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  1. Cigars International deal

    https://www.cigarsinternational.com/p/alec-bradley-tempus-maduro-cigars/1412124/#p-67300 Picked up this box last week. Enjoyable smoke
  2. Candid label

    Gary’s solo on “On A Misty Night” is my favorite solo of all time.
  3. Alto Saxophone/Guitar Duos

    Comes out Friday. Tenor/Guitar duo
  4. Gerald Clayton - Bells On Sand Trombone Shorty - Lifted and finally Cody Chesnutt - The Headphone Masterpiece
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    TOCJ-6700 TYCJ-81075 UCCQ-3010 I believe all are unedited Japanese releases. I have the last one that came out in 2017. It's technically a part of the original cds slightly edited but it's really buried in the mix. The run times with it is about 10 secs longer than the mix with Belden's burying the hell out of it. The saw solo is also on Apple Music.
  6. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    I picked up these two CDs, both featuring Vinny Golia. Bobby Bradford and Friends Honor A Great America - Jackie Robinson: Stealin’ Home and Vinny Golia/Matt Smiley/Ron Coulter - Effloresce
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    There is a cd version without edits to the saw. I have it and think I got it off a member here. I think it’s a Japanese release.
  8. What music did you buy today?

    Cody Chestnutt - Headphone Masterpiece I've had this album on CD for 20 years and came across a vinyl copy so I decided to buy it. It's an album I love and can't really place why/
  9. Whatever happened to the 3" CD?

    That's it! I remember looking for it after I got Wrong Shape To Be A Storyteller and loving it. I was never able to find it.
  10. C-Bo - Orca (2022 RSD release) Sound quality is better than expected.
  11. Whatever happened to the 3" CD?

    Nate Wooley had an early release I think was on a 3 inch disc. I’ve always wanted to hear it but never had a chance. I don’t remember the name of it but If I remember correctly it has a whale on the cover.
  12. Melissa Aldana - 12 Stars I've been picking up the D2C Blue Note releases since i heard how amazing the Gregory Porter - All Rise sounded compared to the CD version. This and the Immanuel Wilkins both sound fantastic and I have the Trombone Shorty, Joel Ross and Gerald Clayton on their way this week.
  13. The Genius of Miles Davis set was 40ish CDs collecting all the “complete sets”.
  14. Recommended! It’s a slow build and I’m not super familiar with any of the players but really enjoyed it.
  15. Yeah the Super Deluxe releases are popular now.
  16. Talibam! with Silke Eberhard and Nikolaus Neuser - This Week is in Two Weeks
  17. So as most here know I am a huge Vinny Golia fan. Vinny has released his most largest single Movement as of the end of August digitally on bandcamp. I spoke with Jeff Kaiser of pfMentum and have been informed that a physical release is in production so, although I have listened to some of this, I am waiting for the physical release. This Movement is MASSIVE! 158 tracks that clock in around 11 hrs. Vinny Golia - Even to this day…Movement One: Inoculations Music for Orchestra and Soloists From Bandcamp: (Inoculation: to inoculate) This applies to vaccinating against the coronavirus and to mentally preparing ourselves to be strong against the onset of paranoia, boredom, depression, isolation, apathy, and all of the other symptoms of this disease that we did not anticipate. Even to this day…in its entirety comprises three movements. Movement One: Inoculations, which you are listening to now, is for orchestra and 21 improvisers. The complete length of Inoculations is 10 hours and 32 minutes and consists of 12 individual Modules. The second movement, Part Two: Syncretism: for the draw…is for metal band and orchestra and will be released later in 2021. Finally, as yet unnamed, the third movement for symphony orchestra and large ensemble with improvisers will be completed at the end of 2021. I started writing Even to this day... for my upcoming 75th birthday a year before it was to happen at the request of Rent Romus, who was organizing a concert of 75 musicians to perform the piece, unaware that Covid lurked around the corner. The performance never happened. So, I decided to go for what I wanted using real and virtual musicians performing composed music combined with improvisation—which always seems to be the best way to get what I want musically—a blend of serenity, intensity, and stability that shifts like the sands in a desert. And, as I wanted to have many of the West Coast musicians I play with represented in the music, I came up with a plan to have soloists play over a large and continually changing symphonic setting. Even to this day... includes soloistic journeys, short interludes, transitional forms, and improvisations involving orchestral textures. Performed live, I would have used a combination of conducting techniques I have been refining since the first concert of the Vinny Golia Large Ensemble in 1982. Unfortunately, I could not do this live because of Covid restrictions and instead created an alternate composition system to supplant and expand on those techniques. Our West Coast community of creative musicians is vast and intensely innovative, and from this communal pool, I used improvisers accustomed to performing New Music and freer forms of improvisation. Specific compositions showcase their creative talents, resulting in a myriad of improvisational approaches. For the listener, the modules within each movement can be arranged in any order but are best listened to in their original order as the compositions within each module accent each other. Movement One: Inoculations is the first part of over a year’s worth of work on Even to this day... The movement is a direct response to Covid, reflecting feelings and thoughts while locked down or “safer at home” for 15 months. With so much discord in the world at the moment, the chance for a few of us to collaborate on something positive seemed a great way to fight back, peacefully, against the malaise of fear, uncertainty, isolation, hostility, and depression. So, this orchestral project started in March 2020 is now ready to add the final component, the listener... credits released August 25, 2021 Featured soloists: Ken Filiano-Bass Derek Stein-Cello Matt Barbier-Euphonium & Trombone Tim Feeney-Percussion Randy Gloss-Hand Drums & Electronic Percussion Vicki Ray-Prepared Piano Sarah Belle Reid-Trumpet & Electronics Kyle Bruckmann-Oboe, English Horn & Electronics Jeff Kaiser-Trumpet and Electronics Cassia Streb-Viola Miller Wrenn Bass Nathan Hubbard-Drums & Percussion Steve Adams Sopranino Alto Saxophones, Alto, Bass Flutes & Electronics Steven L. Ricks-Trombone & Electronics William Roper - Bombardondino, Tuba & Extemporaneous Spoken Word Dan Clucas-Cornet Clint Dotson-Drums Brian Walsh-Bb, Bass, Contralto & ContraBass Clarinets Ellington Peet—Drums Wayne Peet-Piano, Organ & Synth Vinny Golia-woodwinds, gongs, singing bowls All Compositions and Arrangements-Vinny Golia Ninewinds BMI Trapezoid by Randy Gloss Recording-Wayne Peet & Vinny Golia (with additional remote recording by selected solo artists) Recorded from March 2020-August 2021 Edited, Mixed and Mastered By Wayne Peet Produced by Vinny Golia and Wayne Peet Album Art by Carole Kim-"CB Flute" Special thanks for the use of the pipe organ at St. Vincent’s the Virtualist, extra-special thanks to Kathy Carbone, Wayne Peet, Steuart Liebig and Jeff Kaiser, all the players of the Bpjsornstein Contemporary Orchestra, and of course the fine soloists' contributions Ninewinds & pfMENTUM
  18. Yeah Jeff Kaiser is working as a professor full-time and doesn’t have the time for the label any longer. The site was supposed to close at the end of 2021 but he delayed it due to production delays.
  19. Got my copy today. Very concise packaging and well put together. Excited to start spinning these CDs tomorrow
  20. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    That MingBauSet is fantastic!! Absolutely love it.
  21. Out now. 12 CD set. The site is closing May 6th so not sure how it will be available after pfmentum closes https://pfmentum.com/product/vinny-golia-even-to-this-day-movement-one-inoculations-pfmcd145/
  22. Small Batch from Craft Records

    I just don't get the repressing of readily available releases. Clearly there are people buying the but I didn't even know about this series until this post. haha.
  23. Georgia Anne Muldrow - Resumed for EDC, etc

    She produced eLZhi’s new album Zhegiest that came out a couple weeks ago which I really enjoy.
  24. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Gil Shaham - JS Bach sonatas and partitas