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  1. received my copy today. May dig into tomorrow
  2. The Lost Tapes: Charles Mingus Live In Detroit

    The packaging is nice as well. Clam shell box, each disc with a pic of a member of the band.
  3. The Lost Tapes: Charles Mingus Live In Detroit

    I got my copy today. Forgot I pre-ordered it and forgot it was coming out on the 2nd. I was thinking it was coming later in the month for some reason. Spinning now and it is a fun listen
  4. Dave Douglas - Riverside

    Worth it in my opinion but I really like what Dave does and have a similar taste as him
  5. Charlie Parker Blindfold Test

    thank you
  6. Today's tenor players

    I guess it all depends on how each chooses to extend their radar. I think you’d be hard pressed to find many “jazz” artists regardless of their instrument on any radar.
  7. Today's tenor players

    Egads!!!! Out of curiosity, is it the writing of modern players that is disliked?
  8. Today's tenor players

    Ouch, tough crowd! Haha. So I'm attempting to stay under 40. Let's try: Joe Manis Tivon Pennicott Stacy Dillard Jesus Santandreu (not under 40 but definitely worth checking) Jason Hainsworth
  9. Today's tenor players

    Noah Preminger is making some of the best music to me. His output is tireless and always fascinating Walter Smith III Melissa Aldana Jure Pukl I'll think of more for you old fogies.
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I went to the mall with the wife yesterday and found some interesting albums in a store called Book Off. I've been spinning through them, only $3 each and most were still new in plastic! John Chin - Blackout Conception Jason Rigby - Translucent Space Francisco Pais - Not Afraid of Color Ruslan Khain - For Medicinal Purposes Only! and Mat Marucci/Doug Webb/Ken Filiano - 3 The Hard Way I'm going to try and get through the other 5 albums i got later
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    An album I can put on ANY time I do wonder if the most recent Japanese issue has improved sound clarity
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Took a flier on a CD because it appeared interesting. Glad I did, fantastic performance.
  13. Caught the Noah Preminger Quartet with Jason Palmer, Kim Cass and Dan Weiss tonight. Wonderful set