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  1. Your music cataloging "system"

    Agreed. In case anyone is curious what a box set looks like in collectorz. https://imgur.com/lElH5S0 https://imgur.com/WBleNAc
  2. Your music cataloging "system"

    This is how I do it as well, Brad may want something that requires no input at all. I don’t know but to tell me you can’t do something that I’ve clearly done for a decade means he has determined he is right in his mind and I’m okay with that. I don’t care I’m anyone else ever uses Collectorz, but I’m glad to have it.
  3. Your music cataloging "system"

    That's not true. I have all my box sets in Collectorz as sets not individual discs. I don't really advocate for Collectorz especially if it is only by subscription but it is a wildly flexible platform. You can export to excel and mostly it imports release info from discogs.
  4. capping the night off with some Syl.
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Memphis Willie B - Introducing a wonderful collection of songs but "The Stuff Is Here" is by far my favorite.
  6. Noah Howard

    Live in Europe is just a re-ordered version of Ole i believe. I enjoy Live in Paris. I also have Eye of the Improviser. It's a bit all over the place but enjoyable.
  7. What music did you buy today?

    Jeff Pifher And Socrate's Trial - Alternate Futures Past Realities Steve Adams/Vinny Golia Duo - Philosophy of Air Vinny Golia/Steph Richards/Bert Turetzky - Trio Music The Forgetting Machine - Systematic and Quantitative (free with the above order!) Bobby Bradford - Live at the Magic Triangle Bobby Bradford - The Delaware River Bob Reynolds - A Message for Mobley Bob Reynolds - Runway and a bunch of zydeco if anyone is interested
  8. Your music cataloging "system"

    I didn't know collectorz was a subscription now. I bought it long ago and paid a one time fee. the app was a separate fee. It's connected to discog's, that where it pulls most its information. I just manipulate after what information I want.
  9. Your music cataloging "system"

    detailed info is there for sure.you can enter where you purchase, how much, musicians, where recorded etc etc. Might not be available for free but it does all kinds of stuff. I can tell you how many albums I have with Vinny Golia playing on it with a couple clicks in the statistics field. 83 of the 1807 albums I own only behind William Parker who is on 84.
  10. Your music cataloging "system"

    I’ve been using Collectorz successfully for a decade now. Have the mobile app as well. Easiest and most aesthetically pleasing option I’ve found.
  11. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    I understand that we all want the best sessions possible, but we still watch Tiger shoot 6 over par. I would guess he wouldn't want us to see that. I mean the session is 60 years old. I say kudos for releasing it. I personally appreciate them letting me decide if I want to purchase it rather than wishing on a star to hear it.
  12. Orphan Tracks

    this is a more common thing with other genres where the single may have a "remix" and that was the only place to find it.
  13. Bowie’s top fifty songs ranked

    Missing songs I would have on there. But this to me is like princes discography, everyone has a differing opinion. For instance I think the Let’s Dance album is a masterpiece but I would assume most disagree.