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  1. Burton Greene

    This album is being reissued in Japan this August. I was totally unaware of it. A good listen.
  2. Masayuki Takayanagi

    Anyone here pick up these vinyl releases?
  3. The Ascension Name Game

    I've never thought about how a soprano would fit on top of that record. Could/would work. Cecil Taylor seems like he actually might fit the bill, but then it would become a Cecil Taylor record. I wonder how he and Coltrane got on for that 1958 United Artists recording.
  4. Roman Schwaller

    This is how I know Schwaller. I need to spin that disc again—been far too long. I remember his tenor being a highlight.
  5. Motivation had its 50th anniversary this year. Maybe for the centennial it will see a digital release.
  6. The Ascension Name Game

    You are so right. I must have been conflating Dewey Johnson with Bill Dixon! I didn't know that Frank Wright was invited to be on Ascension. Imagine four tenors on that album! I've also thought that Gary Windo might fit the bill, but he was in the UK (I think) and still in his early 20's. True on Dixon. Marshall Allen and John Gilmore together on Ascension would have made it a ... Sun Ra record? (Maybe, kind of.) I think Jackie would've been great on that album. And then maybe sub in Tony Williams. And, why not, get James Spaulding (but forbid him to fall back on his favorite licks). I still think that Barbara Donald would have been an excellent choice for the trumpet line. Would Ornette have agreed to appear on trumpet? Now I need to play Ascension back-to-back with Machine Gun and see what happens.
  7. The Ascension Name Game

    Al Shorter and Frank Wright are good calls. Were there a trombone section, Roswell Rudd would have added considerably to the session. In my list above, Lasha perhaps should be replaced. Marshall Allen? I also thought about Bill Dixon on trumpet.
  8. Ahmad Jamal: But Not For Me

    For those who missed the Mosaic, this one is highly recommended: Not a bootleg, 2 discs, and good remastered sound.
  9. Guess what? Bill Barron was also a painter! (For real.) The painting used for the Joken album cover is his.
  10. Sonny Simmons: Rumasuma

    This is what Simmons fans need to watch:
  11. Besides the four Savoy albums, what exactly is on this fabled Barron Mosaic? Will it include the bossa nova West Side Story album?
  12. The Ascension Name Game

    Freddie Hubbard: trumpet Dewey Dixon: trumpet Marion Brown: alto saxophone John Tchicai: alto saxophone Archie Shepp: tenor saxophone Pharaoh Sanders: tenor saxophone John Coltrane: tenor saxohpone McCoy Tyner: piano Jimmy Garrison: bass Art Davis: bass Elvin Jones: drums This is just for a bit of fun. Let's say you're a cryptodiscographer, and you've heard of, but never actually seen, an alternate, never-before-heard version of Ascension. Same instrumentation, but different personnel. Who would be on it? Feel free to retain certain original personnel—all per one's fancy. Who would you want to hear? Off the top of my head, I'd be interested in hearing this version of Ascension: Barbara Donald: trumpet Don Cherry: trumpet Sonny Simmons: alto saxophone Prince Lasha: alto saxophone John Gilmore: tenor saxophone Gato Barbieri: tenor saxophone John Coltrane: tenor saxophone Don Pullen: piano Gary Peacock: bass Henry Grimes: bass Milford Graves: drums