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  1. David S. Ware - Birth of a Being

    AUM Fidelity 2-CD reissue w/53 min. of bonus material coming in November:
  2. Kamasi Washington: THE EPIC

    I'm trying to improve free jazz discographies on the wikipedia and I created some musician pages: Darius Jones was on my list for next updates. In progress now.
  3. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    First 2015 batch from Clean Feed: Elliott Sharp, Octal: Book Three Pascal Niggenkemper, Look with Thine Ears Eve Risser, Des pas sur la Neige Deux Maisons, For Sale Mario Pavone, Blue Dialect Chris Lightcap, Epicenter
  4. The Best Jazz of 2014

    I have expanded my list to 20 albums, these are 16 to 20: 16. Rodrigo Amado, Wire Quartet (Clean Feed) 17. Joe Morris, Balance (Clean Feed) 18. Christine Wodrascka, Linéaire (Mr. Morezon) 19. Wooley-Antunes-Corsano, Malus (NoBusiness) 20. Rich Halley 4, The Wisdom of Rocks (Pine Eagle) Here on my blog (spanish):
  5. The Best Jazz of 2014

    My 2014 favorites: 1. Jemeel Moondoc, The Zookeeper's House (Relative Pitch) 2. Wadada Leo Smith, The Great Lakes Suites (TUM) 3. Matthew Shipp, I've Been Too Many Places (Thirsty Ear) 4. Jason Adasiewicz, From the Region (Delmark) 5. Trio 3 + Vijay Iyer, Wiring (Intakt) 6. Adam Lane, Live in Ljubljana (Clean Feed) 7. John Hebert, Floodstage (Clean Feed) 8. Cortex, Live (Clean Feed) 9. Dave McDonell, The Dragon and the Griffin (New Atlantis) 10. Variable Density Sound Orchestra, Evolving Strategies (Not Two) 11. Audio One, An International Report (Audiographic) 12. Paul Giallorenzo, Force Majeure (Delmark) 13. Howard Riley, To Be Continued (Slam) 14. Jason Roebke, High Red Center (Delmark) 15. Kris Davis, Waiting for You to Grow (Clean Feed))
  6. The Nessa Juggernaut rolls on

    Some wikipedia links: NRG Ensemble debut album (where are the Sound Solid Studios?): Fred Anderson The Missing Link: Roscoe Mitchell L-R-G / The Maze / S II Examples:
  7. Paco de Lucia, RIP

    Francisco Sanchez, Paco de Lucía (Documentary)
  8. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Tom Rainey Obbligato, not the typical album of standards, collective improvisation by an amazing band in a modern cool style, delightful listening:
  9. Top Releases of 2013

    "Raining on the moon" with Leena Conquest & Eri Yamamoto and "In order to survive" with Cooper-Moore are great extensions of the 4tet. The whole box is a treasure.
  10. Top Releases of 2013

    Also a double vinyl with Tony Marsh and John Edwards on Oto, great but expensive, and Not Yet, more composed pieces on Mutable. For me, the Duets with Sorey are the first election.
  11. Top Releases of 2013

    I'm a great fan of Barry Guy New Orchestra, but the box is not so great imho because is that band only in a few pieces, Parker/Guy/Lytton and other formations are outstanding, but I missed the whole formation, only my point of view.
  12. Top Releases of 2013

    Or the William Parker Wood Flute Song on Aum. I got the three (Parker, Brotzmann, Guy) and the Mad Dogs it's not even my favorite box, I like a lot some things but I think the whole box is not so great.
  13. Top Releases of 2013

    Also a fav for me. Second solo piano in her discography, a great step forward imho. By the way, I like your list and your blog (it's linked in mine).
  14. Top Releases of 2013

    These are my 2013 favorites: 1. Matana Roberts, Coin Coin Chapter Two Mississippi Moonchile (Constellation) 2. Mary Halvorson, Illusionary Sea (Firehouse 12) 3. Fire! Orchestra, Exit! (Rune Grammofon) 4. John Tchicai, Tribal Ghost (NoBusiness Records) 5. Matthew Shipp, Piano Sutras (Thirsty Ear) 6. RED Trio, Rebento (NoBusiness Records) 7. Mike Reed's People Places & Things, Second Cities Volume 1 (482 Music) 8. Kris Davis, Massive Threads (Thirsty Ear) 9. Taylor Ho Bynum, Navigation (Firehouse 12) 10. Adam Lane, Absolute Horizon (NoBusiness Records) 11. Lotte Anker, Birthmark (Clean Feed) 12. Ingrid Laubrock Anti-House, Strong Place (Intakt) And these are, in no particular order, my 2013 honorable mentions, not the main list but all strongly recommended: - Josh Abrams, Unknown Known (Rogueart) - Trio 3 + Jason Moran, Refraction-Breakin' Glass (Intakt) - Angelica Sanchez / Wadada Leo Smith, Twine Forest (Clean Feed) - Humanization 4tet, Live In Madison (Ayler) - Black Host, Life in the Sugar Candle Mines (Northern Spy) - Borah Bergman / Kidd Jordan, Vita Brevis (Some Real Music) - Hera with Hamid Drake, Seven Lines (Multikulti) - Evan Parker / Peter Evans, Rocket Science (More is More) - Samuel Blaser / Benoit Delbecq / Gerry Hemingway, Fourth Landscape (Nuscope) - Harris Eisenstadt, The Destructive Element (Clean Feed) - Alexander Hawkins, Song Singular (Babel) - Alexander Hawkins, Step Wide Step Deep (Babel)
  15. Sonny Stitt in New York

    By the way, the Argo Sonny Stitt and another four: Swings the most, Inter-action, Saxophone supremacy & Mr. Bojangles reissued again in Japan nex month: