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  1. Just saw this listed on CDJapan http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/SICJ-10012?utm_source=MAIL&utm_medium=text-genre&utm_campaign=Jazz-20191211-genre-SICJ-10012 i didn’t get the Bitches Brew once since have too many copies already but am v tempted by this one.
  2. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    I order from them frequently on Amazon.UK and always been great
  3. new Japanese Enja series in Jan

    Some interesting selections here, https://merurido.jp/topic.php?srcbnr=36703 a few getting their first cd issues i believe like the Takeo Moriyama
  4. Marion Brown: Porto Novo

    Of all the multiple covers made for that release over the years I would have loved them to have used the one from this Japanese reissue version, it’s pretty out there! https://www.discogs.com/Dollar-Brand-Gato-Barbieri-Alone-Together/release/7634805
  5. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    My copy turned up a couple of days, sounds fantastic to me, way better than I was expecting sound wise!
  6. Jeff Goldblum - I Shouldn't Be Telling You This

    I saw him at Glastonbury, much too trad and big band by numbers for me but it was a fun show and he is nothing if not charming!
  7. Billy Harper

    I have most of that baystate series, there’s some great stuff. It’s a shame they didn’t continue it further since there’s still a few not on cd, this max roach set with billy harper looks interesting https://www.discogs.com/Max-Roach-Quartet-Live-in-Amsterdam/release/6041737
  8. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    That’s a real blow, they were quality releases, there must be tons of great material that is still worth reissuing. i would like to see the sales numbers for them, the last one with Coltrane must have done pretty well surely, it got a ton of great press at the very least. What with Dylan, the grateful Dead etc churning out endless reissues, is Miles really that far behind?
  9. Just saw this list of new mini LP reissues coming out via Deep Jazz Reality in July. https://merurido.jp/topic.php?srcbnr=32620 they all seem pretty obscure, does anyone know much about them, the harold land one sounds pretty nice https://www.discogs.com/Makoto-Terashita-Meets-Harold-Land-Topology/release/5731669
  10. often they repackage releases using older versions artwork, the correct cat no will be on obi & disc
  11. Billy Harper

    I would highly recommend "The Believer" on Baystate which goes for a pretty penny on CD as well as his work on Gil Evans' "Svengali" which is sublime.
  12. Charles Tolliver All-Stars vinyl and CD reissue

    What’s the packaging like, never been v impressed by Mosaics artwork/ packaging in past.
  13. Charles Tolliver All-Stars vinyl and CD reissue

    $15 postage for a cd to UK, ouch, wonder if this will end up on Amazon. wouldn’t be suprised to see Japanese mini lp version surfacing sooner than later so might wait for that.
  14. Charles Tolliver All-Stars vinyl and CD reissue

    Has someone got a link for buying the cd? cheers
  15. How to keep up with al the new stuff?

    I peruse Merurido, a japanese vendor/ distributor, it’s pretty authorative regarding Japanese releases, which let’s face it is where a lot of the good stuff comes from