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  1. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Brian Walsh is a beast. I’ve seen him in a few different settings and he always impresses.
  2. took almost twice as long as I was quoted but I’m really happy with the outcome
  3. I also found Source of Inspiration a bit lackluster than I was expecting it to be. Should probably spin it again. With that said “There Goes the Neighborhood” is KILLER! Gary’s solo on On A Misty Night is my favorite solo of all-time.
  4. Fred Ford Trio - Bear Water
  5. Apple Music App

    Honestly I was very upset when it happened. But I realized there is a lot of music available on Apple Music to get me by and I still have access to the music just not as conveniently. Plus more obscure stuff seems to appear all the time.
  6. Apple Music App

    I didn’t have any issues with Apple Music uploading my library until I surpassed the 10,000 album limit. Then it lost everything and it won’t take everything on one upload. I have to delete any album from Apple Music on my desktop that I want on the cloud and add it back. I’ve made peace with the issue.
  7. 55 Bar


    I have a package that shows delivered to Richmond, CA… I live in Long Beach, CA. No one can say why this happened. The address used by the shipper was correct.
  9. Cigars International deal

    I put in an offer of $100 for a box and they accepted.
  10. Cigars International deal

    https://www.cigarsinternational.com/p/alec-bradley-tempus-maduro-cigars/1412124/#p-67300 Picked up this box last week. Enjoyable smoke
  11. Candid label

    Gary’s solo on “On A Misty Night” is my favorite solo of all time.
  12. Alto Saxophone/Guitar Duos

    Comes out Friday. Tenor/Guitar duo
  13. Gerald Clayton - Bells On Sand Trombone Shorty - Lifted and finally Cody Chesnutt - The Headphone Masterpiece