legendary recordings or a renowned solo-artists complete recordings.. but be to be honest, usually you get 10-20 cd's with poor-mediocre performances for a very cheap price just to get a "complete" collection of works.. who needs that ? no one ! because you never go home and listen to all of them anyway.. just buy the one good album, with a stellar performance that you actually listen to, and build your record collection slowly with jewels instead of quickly with trash.. and if I sound a little bitter it's because I learned it the hard way, and already own hundreds of cd's that are worth less than the disc they're printed on imo : ) and by the way, one shouldn't get so obsessed with owning all of particular composers works (good luck doing that with J.S. Bach for example), it is much more interesting to obtain different editions of the same works you, then finding out which performer/conductor/whatever you like best and why.. this is essentially what classical music is about today
  9. Hello all, I just joined the forums, looking forward to being a part of the organissimo community. Thought I'd start off with a recommendation, as I just came across this new european group called "Shitpissnvomit", I guess they are still pretty underground but their sound is unlike anything I've ever heard ! Check them out a www.shitpissnvomit.com, there's some soundcloud links and stuff. what do you guys think ? Is this a new wave of something or is it just my frame of reference that is limited? : )