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  1. Just saw this list of new mini LP reissues coming out via Deep Jazz Reality in July. https://merurido.jp/topic.php?srcbnr=32620 they all seem pretty obscure, does anyone know much about them, the harold land one sounds pretty nice https://www.discogs.com/Makoto-Terashita-Meets-Harold-Land-Topology/release/5731669
  2. often they repackage releases using older versions artwork, the correct cat no will be on obi & disc
  3. Billy Harper

    I would highly recommend "The Believer" on Baystate which goes for a pretty penny on CD as well as his work on Gil Evans' "Svengali" which is sublime.
  4. Charles Tolliver All-Stars vinyl and CD reissue

    What’s the packaging like, never been v impressed by Mosaics artwork/ packaging in past.
  5. Charles Tolliver All-Stars vinyl and CD reissue

    $15 postage for a cd to UK, ouch, wonder if this will end up on Amazon. wouldn’t be suprised to see Japanese mini lp version surfacing sooner than later so might wait for that.
  6. Charles Tolliver All-Stars vinyl and CD reissue

    Has someone got a link for buying the cd? cheers
  7. How to keep up with al the new stuff?

    I peruse Merurido, a japanese vendor/ distributor, it’s pretty authorative regarding Japanese releases, which let’s face it is where a lot of the good stuff comes from
  8. Spiritual Jazz series: V. 9 on the way

    Looks like another great collection, I wish they would release some of the full albums that they cherry picked the tracks from on past collections , there are quite a few albums that have never seen full reissues, I assume he must have obtained access to the masters since none sound like needledrops things like https://www.discogs.com/Clarence-Peters-Quartet-The-Magnetic-Atmospher/release/4002454 https://www.discogs.com/artist/2681986-Antithesis-8
  9. British jazz reissues

    For those into the Ian Carr/ Don Rendle albums they are getting mini LP SHM-CD reissues in March, they have great covers so should look lovely!
  10. New Terumasa Hino reissues

    I’d recommend getting the Fukui Karashima “Hot Islands” & Mabumi Yamaguchi “Mabumi’ albums that came out with the Hinos. There is a lovely version of Weather Report’s American Tango on Hot Islands
  11. 21 CD box of Art Ensemble of Chicago on ECM

    Thanks! Looks like a decent package overall, shame they couldn’t have used the original artwork on covers though
  12. 21 CD box of Art Ensemble of Chicago on ECM

    Has anyone got this yet, am really tempted by it but waiting to see what the packaging is like, is it a hard shell box, how are the CDs packaged, what’s the book like etc
  13. Masahiko Togashi Trio "Voices"

    It is a goodie, I have the japanese digipak version from a few years back. i see there are a few masabumi kikuchi reissues coming out with it at same time. Aurora, Dream Machine & Attached, they seem to be more experimental ambient keyboard stuff from the 90s than his usual piano jazz, anyone heard them?
  14. New Terumasa Hino reissues

    There are plenty of Mal reissues in Japan unfortunately it’s usually the same effing ones, how they can keep reissuing Mal 1 year in year out is beyond me! the other one that really needs a reissue is Tokyo Bound
  15. New Terumasa Hino reissues

    Go to cdjapan, Amazon Jp or HMV jp, you can’t order from Merurido outside of Japan anyway, it’s just a good reference site for what’s available and will usually have images of actual cd which most others don’t