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  1. Jazz CD bargains

    Was listening to Meditations on Freedom and started thinking I need more Jason Palmer in my life and went to see if there were any bargains on eBay. Dirt cheap copies of Jason Palmer plays Minnie Ripperton - Take A Little Trip
  2. That sucks. This doesn't: Tommy McGee - I'm A Stranger (Positive-Negative + demos/singles)
  3. RIP Freddy Cole

    Damn. RIP. I really enjoy his playing and singing.
  4. Blue Note NY Sharing Archived Concerts

    Jerry Gonzalez brother Andy maybe?
  5. followed by Anthony Joseph - Time probably my least favorite Anthony Joseph album, but still has many quality moments. Meshall Ndegeocello producing the album reduced the rawness that make Anthony Joseph so wonderful.
  6. Ned Doheny - Separate Oceans (Hard Candy + demos)
  7. So good I had to spin it again!
  8. America unleashed

    Nope. I get the bad rap unions have. I'm just always fascinated by how many people talk about unions (not you, in general) without ever being in one or knowing anything about them.
  9. What music did you buy today?

    Was able to score both Noah Preminger releases for the Newville label which is by subscription only. Excited to check them out.
  10. America unleashed

    So is it just non-union people who hate unions? I love my union. They are there to make sure I am being treated fairly. As someone who spent 15 years in the private sector without a union, knowing I can achieve my career goals by doing my job and not have silly office politics get in the way is incredible. This is from someone who has never had to contact my union for any reason work related. There are people that abuse the unions power but you get crappy people in all walks of life. I don't get the anger about unions unless you've never been fortunate enough to be represented by a good union. Long live IBEW! and my pension!
  11. Gave it another spin. Really enjoy relaxing to this one. Now: Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Wake Up Everybody
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Jon Jang - Self Portrait it really doesn't get better than Mr.Jang
  13. The electricity to operate a desktop based on SCE tier one rates for a whole year would cost you about $215 - $250. The actually consumption of a pc was all over the place based on what I was looking at so this is just an estimate using SCE $.18/kwh rate. Though I think its $.187 but didn't feel like pulling out my bill. yes, it would be a substantial amount if people did this for the same artist.
  14. Math for fun! It appears spotify pays $.006 to $.0084 So a 3 mins song on continuous look without interruption it would provide $1.44 to $2.16 a day and $526 to $736 year in royalties. Now I'm thinking if you made a 10 second song and played that continuously could you cheat the system. I wonder there is a minimum time for royalties. I don't think so.
  15. Luke Winslow-King - I'm Glad Trouble Don't Last Always. This was a bandcamp purchase when they waived artist fees. I've spun it twice since getting it yesterday, but the B side 4 times in total. This got me thinking how uncommon it is to enjoy a B side more than an A side, given most albums are constructed to be front heavy, or at least that used to be how you constructed albums.