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  1. Ricky Ford

    His Muse output is magnificent.
  2. The end of The Jazz Standard in New York.

    True. But when you paying rent the landlord might be trying to pay a mortgage...they may not be able to “give a break” if they’ve already “screwed the pooch”. Regardless this is very sad to hear
  3. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    I enjoy the Harmonious Breath album with the Taipei Orchestra.
  4. For completists only....

    Let us know if your order goes through. Last order I made with CD universe never materialized into a shipment and was cancelled. On the site it was in stock. Haven’t used or thought about them since. They used to be my go-to site.
  5. I was confused because he asked about the order of the CD and was told about fitting it on 3LPs.
  6. So is the cd version going to be in chronological order?
  7. John Coltrane's Creation

    I got the Blue Parrot LP cheap sealed on vinyl.com (I wasn’t sure how legit such a generic named site would be but it delivered, and it was the most well packaged LP I’ve ever received). Try them. It was $10-$12 if I recall correctly.
  8. CDs that are unreadable

    Disc rot
  9. Black Unity Trio – Al-Fatihah

    Mine arrived yesterday, a day earlier than usps predicted.
  10. Tina Brooks Mosaic question

    I checked my Tone Poets and there is audible distortion but I wouldn't consider it unlistenable, This was my 5th time listening to the LP and my first time focusing on distortion and I only noticed it a few times throughout and for me the most noticeable was "star eyes" but not overly distracting. I'm no audiophile though and am used to some noise in my records.
  11. Tina Brooks Mosaic question

    I’ll check later today. I didn’t notice it but am usually working when I spin it.
  12. The “Awful Waffle” is nothing like Denny’s. Not even close. It’s an experience all unto its self. No place converges all walks of life at 2am like a Waffle House.
  13. I listened to an interview with Jeff gold on KCRW today. Basically he said he is a music memorabilia dealer and someone wanted to sell him their collection. When he started seeing the pictures he surmised they were one of a kind and the world needed to see them and thought a book was a good way to get them out there. They’re apparently pictures the clubs would take of patrons, develop them during the show and then try sell them to you as you left. Sounded like he found the pics and became fascinated with them and started researching. Good for him, I’m more intrigued by this book now.