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  1. That's what I was afraid of... Wish I could have been there.
  2. Playing tonight at Blues Alley, and I'm going to try to make the 8pm show. Anybody seen them?
  3. Sky Cycles

    Yes, I saw that, but I am still trying to imagine how it is actually done. What, do you lean it up against a wall, climb up, sit on the thing, push away from the wall, then start pedaling your ass off to get it going so it doesn't fall over? Then I wonder what you do when you stop? And yes, it would gain its rider attention.
  4. I have a few of these as well, but not too many. I have a deep groove copy of "Moanin"" that I treat like it's the Hope diamond....
  5. Jimmy Smith "back at the Chicken Shack" New York Stereo label
  6. Sky Cycles

    How the hell do you get ON that thing? Not to mention the obvious question: Why would you want to?
  7. Sinatra... Capitol... AGAIN!

    This live date is my favorite Sinatra album. I have a mono LP copy and recently was able to do an a/b with a new version (it's not my copy and was either DVD Audio or SACD) at a friend's place who has a very high end system. We came away feeling that they did an excellent job remastering it. While we both preferred the way Sinatra's voice projected on the mono LP, there was nothing wrong with the new remastering. It caught everything faithfully. I know this isn't exactly on the topic of the thread, but thought I'd share since Sinatra fans will probably be reading this.
  8. Miles Davis "Complete Plugged Nickel Sessions"
  9. Yeah, I will pick up any of these that I see too. I don't see them that often though. I imagine they are exactly like the blue label re-issues. Great value.
  10. Dan's A to Z

    That Brubeck and Rushing set is really good. Another reason I love this site is that these threads remind me of things I haven't listened to in a while. I have to dig that out.
  11. Great News for fans of the Clash!

    I must buy this!
  12. Roy Brooks "The Free Slave" (Muse Records 5003) Live at Baltimore's Left Bank Jazz Society, 1970 Roy Brooks, drums Woody Shaw, trumpet George Coleman, tenor sax Hugh Lawson, piano Cecil McBee, bass Great liner notes on this one by Gary Giddens too.
  13. Dan's A to Z

    Dan, I haven't heard "Beat," but if you like Brooks, you may want to check out his album "The Free Slave." Don't know if it ever has made it to CD (my copy is a Muse LP), but it's a cool live date from the Left Bank in Baltimore in 1970. Has Woody Shaw on Trumpet, George Coleman on tenor, Hugh Lawson on piano and Cecil McBee on bass.
  14. After reading the Lee Morgan thread, I had to put on "Live at the Lighthouse" This rocks.
  15. I have to second this. I LOVE this album. It's probably the Morgan I put on most.
  16. I have two of those repackaged issues, although they are on the Applause label. I'm listening to Dexter Gordon "Doin Allright" right now and it sounds great. I don't have another copy to compare it to, but I like this one. The other is Lou Donaldson's "Lush Life." I like it better than my other vinyl copy, which is a 1986 DMM digitally remastered version (remastering by Ron McMaster). I don't know when these were issued, because the only date on each of the Applause copies is the copyright date of the original recording, but it identifies Liberty Records as the copyright holder. The cover art is pretty bad, but not quite a 32 Jazz level of bad. On the Gordon it's just a bright yellow cover with the image of Dexter in the carriage cut out , and on the Donaldson it's a white background with a red-tinted black and white photo of Lou . Looks cheap, but inoffensive. Edit: Both were gotten very cheap as I remember. The price sticker is still on the Donaldson and it was $4, and I remember picking up "Doin Allright" at a garage sale here in DC for $2.
  17. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make the show. Got stuck doing a work function that I couldn't get out of. I'd still be interested if anybody gets to see him how he's sounding.
  18. MP3 question

    Great topic. And good posts from so many of you. It's a topic I don't know nearly as much about as I would like to. Most of my knowledge comes from reading magazines like The Absolute Sound and Stereophile and things like that. Like Brandon, as a non-engineer, I have found the snapshot analogy makes sense. That's an interesting test that Kevin brings up though on a/b-ing an LP and a CD-R. I have made quite a few CD-Rs for friends of my LPs but I have never done an a/b on those. All the a/b comparisons I've done are between LPs and commercially-issued CDs. I almost always hear a difference betwen those, although I don't know how much is mastering vs the qualities inherent in each of the media. Brandon mentioned Masterning Audio by Bob Katz. Any other good books on the mastering process out there, or any thoughts on that one? I'll check out the Nyquist and Pohlman links too.
  19. I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the post. I'm listening to "Blue Hour" -- Stanley Turrentine with the Three Sounds.
  20. How To Donate To The Organissimo Forums

    Just donated. Glad to help out. You guys are great and I can't wait to get a t-shirt.
  21. I'm jealous. Another reason I wish I lived in NYC! Hope you enjoy it and give us a full report.
  22. How's the weather?

    Typical DC summer: hot, humid, muggy, uncomfortable. Yuk. Another reason I love hearing news about football season...
  23. Which Mosaic to get next

    I voted for the JJ, by a nose over the Hodges. Picked it because I think it's easier to find the Hodges stuff in the set than the JJ albums. It's really a crime that Columbia hasn't done more with this JJ material because it's really first rate.
  24. July 13th RVGs

    Good to see 'Black Fire" as I don't have it and am too cheap to join the bidding wars for the Hill Mosaics I've seen on E-Bay.