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  1. Who has the lowest set number til now ?
  2. Or Canada ...after all ... this is where it was recorded Carrier Information: Date Time Status Location 05/12/2020 16:29 In transit to carrier's US operations facility USA 05/11/2020 17:29 Shipment has left seller facility and is in transit to carrier 05/11/2020 14:14 Shipment information received by Asendia
  3. Just get the confirmation shipment to Montreal. Hope for the best with the fees and a quite steep with our poor Canadian $$ but a big fan of Desmond and a long time ordering a big box from Mosaic
  4. Black Saint/Soul Note Box Sets

    Hi everyone, How about the Farmer ? I have a lot of Jazztet and numerous Farmer's but don't know those Soul Note ...
  5. Hi, Send a PM for the Marsh and Rosolino. Thanks
  6. Hi PM sent on ALLEN EAGER - In The Land of Oo-Bla-Dee Thanks
  7. Hi, I'm on the fence for the Jack Teagarden Mosaic (2 days for reduction on shipping). Do you like it ? And how many tracks contains vocals? Usually not what I like more ... Thanks
  8. Mosaic Sets for Sale

    Received the Gerald Wilson last week ... Perfect condition, cd's still wrapped ... and great music ..I hesitate when the set was in print because I'm not a big band fan but this set is really great with a sort of lighter side and arrangements very tight with top notch soloists ..Glad to have it ...
  9. Mosaic Sets for Sale

    PM sent on Gerald Wilson
  10. Hi, Trying to find 2 Shorty Roger's CD : Shorty Rogers Courts the Count and specially Martians, Stay Home ... Are they available on CD ? Tried many web searches but no result !! Thanks
  11. Email sent for the Monterose Thanks
  12. Good News From Mosaic

    Back in stock : The Complete Columbia Recordings of Woody Herman (1945-47) The Complete Lionel Hampton Victor Sessions 1937-41 Not sure but I think Verve/Philips Dizzy Gillespie Small Group Sessions (#234) also because I was interested in this one but was backorder few weeks ago Available November 30 th Jazz Crusaders: Pacific Jazz Quintet Studio Sessions Mosaic Select: Paul Chambers mid-late December: The Complete Pacific Jazz Joe Pass Quartet Sessions The Complete Roost Sonny Stitt Studio Sessions The Complete Roulette Jack Teagarden Sessions Mosaic Select: Andrew Hill
  13. Bad news from Mosaic

    The Patton seems available on Amazon.ca $58.99 CDN ; looks like the only one OOP available out there Good luck
  14. Hal McKusick

    Hi, I'm a fan of Hal McKusick, a cool toned altoist that reminds a bit of Desmond and have some affinities with B. Wilen. He played with great jazzmen like Art Farmer, Bill Evans, Eddie Costa. Already have Now's the time, Triple Exposure ans Jazz Workshop. I found information here and there on the site from various threads in Vinyl Frontier and Reissues but nothing more "general". I also saw that there will be a japanese reissue of the Hal McKusick Quartet. My interrogations are : can we find a good discography of his works and , naturally, where I can find some of his recordings on cd . From what I can see there's some incomplete compilations, and others cd's are hard to find. Any information or opinion on McKusick will be greatly appreciated. I also found that there's a double cd called Complete 55-56 Hal McKusick on Lonehill Records but what's on those cd's ?
  15. Mosaic covers

    Now I know how to have 3007 posts on this board
  16. Mosaic covers

    Hi, I'm on the way converting my Mosaic collection on iTunes ..you know why For the moment I missed the cover art of two sets : J.J. Johnson and the Complete Master jazz piano series..Naturally I made Google searches but find nothing .. Someone has an image or know where to find one ? Mucho thanks Michel
  17. Mosaic covers

    Thanks Cow
  18. Blue Trane Question

    Recordig times on my cd are (on booklet) : My Favourite Things : 20:25 Blue Train : 08:59 Naima : 04:06 Impressions : 07:22 So looks like the first concert except for Blue Train. I suspect an error on Wild's discography :same time (20:48) for Blue Train and MFT, possible but ...
  19. Blue Trane Question

    Hi, I bought sometime ago a cd called Blue Trane by you know who. This cd is on label Hallmark (like the cards !), editor number 305032. On this I have 4 songs : a lenghty (20:25) and interesting live version of My Favourite Things, Blue Train, Naima and Impressions. Someone knows where and when this live version of MFT occurs or other information about the cd. The booklet is no help. On the cover : John Coltrane - Blue Trane : Improvisions from a Jazz Genius Thanks
  20. Blue Trane Question

    Yes !! I listened to the the audio clips and this is it !! Great to have Coltrane and Dolphy together . Is there any other occasion they play on the same album ? Thanks for help. I'm asthonished by all the knowledge on this forum P.S. I don't write that often : english is not my first language but I read al lot and for quite a time now, I was directed on this forum because of all the persons who where on the Blue Note Discussions Board years ago
  21. Just for looking forward Available now ... When someone will read it, opinions would be welcome Thanks
  22. Summer 2006 RVGs

    The Right Touch -- Duke Pearson. Very hard to find and seems to be a good one.
  23. To be sure to see almost all the interesting jazz box sets discussed here just write the word "complete" under the Schnellsuche and select index for cd only and you will have all the jazz box sets since this word is in almost all the titles (+ a few more less interesting for us but usually it's only 3 or 4 pages of results, it won't take long to see all of thems) Good luck
  24. How' bout this one : Sinatra, Frank THE COMPLETE COLLECTION 1943-1952 12 cd's 18,99 Eur.
  25. Go for the Jazztet Mosaic Box. I already had a good part of this set (except 3 albums) and I even decided to pick it up. Fantastic hard bop : you can't go wrong with Farmer, Golson (superb compositions) , Fuller, Tyner, Flanagan, Moncur, Kelly and ... Chambers. They are all there