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  1. AAJ

    Jazzmoose posted: >>Ha! That sure sounds familiar; now who does that remind me of.... << This LeMo is a knave and a fool, a mere pretender to the throne. If he's smart he'll seek employment at his nearest convenience store, where his brain and his duties will make for a perfect fit. There are much more important matters to be addressed. You people must understand the power of the true new audio format. That format is SACD.
  2. dynamic range on ECM recordings

    They'll sound even better once redbook is yanked.
  3. Smaller Speakers

    I suggest Nautilus 802 and 805 for front and surround and HTM2 for your center.
  4. RVG Reissues of Miles Davis

    Who cares? Wake me up when they announce an SACD release.