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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Synchronicity! Such wonderful recordings!
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    NP: Beck, Mathewson, Humair - Jazz Trio (Dire) from discogs: Originally recorded at Fontana Studios in Milan, Italy in January 1972 and subsequently released on the Italian Dire label on LP the same year. Recorded during a tour of Italy with Phil Woods, the European Rhythm Machine, consisting of Gordon Beck, Ron Mathewson and Daniel Humair, recorded this entire album in the course of one morning. The album features two long compositions, "Suite No. 5," composed by Gordon Beck and performed in three movements followed by the track, "All In the Morning," composed by Gordon Beck, Ron Mathewson and Daniel Humair and performed in two movements. R.I.P. Ron Mathewson
  3. Do You Tape Seam Splits?

    LOL !!! All this minutiae is where the FUN is, Jim! And we haven't even touched on so many other record collectors' foibles. Speaking for myself... Old stickers on the cover? If they're removable, they gotta come off! Broken or cracked CD jewel cases? Gotta be replaced! CD cases with sticker residue? Time to get out the Goo Gone! My kids giggle when the see me doing all this stuff. I suppose there's no rational reason! It's just fun.
  4. Do You Tape Seam Splits?

    Big Beat Steve, I use loose-fitting LP poly sleeves with the opening UPWARD. That way, when I push or pull the record from the shelf, the LP can't slip out of the outer sleeve. And it doesn't matter what size the LP jacket is -- double-gatefold thick & large or relatively small & Euro-thin -- I use the same size outer sleeves. They're 12.75" squares. I even have some 10" LPs in these large sleeves. Works fine for me. The only downside of loose-fitting sleeves? It makes reading the spines sorta difficult when the LPs are on the shelf.
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Steve Turre - Delicious and Delightful (HighNote, 2018) with two primo sidemen: Billy Harper and Larry Willis Excellent.
  6. Reports that Ron Mathewson has died - RIP

    Sorry to hear this sad news. R.I.P. To honor Mathewson, I'm going to give this disc a spin today:
  7. Do You Tape Seam Splits?

    No tape for me. I use outer poly LP covers to keep everything together and dust-free.
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Disc 1 - originally released as Con-Soul & Sax (RCA, 1965)
  9. Ricky Ford

    I'm a fan. For anyone wishing to explore Ford's output as a leader, I'd recommend: Ricky's Choice (32 Jazz) - selections from Ford's Muse recordings, 1980-1984 IMO, this compilation is more convincing than any of the individual Muse releases. American-African Blues (Candid) - the most compelling of the Candid sessions with Jaki Byard (!), Milt Hinton & Ben Riley; recorded in NYC, 1991. [balaena] (Jazz Friends) - a live 1999 set, recorded in Paris with George Cables, Cecil McBee & Ed Thigpen.
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Bobby Previte - Weather Clear, Track Fast (Enja, 1991) Personnel: Bobby Previte (ldr, d); Graham Haynes (cor); Don Byron (cl, bs); Marty Ehrlich (cl, b cl, as, fl); Robin Eubanks (tb); Anthony Davis (p); Anthony Cox (b) Good stuff!