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  1. This item has been sold.
  2. Randy Newman Songbooks V1 & 2 CDs, slip case and jewel case (V1) and digipack (V2) are M- $7 each w U.S. shipping or both for $12
  3. I guess "price match" means that they would match imports price. I don't know how one could negotiate that. I also pre-order most releases on Amazon. I red flag to cancel if I do better elsewhere. Lately they do not seem to be as competitive w CDs than before. Often Zia is as good or better and I get to buy locally.
  4. Do they ever? My experience is that importcd is usually cheaper. Just not as prompt with delivery.
  5. I am confused. Is there a 3CD release? Or are you talking about 3lps? And is this a new release or the 2011 re-issued?
  6. Mine supposedly on the stoop today. I may have gotten the shipping notice because I had been talking with Scott? Who knows. Looking forward to this one.
  7. An actual shipping notice!
  8. Larry Young Mosaic.

    I was looking for an obscure book in my field (optometry). The book was of minimal interest to a small group in my area. The book was going for ridiculous prices on Ebay. The book seller told me that sometimes those sellers are involved in money laundering. A convenient way to sell a $6 book for $600. Who knows? For whatever that is worth>
  9. Today... The box manufacturer states they have another week before the Henderson boxes arrive at our warehouse for collating and shipping. We apologize for yet another unexpected delay.
  10. Amazon now says 8/20 release date.
  11. For someone who wants the original MFSL: Mobile Fidelity UDCD 599 CD, lift case and liner all M- $25 U.S.
  12. Mingus at Carnegie Hall, Deluxe Edition

    Anybody get a chance to listen to this yet?