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  1. Yes, saw that article too, and that rekindled my desire for a 1940's set of Byas. One can only fantasise.
  2. Lionel Hampton and Lucky Thompson would be really good. But most of all, some Don Byas mid-1940's would be my dream set. That, and the Jimmy Giuffre Verve set.
  3. Would a new amp help?

    Thank you for really helpful set of recommendations. As soon as it is safer to venture out and visit audio shops, I will do as you recommend. I am a middle aged man, and I think my hearing is fine. But I will check when I visit my doctor one of these days. Thanks again.
  4. Would a new amp help?

    Thanks for the replies. The specifics of the system are as follows: Cambridge Audio AXC35 CD player Sony STR-D365 Amplifier/Receiver Acoustic Research AR15 speakers I don't have any headphones, I'm afraid, other than the basic iPhone headphones. As for the specifics of dissatisfaction with the sound, I'm not sure I can be more specific than the gestural complaint I had. I think I would like to hear more precision and clarity than I hear. The different instruments appear to blend into each other. This is what I meant by saying that the sound is "muffled" and "opaque". And I do think that the there is an absence of high and low frequencies too, but am not sure. Sorry to be so uninformative about this. Any tips/guesses would be appreciated.
  5. Would a new amp help?

    I have been bothered lately with how poor the sound of classical orchestral music (symphonies, operas etc.) is on my system, and am wondering whether getting a new amplifier would help. I currently have an ancient Sony integrated amplifier from the 1980's. It is connected to Cambridge Audio AXC35 CD player, which is just a step above the most basic model from Cambridge Audio. Another feature of my setup that may be relevant is that the amplifier runs through a current transformer. I am in the UK, and the amplifier was brought here from the US when I moved close to 4 years ago. The CD player I brought with it died, and that is why I have the new Cambridge Audio CD player. I am wondering whether getting a matching amplifier (AXA35) from Cambridge Audio would improve the sound significantly. The sound on my system for small group jazz and classical chamber music sounds fine to me. It is only when I play orchestral music that I find the music muffled and opaque. Any advice you have would be much appreciated. I am not an audiophile by any means. I have consciously avoided becoming one because I can't afford to be. But for some reason, lately, playing orchestral music has become a source of frustration. Thanks in advance for your opinion.
  6. I just ordered this, but had it sent to my brother's in California, rather than have it sent to me in London. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but have little confidence in USPS and Royal Mail right now, and UPS to London is prohibitive. (Royal Mail appears to just have lost a large shipment of coffee and books from Amazon UK.). I'm also afraid that this set will sell out soon. So, don't know when I can travel to California again, but the music will be there waiting for me. This is the Mosaic set I am most excited about since I don't know when... Maybe the Gerry Mulligan CJB set, or even the Thad Jones and Curtis Fuller sets, which were my very first Mosaic sets back when I was a poor grad student in Ann Arbor, Michigan! Too bad I won't get to listen to it for a long time. In the meantime, hope everyone can stay safe and healthy. And long live Mosaic! May they keep soldiering on and fight the good fight!
  7. I would love the Jimmy Giuffre Verve recordings. Probably not much market for it, but hey... And I wish I could have Ruby Braff's various recordings of the 1950's in a nice set. I sort of gave up on collecting the LP's, as so many of the ones I purchased through eBay were defective -- poorly pressed or significantly scratched or both. Also, Hal McKusick & Art Farmer Coral & Decca sessions Jimmy Raney ABC-Paramount sessions Bob Brokmeeyer Verve sessions Lucky Thompson ABC-Paramount sessions I think the Lucky Thompson was in the works some time before it fizzled out for some reason.
  8. Hello everyone. If you have any recommendations for record stores in Philly, please let me know. I'll be close to U. Penn campus.
  9. Yes, that might be the way to go. I need 5 that holds 3 CD's and 1 that holds 4 CD's. Thanks.
  10. Thanks, Dmitry. But these look like, judging from the pictures on Amazon, that they have centre tray spokes that make releasing CD's difficult. The jewel cases that Mosaic used are like these, and they seem to hold the CD's very tightly and make retrieving CD's difficult and precarious. I am looking for ones that have centre tray spokes that are like the tray spokes on the regular jewel cases -- with 12 teeth. I hope that makes sense.
  11. Hi guys. I think I've seen a thread on this topic, but I can't find it right now. I just got my Mosaic Savoy and Dial sets, and want to replace the flimsy jewel cases that Mosaic used, which also have centre spokes that make taking out CD's hard and dangerous. What I am looking for I think are called "chubby doubles". They are twice the thickness of regular jewel cases, and can store 3-4 CD's. I would like to get high quality ones that use thick plastic and have spokes that release the CD's without the fear of breaking the CD's. I am in the UK, and would like leads on sellers of such CD cases for the UK or the US. (I can retrieve them next time I am in the US.) Thanks in advance.
  12. Holy cow! I had no idea. What a sad loss...
  13. Just heard from Scott Wenzel at Mosaic. Apparently, the Savoy set will be reprinted later this month. So if any of you are interested in this, you should put in an order with Mosaic rather than searching for it at other places.
  14. Thanks, everyone. Would love to visit the Hague, where I've never been. My sister lived there in the 1990's and she loved it. I fondly remember visiting record stores in Amsterdam about 10 years ago.