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  1. Mosaic Open Houses

    Did they find more stuff?
  2. Found Grateful Dead : Crimson, White & Indigo (Philadelphia, July 7, 1989), but Disc#1 was missing. Can anybody help? Thanks
  3. Bob,

    Did you find the Mildred Bailey CDs?

    I'm looking for Disc#3,#5,#6 of Clifford Jordan Mosaic set.



  4. It's still availabe. In the glass counter.
  5. It's at
  6. Missing CD

    I ordered a cd box set from (shipped to USA). It didn't arrive after a month, so I inquired and asked for a replacement. sent a replacement and the replacement arrived normally. Then a couple of weeks later, USPS delivers an 'unsealed cd box set' wrapped in a clear plastic bag with a note from USPS stating the package was damaged. It was a book-style cd box set that had 4 cds. CDs looked ok. Very strange.
  7. Mosaic empty boxes for sale !!!

    I'll take the Lunceford box
  8. Mosaic empty boxes for sale !!!

    Do the boxes have the plastic inside to hold the CD jewel cases?
  9. Saw a used Nat King Cole Mosaic CD box set. About $275 (if you buy it at the store, which includes the sales tax) Not sure how they handle the price on mail orders outside the state. (sticker is about $251). Give them a call. Pretty sure they do mail orders. I didn't inspect the CDs or box. Talk to them. I would assume it's in decent shape. Record Surplus Grateful Dead 6 LP box $69 plus tax. Long Strange Trip Motion Picture Soundtrack (6LP)(Amazon Exclusive)
  10. Thanks for the reply about Disc#1 and Disc#6 of the Clifford Jordan set.   Let me see how some ebay bids settle, if I still need the discs.

    1. Tjazz


      Do you have any wants?  Maybe I have something to trade?

  11. Thanks for the info. Looking at the booklet, I see what you're saying.
  12. Just got a partial Mosaic box set of Clifford Jordan. I need disc #1, #3, #5, #6. Can trade other odd Mosaic discs or buy. Thanks, Tjazz
  13. Reckless is selling it for $179.99
  14. Mosaic Open House

    Any shoppers?
  15. Thanks for the list. Glad I can order these items without going to the Open House.