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  1. PM sent on Rudy Braff, Al Grey and Gigi Gryce.
  2. CDs For Sale

    PM sent. Ellington, Newborn and Monk.
  3. PM sent with a question.
  4. Mosaic plans Beehive box

    So it will be 2 separate mosaic sets?
  5. FS: Jazz DVDs

    Is Jazz Scene USA a DVD?
  6. The Grace GDI-IRC6000 digital music player seems like a great option for the office or workshop. Does anyone have experience using it?
  7. I'm wondering, what is the most valuable Mosaic set? Nat King Cole must be near the top of the list.
  8. FS: Grachan Moncur Mosaic

    Thanks for the fast shipping. The set is in perfect condition, enjoying it already.
  9. The Cameo recordings are excellent, any Maynard Ferguson fan will enjoy them. The CD that JSngry referenced is readily available. I think my copy came from Also, Frys has it now for $15.98.
  10. I really appreciate the tip regarding the Dancing Sessions CD, that's one I didn't know about- now the challenge of finding it....
  11. Since I can't afford the Maynard Ferguson Mosaic set, I'm looking for available Maynard Ferguson Roulette recordings on CD. Roulette CDs I've found: A Message From Birdland Double Exposure Two's Company Maynard '61 Straightaway Jazz Themes Si! Si! MF Roulette CDs that exist but I don't have: A Message From Newport Roulette LPs ( Are any of these available on CD???) Swingin My Way Through College Play Jazz for Dancing Newport Suite Let's Face the Music and Dance Maynard '62 Maynard '63 Message From Maynard Maynard '64 The World of Maynard Ferguson