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  1. Hammond SK2

    Indeed I do. You are very well known band! Fantastic band, I caught the last few number of your set at the Tron in the summer. Really like you're playing. I will keep an eye on your web / Facebook for future gigs and hook up when in the Glasgow area. I came out of a 15 year retirement to rejoin my old band last year, Lights Out By Nine. Bought the SK2 then and Korg SV1. We only go out about once a month and are Currently undergoing a few personnel changes and moving to a Soul Funk sound from an R&B groove. We recently played an up and coming venue in Glasgow called The Glad Cafe in Shawlands. Tell Joe (from TGC) that Tom from LOBN recommended you contact him. Great room with a superb sound and light system. Good walk in crowd too. Catch up soon Tom
  2. Hammond SK2

    First post As you can tell from the last mistake. I have my Sk2 on a K&M and it's almost an exact fit. I also have the Korg SV 1 on the extension but I lose a little on access to the Sk2 buttons. I need to play around to get the best configuration but I also have an old Rhodes stand and may just copy your idea. Let me know the name of your band so I can say hello. We play the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh next year. Cheers T Hi Jim Downloaded your most recent album last week and fantastic as usual. Gonna try out your settings again with a new USB stick this weekend.