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  1. Damn you’re quick. I too am looking forward to this. Miranda with Carter and Bradford... no brainer.
  2. The “celebrity” records a video and sends it. Chat is texting and the celebrity is not required to respond. a radio show I listen to have discussed this app so I’m familiar with how it works. Also... hahaha
  3. make any recent Dusty Groove orders?

    I’ve noticed that when you buy 2 single cds or less.
  4. What music did you buy today?

    and Ochibonoame CD “Ochibonoame” – Homo Sacer Ochibonoame is trio with Makoto Kawashima, Louis Inage & Naoto Yamagishi seriously, https://japanarchives-mailorder.com is legit and amazing.
  5. What music did you buy today?

    Chico Mann - Double Life Los Sospechos (Menahan Street Band/Budos Band) - Postales (OST) Mestizo Beat - Canoga Madness My recent vinyl order from Da Bastids
  6. Evan Parker

    I haven’t been on Twitter but this is...disappointing...I guess is the best word to describe it, mostly about the QAnon aspect.
  7. DIW and JMT: Your favourite releases?

    The Steve Coleman’s On the Edge of Tomorrow and World Expansion along with Greg Osby’s MindGames and Greg Osby and Sound Theatre are what I think of when I think of JMT and all four (On the Edge and MindGames more so) are essential listening for me. The Gary Thomas releases should also be mention though I haven’t spent as much time with them.
  8. Julius Hemphill Box Set

    And Apple Music
  9. Nice. I’m listening to them in order but they really don’t have any musical connection so far. It’s 10 independent albums with a common theme. The accompanying book is nice to follow while listening.
  10. Album/Disc 4 - Cheops featuring Kyoko Kitamura: voice -&- Ensemble 1. Entire Universe - 13:36 2. Cheops - 13:51 3. The Map Is Precise - 08:03 4. If We Play Soft Enough - 22:17 5. Harriott - 12:51 - This was the most intense disc so far. Very entertaining from star to finish. Album/Disc 5 - Harlem Speaks featuring Fay Victor / Hamid Drake / William Parker 1. Dancing at the Savoy - 04:45 2. Don't Sell My Soul - 11:53 3. Harlem Dances - 11:37 4. Harlem Speaks - 07:17 5. Paintings in the Sky - 0:23 6. Shutters as Windows - 18:17 - This the most abstract of the 5 discs I've been able to listen to so far. For me the most difficult to get into but it did start to all come together around Harlem Speaks.
  11. Album/Disc 3 - The Majesty of Jah featuring Ellen Christie / William Parker / Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson 1. Baldwin - 08:16 2. The Majesty of Jah - 08:21 3. Freedom - 08:56 4. Sun Song - 06:49 5. Numbers - 06:29 6. Letter To A Resurrected Slave Owner - 04:52 - More of a meditative feel on this disc. I read the interview William did with Jalalu in his Conversations book but this is my first time (i think) hearing him. He stole the disc. Excellent stuff.
  12. New record by Freddie Redd!!!

  13. I think you will thoroughly enjoy it. I spun disc two which is solo piano from Eri Yamamoto. Beautiful record, did realize it had been an hour by the time it ended. Starts off very light and turns somber and very emotional. Hope to get through a couple more discs today.
  14. And the journey begins. Disc 1 with Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez is awesome! Holy crap. This is very immersive. Cosmic Funk indeed! This honestly feels like the flower that is the tone world that Mr. Parker has created, has fully opened and it is aww inspiring.