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  1. 2022 Newport (RI) Jazz Festival Lineup

    Should have guessed that. Makes sense
  2. 2022 Newport (RI) Jazz Festival Lineup

    Any idea who is replacing Frank?
  3. More unheard Herbie Nichols!!!

    For those in the know, any update on this project? Is it a casualty of the recent plague, or perhaps soon coming into bloom?
  4. Hill Street Blues

    Was that Barbara Bosson, then wife of show creator Steven Bochco? No chance she was getting written off the show.
  5. Tonight at Kennedy Center, Mark Turner quintet presenting his reflection on The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man. First time experiencing Mr. Turner for me. No idea about personnel.
  6. What Ever Happened to Hazel Scott?

    The WPAS centennial celebration, delayed a year, now premieres virtually this evening (7pm ET) and will be available for a limited time. Details
  7. MLB 2021 Hot Stove League

    Fortunately the Guardians are not close to mattering, so I can safely focus on other things (like the young core playing for the Cleveland basketball team).
  8. Are these links already shut down? Or do I need to try a browser besides chrome and edge?
  9. This past weekend saw the Shorter/spalding opera Iphigenia twice at the Kennedy Center. Very briefly spoke to Danilo Perez and John Patitucci afterward, and said hello to Wayne. Glad that he made it to DC for these performances. He received a hearty reception from the audience after each performance.
  10. John Oliver closing bit. 5 minutes total, starting w China creating islands in the sea (skip ahead 90 seconds if you like). Kenny appears to have a sense of humor in that he stifles a few laughs while playing (...not quite to the level of Michael Jordan on SNL but...). John Oliver China and Kenny G - YouTube
  11. MLB 2021 Hot Stove League

    Briefly met Mr. Minoso and had him autograph a baseball at Jacobs Field. Sadly, type of pen/ink (Sharpie?) or baseball not the best. May take some time for me to acquire some guardian merch.
  12. Stephen Sondheim RIP

    Live on your NBC affiliate tomorrow night. With Harry Connick Jr as Daddy Warbucks. Set your VCRs.
  13. Dizzy Gillespie Complete RCA

    A favorite! In high school I had a cassette dub of a collection called "Dizziest" which I believe overlaps a fair amount with this. After just a few listens, "In the Land of Oo-Bla-Dee" makes me think of Dizzy reading a picture book to young children (...beret optional...). Or a retirement celebration in which attendees take turns vocalizing over "Oop-Pop-A-Da". This CD incarnation gets pulled out a fair amount. Fun to sing along to while driving.
  14. I Went to a Mall Yesterday

    The mall of my youth in suburban Cleveland, Randall Park Mall, has been been purchased/repurposed by Amazon. Ditto a few others in NE Ohio
  15. Fingers crossed indeed. Good luck!
  16. Curtis Fuller - RIP

    Because Space is the Place!
  17. Milford Graves and Jason Moran: Live at Big Ears

    I've been enjoying this one a lot, as well as Jason's preceding solo piano release on Bandcamp The Sound Will Tell You. Have not yet listened to the YouTube conversation between Jason and Milford.
  18. Please hold the following titles, and combine with a number of other selections on other threads. I also will send a question about two of the Elias promos. Thanks 0946 3 72992 2 7 Kuhn Trio, Steve Live at Birdland promo $3 74321-55887-2 Coltrane, Ravi Moving Pictures $2 CK 87173 Coltrane, Ravi Mad 6 $2 FSNT 160 McHenry Quartet, Bill ...Featuring Paul Motian $3 DIW-934 Moving Portrait ‎(CD) OBI $3 GRE-03 Keystone digipak/DVD $3 OJCCD-1787-2 André Previn plays songs by Jerome Kern $3 OJCCD-1763-2 Frank Rosolino Free For All $3 517748170 Bollani, Stefano Carioca $3 233-056 CD Casey, Al "Jumpin' with Al" $3 CD SJP 368 Montoliu Trio, Tete The Man from Barcelona $3 314 521 617-2 Flanagan, Tommy Lady Be Good ... For Ella $3
  19. Some previous threads: jazz soundtracks, jazz and cinema, jazz musician cameos.
  20. Favorite ECM Records of the 21st Century

    Carla Bley - The Lost Chords Find Paolo Fresu, Carla's Christmas Carols Ralph Alessi - Baida Michael Formanek - The Rub and Spare Change Charles Lloyd - Rabo de Nube Louis Sclavis - Dans la Nuit Tomasz Stanko - Soul of Things, Suspended Night, Wislawa
  21. Your Favorite Jazz Records of the 1980s?

    For me, the 80's was junior high through the start of grad school, split roughly equally between Cleveland and Chicago. Started with appreciation for Kind of Blue, Time Out, Weather Report, Cannonball's Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (cassette dub in about 10th grade), high school stage band. Then the very deep CD dive into (among other things) the greatness of Blue Note (Rose Records!). Here are some of my favorites, focusing primarily on items that I discovered around the time of their release. Joanne Brackeen - Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Volume 1 Bobby McFerrin - Spontaneous Inventions [Don't worry, being happy wasn't a requirement until the next BN release.] Carmen McRae - Carmen Sings Monk Pat Metheny - Still Life (Talking) [Works very well played on a loop, especially when stuck inside with nasty winter weather outside.] Roscoe Mitchell - Snurdy McGurdy & Her Dancin' Shoes Frank Morgan - Mood Indigo Steps Ahead - Modern Times [Perhaps my first jazz show in a club was SA at Peabody's Down Under in the Flats.] Randy Weston - Portraits of Thelonious Monk No mention yet of John Carter's Roots and Folklore series?
  22. Ken Burns' "Jazz" seems pretty "Silly"

    I also found the few Dave Brubeck bits engaging.
  23. 2020-21 MLB Hot Stove Discussion

    RIP Don Sutton. Tough month for Dodger legends.