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  1. FS-Denon DP-31L Turntable

    $90 plus shipping.
  2. FS-Denon DP-31L Turntable

    $105 plus shipping.
  3. FS-Denon DP-31L Turntable

    This is still available. I didn't realize the original pictures were so poor. Please email me and I can send much better pictures. $115 plus actual shipping cost.
  4. FS-Denon DP-31L Turntable

    $125 plus actual shipping cost.
  5. Denon DP-31L Direct Drive Turntable $150 plus actual shipping to U.S Or local pick-up Phoenix/Chandler area.
  6. 2001 version of Laid Back Mint condition $7 shipped to U.S.
  7. Anyone near the Zia in Chandler, there is a copy of the 6 CD The Complete Blue Note Recordings of Art Blakey's 1960. It is the 6 CDs in two fatboys. There is no box or booklet. They have had it on sale for $99 for a couple of yrs. Marked down to $78. Comes from a good home cause I sold it to them
  8. FS - Johnny Carson DVDs

    This is now $30 shipped.
  9. FS - Johnny Carson DVDs

    $35 shipped
  10. Timeless Moments from The Tonight Show 10 DVD set. 3 of the DVDs are opened but played once and mint, the others are all sealed. $40 shipped.
  11. Birth of the Cool ... AGAIN

    I have the 1998 Complete Birth of the Cool. From what I understand this was never a well-recorded album. I am listening to the 1998 and it sounds pretty decent. Maybe a little too bright. I also have the HDtrcks which is just the original album. Warmer. I cannot imagine this new release is going to be a drastic improvement in sound. And he track list is the same as the 1998.
  12. Bill Evans in England CD

    Listed in today's Jazz Times newsletter. Bill Evans Evans in England | Resonance Records https://www.amazon.com/Evans-England-Bill/dp/B07P61PWXZ
  13. John Coltrane Prestige Box Set

    Thank you. I assumed there was, but couldn't find it. I have all three Fantasy Boxes, so now that I know the actual content of the Prestige Box, I will pass.
  14. There is a new release of Coltrane's '58 Prestige due out end of March: John Coltrane Coltrane '58: Prestige Recordings on PopMarket The Prestige Recordings - John Coltrane | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic Why the new 5 CD set instead of the older 16 CD set? I tried looking for a thread on this couldn't find one.
  15. The Lost Tapes: Charles Mingus Live In Detroit

    Great music. Sound quality very good. Could have done without the interview on disc two, and the announcements on 5.