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  1. This post has been edited by J.A.W.: 04 June 2010 - 01:49 PM not to start a ruckus - but i am curious as to what was edited in this post by the moderator? I think there was a link to the MOSAIC SELECTs
  2. I ordered the Crosby Mosaic and it still hasn't shipped.
  3. LeBron to the Heat!

    I like how Lebron says he "won" at every level.... He didn't play college basketball. He lost in the 2004 Olympics. (He later won in 2008) He hasn't won the NBA finals. Yet, he says he knows basketball history. He's sounds like a kid. Always referring to his mom. He never mentioned his wife. Oh yeah, he isn't married, but has 2 kids. (third on the way) Lebron and Wade will have fun in Miami. Wade just got divorced. I don't know about Bosh. (if he's married, etc) He wants to play with his friends. The rest is BS. Sounds like he forgot about Boston. Will Lebron get an MVP while being a team member of the HEAT? Not sure why the owner of the Cleveland Cavs makes a "personal" promise to win. I assume they were trying to win before. What are they going to do now? They cleaned house already. Getting rid of the GM and Coach.
  4. Ebay craziness

    $1,100.24 Why the 24 cents? I just sold a SEALED Nat King Cole for $975 thru Amazon.
  5. $215.68 Cheapest price? Miles Davis Complete Columbia (71cds)
  6. I was looking for another Chase and stumbled across this picture of Bill Chase.
  7. Noticed that Deepdiscount is selling the Bing Crosby for $106.58 with free shipping. Bing Crosby Mosaic
  8. My Mosaics are up.

    Doesn't Paypal hit you hard with fees for foreign purchases?
  9. Another Miles Box ...

    It's $50 from Importcds
  10. Mosaic to reissue OOP sets in Europe

    Those OOP Mosaics are being re-issued all the time on CDR.
  11. Great Finds

    Got the Glenn Miller ARMY AIR FORCE BAND (4cd) BOX SET for $25 from Amoeba.
  12. (10 CD) $23.66 plus shipping Amazon third party This set is a European budget edition of the more lavish US box. Discs are in simple cardboard sleeves; the 10 of them and the booklet fit neatly in a cardboard box the size of a thick jewel case. Another review incorrectly identifies this as a Definitive Records (Spain) issue. However, this is genuine Sony Music, Legacy series. The sound is as good as the US edition. Extra tracks (alternative takes and airchecks) start on disc 7 and take up the last three discs, as on the US edition. The booklet contains full production notes, an alphabetical song index, and Gary Giddins' essay "Ladies Day". Another essay by Farah Jasmine Griffin describes literary references to Ms. Holiday.
  13. $17.89 plus shipping Amazon third party
  14. I've seen them for sale at various used record stores for $20-$33 in the past.
  15. Chewy - a recommendation - Pete Fountain Day!

    The dollar bins are pretty good. I've been able to buy every Pete Fountain LP for a dollar or less. Not sure BEAR FAMILY will ever do a complete box set of Pete Fountain. (or Mosaic) Maybe after the copyrights expire in Europe, we'll see some cheap CDs of Pete Fountain.
  16. A Yodel For The Bear Family label ...

    Yes, those BEAR FAMILY box sets are addictive. They are releasing a 2nd Buck Owens BEAR FAMILY box set. 1965-1968 (7CD)
  17. Doesn't sometimes sell Mosaic box sets? (with free shipping)
  18. $100 (free shipping in the USA). Paypal. REVOLUTIONS IN SOUND: WARNER BROTHERS RECORDS - FIRST FIFTY YEARS. Deluxe 240 page hardback book and USB plug with 320 songs. USB plug is shaped as a Warner Brothers emblem. It shows on your computer as a jukebox. Over 21 hours of music. Mint condition.
  19. The tracks are in MP3 format on the USB drive.
  20. Anita O' Day documentary

    The deluxe version is still available. Deluxe verson : Amazon
  21. Anita O' Day documentary

    Was this the LIFE OF A JAZZ SINGER? It's available on DVD Does anyone know what's on the Bonus DVD? There's also a Deluxe version with a hardback book.
  22. Complete Miles Davis - 70CD + DVD

    Of course, if we wait about 20 years. These 71 disc will re-issued in Europe for about $75?
  23. Complete Miles Davis - 70CD + DVD

    Miles Davis box set $207... Beatles MONO box set $230 Which is the better buy?