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  1. I’m planning on framing the contact sheet for una mas with a mono first pressing.
  2. There doesn’t appear to be a huge clamoring for these. My first order was #385 and my second 6hrs later #388.
  3. Thanks! The images I got aren’t there anymore. The site is a bit archaic. I was finding everything under the sale link but they aren’t there anymore. I sprung from the large Kenny Dorham Una Mas contact sheet after hearing UMG will be the new owner. Probably the last chance to get these ever.
  4. Appears most images are unavailable now. The gelatin prints are gone.
  5. I picked a Sonny Rollins and Kenny Dorham gelatin pictures.
  6. James Booker - True: Live at Tipitina's - April 25, 1978 Boulevards - Groove Bootsy's Rubber Band - Bootsy? Player of The Year
  7. What music did you buy today?

    pre-ordered the Horace Tapscott - Tapscott + Winds
  8. Bandcamp waiving fees on Friday

    That’s correct. It looks like artist are co-opting “Bandcamp Friday” into a new release day thing.
  9. Not sure if anyone purchases from bandcamp, but they are waiving their fees on Friday so artists can make more money. I missed this the last time they did it. There are a few I've been holding out for so I am going to purchase them Friday. I've added the email below. Greetings, A few Fridays ago, we waived our revenue share to help musicians impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Bandcamp community (very possibly including you!) went above and beyond, paying $4.3 million to artists and labels in just 24 hours. It was an inspiring day, and we heard many requests to do it again, so we’re going to do exactly that. This Friday, May 1, we’re once again waiving our revenue share for all sales on Bandcamp, from midnight to midnight PDT. If you’re fortunate enough to be in a position to spare some funds, please join us in providing some much-needed support to the many amazing artists on Bandcamp. Details are here, and please help us spread the word!
  10. “Bird In LA”

    People on discogs are funny. I actually have never gotten upset that a record is dirty. I clean every record before I spin it anyway. You would think someone spending the money they were asking for this set would know that’s the cost of buying vinyl. I would expect a record from the Electric Recording company to be clean but that’s a $500 new record.
  11. Bandcamp waiving fees on Friday

    It appears all good things must come to an end.
  12. I believe Krieg Wunderlich was the mastering engineer at the time for CDs. I remember reading Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs didn’t put the info because they were about the label not the engineer or something goofy like that. It was their in house stable doing the remastering though.
  13. Do you all actually play your 78s? I never bought any because I didn’t want to go through the trouble to play them.
  14. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Black editions so sometimes releases cds in Japan. edit: never mind. I got it backwards. Black editions released an album on vinyl after the cd issue in another label.
  15. That’s my point. He isn’t claiming he’s a jazz musician. Others are and by giving merit to everyone’s opinion he’s being dragged by people who “don’t give a shit about Kenny G” but clearly do.
  16. So it again comes back to people hate Kenny G because he is popular and gets the notoriety that people believe others should get.
  17. How so? Because he made music that was marketed and made popular? My comment was in regards to being labelled jazz. Of course an artist wants to be popular. That is giving the masses a lot of credit since you don't expect the masses to be well informed.
  18. This all sounds like people hate Kenny G because he’s getting recognition he didn’t ask for.
  19. There is an Asian country that plays a Kenny G song when it’s time to go home. I don’t know the song but I think stores and malls play it to signal time to leave.
  20. I like Kenny G as a person. People take him way more seriously than he takes himself. I've always wondered if it was jealously or just that he's the easy target. He had a running appearance on the Le Batard Show that was great. I often think people dismiss Kenny G before they even listen to what he has to say, this interview being the example. His discussion about recording vs live playing is an interesting philosophy. I don't actually listen to his music but his philosophy on artistry is fascinating and honestly commendable.
  21. Darius Jones is a fucking genius
  22. Stan Getz Must Be Turning Over In His Grave

    I’m not the target audience for this so it doesn’t effect me in anyway. I bet Stan would roll back over if he gets royalties off this release though.
  23. MLB 2021 Hot Stove League

    Oakland Athletics: I’m expecting this to turn into a full tear down and rebuild. Maneas, Olson, Chappy, and my favorite Canha all will be gone amongst many others in conjunction with BoMel going to manage the Padres it’s going to be a rough stretch. All this coupled with the issues getting a new stadium at Howard Terminal I’m not sure what to make of my team.