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  1. Thank you, John. Very pleased you took the time to read it.
  2. Paul Gonsalves - HUMMINGBIRD

    Benny Goodman was a real person. His real name was David and he played with most of the leading UK modernists between the early 1950s and early 1970s, as well as a stint in the unclassifiable band of Sandy Brown and Al Fairweather. He later career was blighted by serious drug addiction and he existed on the fringes of the underworld. His death circa. 1975 was very grisly: he was discovered dead in a public toilet trussed up with barbed wire. And yes, it IS Jack Sharpe playing the second tenor part on the final track. According to Dave Green, who played on several tracks from the album, the sessions for 'Hummingbird' were chaotic and substance-fuelled, taking place late at night. Interviewed in 'Melody Maker', Tony Faulkener - who composed the title track - thought the album the 'worst record [Gonsalves] has ever made.'
  3. Thank you, Misterioso. Very happy to hear you've enjoyed the notes.
  4. Spot on. Coltrane's 'Sun Ship', Joe Henderson's 'Tetragon', Sonny Rollins' 'Next Album', Stan Getz' playing Bacharach compositions, some CTI Freddie Hubbard, a bit of Joe Farrell and Zoot Sims playing 'Applecore' with the Mulligan Concert Jazz Band were among the things he was listening to on cassette in hospital at the end.
  5. Tubby certainly acknowledged Getz' influence in several interviews.
  6. Yes, since getting access to some of Tubby's work diaries I've been able to ascertain the correct dates, in particular the Costanzo and 'The Orchestra' sessions which were listed under the wrong dates in Barbara Schwarz's discography.
  7. It would be. The new set comes straight off the masters or session tapes. The Universal Japan and UK Impressed/Re-pressed CDs were straight off vinyl. To me to upgrade is a no brainer...
  8. I never ever gave up playing. I've been a professional musician since 1996... The only thing I've given up is making albums. Three awful ones is quite enough, I think... Very kind of you to say, John. Thank you.
  9. I never ever gave up playing. I've been a professional musician since 1996... The only thing I've given up is making albums. Three awful ones is quite enough, I think...
  10. Sound throughout is excellent I'd say.
  11. Thanks. Hopefully it'll remind some people I'm a saxophonist first and foremost...
  12. Good to hear everyone's enjoying the set. A couple of things: yes, everything on the box has been mastered straight off the original Fontana tapes - either masters or session reels - or in the case of certain items from the '100% Proof' sessions from Tubby's own reference copies. Secondly, sadly Decca/UMG were unable to use the four extra tracks from the 'Tubbs in N.Y.' date, which appeared on the deleted 'The N.Y. Sessions' CD, as Epic/Columbia own the masters. The sound quality on the entire box is stunning. Just compare it to the needle drops on the previous CD releases or the couple of versions of the 'Sally' single that are out there on various compilations. Although I'm hardly objective, I can't see any other issues of this music topping this treatment. I'm just so pleased it's out there, finally.
  13. Well, limited edition is just that. Maybe they'll bring out individual albums eventually, perhaps on LP and CD? I'm so pleased that all this material is being made available. Some of us (ahem!) have been lobbying for this since goodness knows when... ...and, on a personal note, although I'm not the type to have a 'bucket list' one of my long held fantasies was to be in on the planning and production of a definitive Tubby box set (I've done my share of indie label anthologies). To know that original tapes have been sourced and used is the major selling point here, obviously, and for a Tubby-ologist like myself, just to see the tape boxes was a thing of beauty! Just wait until you hear the out-takes from 'Mexican Green'! #burnin'
  14. As I understand it, the CD version of the box will be on general release. The LP version is, however, a limited edition.
  15. With releases like this - with back stories that set the context and give the music its correct chronological position in the artists discography - I think how you buy is a big factor. I like packaging, background, photos, the feel of a definitive 'product.' But I would say that wouldn't I? 😎