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  1. Coltrane: Both Directions At Once (lost album)

    I didn't say the release was the same as the tape. i made the comment that the tape Naima had was a session tape, thus it was a recording in the order it was recorded...because it was taken with "tape rolling". The need to document when each song was recorded isn't needed because the tape don't lie. Do they give us the order of each song on the tape is a different issue.
  2. Coltrane: Both Directions At Once (lost album)

    Documentation of the session order isn’t needed since it’s a tape of the session. Playback would give you order no?
  3. Coltrane: Both Directions At Once (lost album)

    I certainly didn't expect much from this one, but I was pleasantly surprised by it. I've give 4 spins between work and the commute yesterday and a final listen when I got home last night. Haven't cracked the second disc yet but much more than a "one and done" for myself. The Sonny Rollins quote seems a bit excessive though haha. I wonder what Andrew White's analysis of this is. Is he considered the foremost authority on Trane's music?
  4. Coltrane: Both Directions At Once (lost album)

    Thanks for the heads up on this. This is the best analysis I’ve heard about why the material wasn’t released. I was hoping he would discuss 11383. though fantastic, it doesn’t sound like the band is familiar with the song and I doubt it would ever have been released on an album.
  5. Bandcamp Recommendations

  6. I've spun Slick! 3 times and enjoyed it. I heard some slop but didn't think much of it since its a live set. I did wonder who had the damn whistle. (it didn't hurt the listen, but it was curious.) Funk In France was good but I've only spun once while after the libations were flowing.
  7. Los Angeles Jazz Institute (LAJI) CDs

    Thanks for the leads everyone, but I'm only searching them on behalf of Stonewall. Since I'm in Los Angeles I thought the opportunity of finding them used local would be greater.
  8. Los Angeles Jazz Institute (LAJI) CDs

    I continue to look while I’m out but no success yet.
  9. Reckless Records

    I ordered from them a few years ago without issue. This was before their site was down for an extended period.
  10. I’ll take the Pharoah. Too little Sanders in my collection
  11. FS: Ivo Perelman - Sad Life

    Sure. Let me know what you got.
  12. I have a pristine extra copy of Sad Life for sale. $25 shipped in the US. This is a very rare album, not the crappy "On Demand" version.
  13. Los Angeles Jazz Institute (LAJI) CDs

    I you happen to have any idea what the covers look like it would help. I search the "Various Artists" section every time I go to Amoeba but have no clue what I'm looking for.
  14. Did you happen to order the cd? If so did you receive it? I haven't gotten my cd nor a response to my inquiry. I'm not impatient but it has been a month. Something should have happened by now I would think.