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  1. Found a copy locally after listening to an mp3 rip for years. Love this album. also one of my all-time favorite covers.
  2. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Wake Up Everybody This album always reminds me of West Virginia because its were I lived when I first heard it and of course the mountains on the cover. My young mind thought they we're the only other minorities in West Virginia and I felt a connection that they were singing to my family. Ahhhh to be young and naive.
  3. all praise be to the God Rammellzee spinning on the table that turns.
  4. Sax players, how often do you change your reeds?

    I started using Rigotti Golds and have had much better luck finding good reeds over Rico or Vandorens. Typically you go into a show with a reed you previously picked because it did what you wanted but like JSngry said, that can change quickly.
  5. Rashied Ali / Frank Lowe - Duo Exchange

    That's only true if you deem it is your right to hear the music. Otherwise piracy is still theft. My guess is that once the sales of the LPs slow, the full download will become available. At least that seems to be the smartest way to sell them to me.
  6. Selected No Business LPs for sale

    If these are still available I'll take them.
  7. I saw a copy at my local shop yesterday.
  8. Interesting but I have a hard time determining how lucrative this is for someone to do. Especially with releases from Tommy Boy that were unissued on vinyl at initial release. This make it sound like vinyl is selling a lot when comparatively to previous years of physical media sales its not.
  9. Cleaning Records

    Cool. I hope you have the same satisfaction as I have.
  10. Cleaning Records

  11. What music did you buy today?

    Planet Asia & Apollo Brown - Anchovies Planet Asia - The Golden Buddha Planet Asia - Black Belt Theatre Planet Asia & Gensu Dean - Abrasions Increasing my hip hop vinyl collection.
  12. What music did you buy today?

    fantastic stuff. Tina Raymond is a favorite on drums with Vinny.
  13. Steps you take to protect your vinyl.

    I tried the wood glue trick on a really cheap and really filthy record that was something I wanted to play but ended up getting a sealed copy of later. Its a messy method, used a lot of wood glue and had moderate results. Wasn't worth the effort imo. I talked a bit about it in the cleaning records thread.