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  1. The Ultimate Experience - $10 shipped U.S. Jewel case, booklet and CD Near Mint In The West - $10 shipped U.S. Digipak, tray, booklet and CD Mint
  2. These remain: Aoxomoxoa $7 Grateful Dead (S/T) 50th Anniversary 2CD $28
  3. Still remaining: Aoxomoxoa $8 Wake Of The Flood $18 Grateful Dead (S/T) 50th Anniversary 2CD $30
  4. The CDs that are still available: Aoxomoxoa $9 Wake of the Flood $20 Grateful Dead (S/T) 50th Anniversary 2CD $28 Sealed Grateful Dead Rare Cuts & Oddities $20
  5. All of these have mild shelf wear to the digipack, no broken hubs, mint liner notes, and near mint CDs. Prices include U.S. shipping. Aoxomoxoa $10 Workingman's Dead $10 American Beauty $10 Wake Of The Flood $20 From The Mars Hotel $12 Blues For Allah $10 Terrapin Station $10 Grateful Dead (S/T) 50th Anniversary 2CD: This one was played one time and is Mint $30
  6. Mosaic Wish List

    I am impressed with your intuition, but how would I have known. I was reading the liner notes on Mingus Revenge! and his wife was describing how she would go into record shops and take "unofficial" CDs and LPs out of the bins. While it is likely that the owners knew, but I doubt the buyers knew they were buying music that had no benefit to the musician. I enjoy the Sonny Box a lot, but never would have purchased if I had known. Frustrating.
  7. Mosaic Wish List

    I, too, purchased this very good set. How do we know it was a bootleg with no royalties to Sonny? Is Solar Records not a legitimate label?
  8. FS-Yamaha CR-2020 Receiver

    Hi Dan, I actually sold this yesterday. If for some reason sale falls through, I will contact you immediately. Where do you live? Howard
  9. I had a slightly different take. First, the sound is good, but a little bright to me. But mostly I found the sax, drums and even bass were out front, and it was hard to hear Monk on several tracks. I went back and listened to the same group "Live At The It Club". Monk was more forward and prominent. I realize that this was not professionally recorded.
  10. I ordered this from Amazon UK on August 27. Cost $18 w shipping. Due to arrive on September 22. But low and behold there it was sitting on the stoop just now. Looking forward to listening tonight.
  11. FS-Yamaha CR-2020 Receiver

    A good video on this rig to whet anyone's appetitite: And, by the way, the wood veneer on mine is much nicer than the one in this video.
  12. Shipping notice from Amazon UK, and an email from Amazon US indicating my order will arrive on September 22. Don't need two so canceled US order.
  13. FS-Yamaha CR-2020 Receiver

    This is still available.
  14. Yamaha CR-2020 Receiver in very good condition. All controls are working, Meters are working fine. and I replaced bulbs that were out, so all displays light up. The Cosmetics are very good with just a few marks. It has a mahogany case, I have the original box. I do not have the original manual but I do have the pdf. $500 plus actual shipping cost (which will be calculated when I know where it is going). Ideally I would prefer to sell to a local buyer. This thing is big and heavy. Specifications: Power Output: 105 watts per channel RMS into 8 ohms. Harmonic Distortion: 0.015% at 50 Watts Intermodulation Distortion: 0.05% at 100 Watts FM Sensitivity: 0.9uV Capture Ratio: 1.0 FM Harmonic Distortion Mono: 0.08% FM Harmonic Distortion Stereo: 0.1% Controls: Bass Presence Treble Loudness Volume Balance Switches: Power Meter: Speaker Out/Signal Q Speakers: A+C, A+B, Off, A, B, C Low Filter: 15Hz/70Hz High Filter: 8kHz/12kHz Turnover Frequency Bass: 125Hz/500Hz Turnover Frequency Tone Cont Defeat/On Turnover Frequency Treble: 2.5kHz/8kHz Dolby FM Adapter: Off/On FM Blend: Off/On FM Muting: On/Off FM Mono FM Muting Level: 3uV/30uV OTS (Optimum Tuning System): On/Off Tuner: AM/FM Phono: MM/MC