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  1. Now reading...

    Just read "The Martian." Fun read.
  2. What Are You Watching

    Yes, I was very pleased with it. I went in just hoping it wouldn't entirely suck, but was astounded by how good it was. The penultimate episode, "Pimento," is a masterpiece. I just wish that the seasons had more than 10 episodes. 13 would be good, 12 would be good, but 10 just doesn't seem like enough.
  3. What Are You Watching

    Better Call Saul. I've been on board since the beginning, but last night's episode (#6) was amazing. The show goes dark. Damn.
  4. What's the answer?

    I get 56. But I suck at math.
  5. RIP Leonard Nimoy

    Spock was the best thing about the original Star Trek, due in no small part to Nimoy's talents. I'd heard about his health problems, so this came as no real surprise, and yet still terrible news. RIP
  6. Star Trek TV Show

    Jim, that yoeman you mentioned, Janice Rand, she was only in the first season of the original series. Then the whole idea of Kirk having romantic urges towards his hot female yoeman was tossed out the airlock, thankfully.
  7. Lizabeth Scott, R.I.P.

    I liked her. Well, at least she lived a long time.
  8. R.I.P. Edward Herrmann

    Sad news indeed.
  9. RIP Jan Hooks (1957-2014)

    This is such a shock. So young. I really liked her.
  10. Sin City

    Or don't make a sequel that's shitty.
  11. How's the weather?

    Sunny, warm, and windy the last few days. Also kind of earthquakey this morning.
  12. Don Pardo, RIP

    Sad news, but the man had a long, productive life. RIP
  13. Modernism, at the De Young, yesterday.
  14. BNBB....11 years.....good lord.....
  15. James Garner, RIP

    Like most people of my generation, I was a big Rockford Files fan, but I also caught some repeats of Maverick during one or two summers. Garner was so charming. RIP