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  1. "Soul" - New Pixar/Disney Movie

    I really liked it. I didn’t find it depressing but understand how someone could.
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I’m going to revisit this album right now. It’s been too long. I did see she finally has a new album coming next year.
  3. Thank you for the cdjapan link. I placed my order along with the Kaoru Abe - Tohoku Sessions 1972 which I’ve debating over for a while now. Figured if I spending for the shipping I might as well get both and save.
  4. Favorite Discovery 2020

    The vocals albums William Parker has released. I largely ignored them because of the vocals, but I have to admit i was missing out. This music is marvelous. Raining on the Moon is particularly a great group but even the For Those Who Are, Still albums are excellent. Will pick up Voices Fall From The Sky soon I hope.
  5. Prince - Art Official Age I've always loved this album though it is very R&Bish, and a little over polished with the production but the song writing is top notch. Never knew it was on vinyl and happened upon a sealed copy.
  6. Best 0f 2020

    These were my top 5+1 from this year: Noah Preminger - Contemptment Vinny Goila - An Electric Love Supreme Julian Arguelles - Atlantico Immanuel Watkins - Omega Chad Taylor - The Daily Biological Michael Thomas - Event Horizon honorary mention: Bob Reynolds - Runway
  7. Greg Kurstin, as a jazz pianist?

    Haha, I just looked in the book of the cd and they sure did.
  8. Greg Kurstin, as a jazz pianist?

    He’s also on Dawn Muhammad’s “In The Hood” from 1994 and rereleased a couple years ago as Smoke Signals. It also features Billy Higgins and Phil Ranelin.
  9. If memory serves me correctly, I found my copy in 2016 or maybe 2017. I know I didn't know of its existence on youtube, though I would have still bought it. I thought it had recently been re-released but didn't see mention of it on discos. This is the only track I've heard from AAOBB album. Its fantastic though.
  10. How do you switch it to english? I know of Tennessee Waltz and Begin the Beguine, the latter of which I own, but what other titles were released. Some of these King releases were poorly documented online. I know I found a copy of Miles Modes a couple years before it was released and was super happy as I had only read one discography mentioning its existence. I think it was the poo sun blogspot or something along those lines. found the site http://www.cyborg.ne.jp/~poo-sun/disco/1990.html And speaking of Poo, the album I really am pining for is ALL NIGHT, ALL RIGHT, OFF WHITE BOOGIE BAND
  11. The USPS SUCKS

    I feel with the lack of activity in this thread we’ve all just given up. Haha
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Disc 1 from the For Those Who Are, Still box set followed by:
  13. How old are YOU?

    Oh wow, I had forgotten the AAJ board. I really loved that place and was devastated when it ceased. The whole site really took a turn. I spent countless hours at work on it back then. Haha
  14. Ah okay. That makes sense. It’s been about a decade since I was in the know back in Nashville and probably 3 years since I’ve been to NAMM.
  15. Well I think that is partially related to no one making tape anymore correct? So the only way to record is if you find NOS not to mention the inherent issues with the tape machines themselves. Honestly I always thought given the possibilities presented with a DAW, recording to tape was akin to spinning your own yarn. Yeah, you can do it but its really not worth it.
  16. I fear if the "Jazz Detective" is involved thats not an option.
  17. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    William Parker's Stan's Hat Flapping In The Wind performed by Lisa Sokolov and Cooper-Moore. Very enjoyable listen even for those who don't like vocals. I would love to see the musical finished and performed someday.
  18. Not really proving your point at all. The Christian Scott didn’t have any edits. It was just selection for that would fit on one cd/2 LP. It’s also unedited on Apple Music. So it wasn’t a matter of “streamlining”. It was making a product for the format it was in. i also don’t take issue with different formats having different tracks though I can see why you would. I bought the LP of the Dexter Gordon and decided I didn’t need the full set since I could go to Apple Music if I wanted to hear it. anyway, do you know if the studio tracks never saw release due to the reverb? Full disclosure it may be addressed in the book but I only went through the first section.
  19. How old are YOU?

    This board really is an incredible resource. It’s also very hard on the wallet between the new releases and seeing what others are listening to
  20. On a Parker binge as as of late and was listening to Through The Acceptance of the Mystery Peace and decided to pull this set out. It has been much too long since I last played it.
  21. As was the Dexter Gordon Live at Chateauvallon. The CD 5 tracks to the vinyl 2 tracks omitting almost an hour of music from the cd version. This is why I was wondering if it is a Resonance Rule.
  22. Yes. It starts around 2:30 if memory serves, The bass solo is sonically all over the place. Anyone can hear it. It’s obvious. I don’t think it’s an industry thing. The recent Christian Scott live album from March-ish gave you the full set as a download and the cd and LP were truncated. But that’s on Ropeadope which is an independent, if big 3 or is it 2 now I don’t know, require something different it would stand to reason why they are out of touch.
  23. I get you were involved in this release and appreciate your opinion but why did they not correct issues with the sound, left/right channel shifting specifically track 2. It was jarring. And easily corrected by taking the audible channel over to the other side. I’m presuming they weren’t cutting tape to make the edits. I would agree a person hearing this for the first time might not hear the edits but I doubt casual listeners are buying this. Maybe they do still buy physical media but I was under the impression based on the “death of the cd” it’s really just the hardcore fan. And no causal fan is paying $80 for a record I hope. Why does the music have to be the same on all formats? It’s it a Resonance Rule?
  24. I've been thinking about this lately as things appear to be re-opening soon. I, like most here, I assume, enjoy perusing record stores when I get a chance. With the prospect of retail re-opening soon I was wondering others thoughts on shopping specifically for records. The reason I've been thinking of this is, as much as I miss hunting for records, and as much as I want to support my local shops, the prospect of thumbing through bins given the current environment doesn't have the same appeal to me. I understand there are many factors that may lend to why you answer why you do, and they are personal (age, health, etc) and private (such is this poll), but I am curious how others feel on physically browsing through bins.