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  1. Music for Cello

    This has got to be the recording of the unaccompanied Kodaly Sonata. Completely uninhibited. Beautiful and wild.
  2. Wynton Marsalis

    Wynton Marsalis is the Paul Whiteman for the 21st century.
  3. Niels Viggo Bentzon (Rare Danish Jazz LP reissue)

    The samples sound good. I wonder why they're not expanding their sales to include digital formats. (Maybe because this makes piracy easier.) I would purchase either a CD or a download. The extra income might help fund further projects.
  4. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    Four of the five Elvin Jones SHM-CDs will be returning: • The Ultimate • Poly-Currents • Genesis • Coalition (Puttin' It Together is the missing title.) These all have excellent transfers (in my opinion) and are recommendable. I like them better than the transfers on the Mosaic. Here's a list of the complete series (magnifying glass as needed): Blue Note 75th Anniversary SHM-CD (230 titles) TYCJ 81001 John Coltrane: Blue Train TYCJ 81002 Cannonball Adderley: Somethin’ Else TYCJ 81003 Sonny Clark: Cool Struttin’ TYCJ 81004 Herbie Hancock: Maiden Voyage TYCJ 81005 Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers: Moanin’ TYCJ 81006 Art Blakey Quintet: A Night At Birdland, Vol. 1 TYCJ 81007 Sonny Rollins: A Night At The Village Vanguard TYCJ 81008 Miles Davis: Vol.1 TYCJ 81009 Lee Morgan: Candy TYCJ 81010 Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers: A Night In Tunisia TYCJ 81011 Lee Morgan: The Sidewinder TYCJ 81012 Kenny Burrell: Midnight Blue TYCJ 81013 Eric Dolphy: Out To Lunch TYCJ 81014 Hank Mobley: Soul Station TYCJ 81015 Herbie Hancock: Speak Like A Child TYCJ 81016 Bud Powell: The Amazing Bud Powell, Vol.1 TYCJ 81017 Bud Powell: The Scene Changes TYCJ 81018 Miles Davis: Vol.2 TYCJ 81019 Wayne Shorter: Speak No Evil TYCJ 81020 Herbie Hancock: Empyrean Isles TYCJ 81021 Sonny Rollins: Newk's Time TYCJ 81022 Milt Jackson TYCJ 81023 Sonny Rollins: Vol.1 TYCJ 81024 Sonny Rollins: Vol.2 TYCJ 81025 Thelonious Monk: Genius of Modern Music, Vol.1 TYCJ 81026 Lee Morgan: Vol.3 TYCJ 81027 Bobby Hutcherson: Happenings TYCJ 81028 Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers: At The Cafe Bohemia, Vol.1 TYCJ 81029 Jutta Hipp: At The Hickory House, Vol.1 TYCJ 81030 Kenny Dorham: Afro-Cuban TYCJ 81031 Clifford Brown: Memorial Album TYCJ 81032 J.J. Johnson: The Eminent J.J. Johnson, Vol.1 TYCJ 81033 Paul Chambers: Bass On Top TYCJ 81034 Horace Parlan: Us Three TYCJ 81035 Hank Mobley: Dippin' TYCJ 81036 Jimmy Smith: A New Sound, A New Star TYCJ 81037 Ornette Coleman: At The Golden Circle, Vol.1 TYCJ 81038 Kenny Dorham: Round About Midnight At Cafe Bohemia TYCJ 81039 Johnny Griffin: Chicago Calling TYCJ 81040 Wayne Shorter: JuJu TYCJ 81041 Sonny Clark Trio TYCJ 81042 Lee Morgan: The Cooker TYCJ 81043 Jimmy Smith: The Sounds of Jimmy Smith TYCJ 81044 Horace Silver: Song For My Father TYCJ 81045 Lou Donaldson: Blues Walk TYCJ 81046 McCoy Tyner: The Real McCoy TYCJ 81047 Thelonious Monk: Genius of Modern Music, Vol.2 TYCJ 81048 Thad Jones: Dertroit-New York Junction TYCJ 81049 Art Blakey Quintet: A Night At Birdland, Vol.2 TYCJ 81050 Joe Henderson: In 'N Out TYCJ 81051 Wayne Shorter: The All Seeing Eye TYCJ 81052 Blue Mitchell: Bring It Home To Me TYCJ 81053 Donald Byrd: Mustang! TYCJ 81054 Larry Young: Of Love And Peace TYCJ 81055 Sam Rivers: A New Conception TYCJ 81056 Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers: The Witch Doctor TYCJ 81057 Stanley Turrentine: Easy Walker TYCJ 81058 Big John Patton: That Certain Feeling TYCJ 81059 Stanley Turrentine: The Look of Love TYCJ 81060 Ornette Coleman: New York Is Now! TYCJ 81061 Reuben Wilson: On Broadway TYCJ 81062 Lou Donaldson: Say It Loud! TYCJ 81063 Andrew Hill: Grass Roots TYCJ 81064 Duke Pearson: Now Hear This TYCJ 81065 Don Cherry: Where Is Brooklyn? TYCJ 81066 Donald Byrd: Fancy Free TYCJ 81067 Hank Mobley: The Flip TYCJ 81068 Elvin Jones: Poly-Currents TYCJ 81069 McCoy Tyner: Expansions TYCJ 81070 Bobby Hutcherson: San Francisco TYCJ 81071 Wayne Shorter: Odyssey of Iska TYCJ 81072 Elvin Jones: Genesis TYCJ 81073 Lou Donaldson: Cosmos TYCJ 81074 Bobbi Humphrey: Flute-In TYCJ 81075 Lee Morgan: The Last Session TYCJ 81076 Don Cherry: Symphony For Improvisers TYCJ 81077 Larry Young: Contrasts TYCJ 81078 Blue Mitchell: Heads Up! TYCJ 81079 Hank Mobley: Hi Voltage TYCJ 81080 Frank Foster: Manhattan Fever TYCJ 81081 Lou Donaldson: Midnight Creeper TYCJ 81082 Jackie McLean: ‘Bout Soul TYCJ 81083 The Three Sounds: Coldwater Flat TYCJ 81084 Eddie Gale: Ghetto Music TYCJ 81085 Stanley Turrentine: Always Something There TYCJ 81086 Elvin Jones: The Ultimate TYCJ 81087 Big John Patton: Understanding TYCJ 81088 Horace Silver: You Gotta Take A Little Love TYCJ 81089 Jack Wilson: Song For My Daughter TYCJ 81090 Andrew Hill: Lift Every Voice TYCJ 81091 Stanley Turrentine: Another Story TYCJ 81092 Reuben Wilson: Blue Mode TYCJ 81093 Thad Jones: Consummation TYCJ 81094 Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers: Roots & Herbs TYCJ 81095 Ornette Coleman: Love Call TYCJ 81096 Elvin Jones: Coalition TYCJ 81097 Reuben Wilson: Groovy Situation TYCJ 81098 Jimmy McGriff: Black Pearls TYCJ 81099 Bobby Hutcherson: Head On TYCJ 81100 Bobbi Humphrey: Dig This! UCCQ 5001 Sonny Clark: Quintets UCCQ 5002 Tina Brooks: Back To The Tracks UCCQ 5003 Stanley Turrentine: Comin’ Your Way UCCQ 5004 Ike Quebec: Easy Living UCCQ 5005 Jackie McLean: The Jackie McLean Quintet UCCQ 5006 Stanley Turrentine: Jubilee Shout! UCCQ 5007 Freddie Hubbard: Here To Stay UCCQ 5008 Big John Patton: Blue John UCCQ 5009 Sam Rivers: Dimensions & Extensions UCCQ 5010 Big John Patton: Memphis to New York Spirit UCCQ 5011 Sonny Clark: Blues In The Night UCCQ 5012 Kenny Burrell: K.B. Blues UCCQ 5013 Grant Green: Matador UCCQ 5014 Sonny Clark: My Conception UCCQ 5015 Grant Green: Gooden’s Corner UCCQ 5016 Bobby Hutcherson: Oblique UCCQ 5017 Jackie McLean: Tippin’ The Scales UCCQ 5018 Curtis Fuller: Two Bones UCCQ 5019 Grant Green: Oleo UCCQ 5020 Hank Mobley: Poppin’ UCCQ 5021 Stanley Turrentine: Z.T.’s Blues UCCQ 5022 Hank Mobley: Far Away Lands UCCQ 5023 Lee Morgan: The Rajah UCCQ 5024 Grant Green: Born To Be Blue UCCQ 5025 Big John Patton: Boogaloo UCCQ 5026 Grant Green: First Session UCCQ 5027 Hank Mobley: Curtain Call UCCQ 5028 Art Blakey: Drums Around The Corner UCCQ 5029 Tina Brooks: The Waiting Game UCCQ 5030 Freddie Redd: Redd’s Blues UCCQ 5031 Horace Silver: Blowin’ Away The Blues UCCQ 5032 Jackie McLean: Swing Swang Swingin’ UCCQ 5033 Donald Byrd: Fuego UCCQ 5034 Horace Silver: Horace Scope UCCQ 5035 Hank Mobley: Roll Call UCCQ 5036 Horace Parlan: Headin’ South UCCQ 5037 Jimmy Smith: Midnight Special UCCQ 5038 Hank Mobley: Workout UCCQ 5039 Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers: Mosaic UCCQ 5040 Herbie Hancock: Takin’ Off UCCQ 5041 Grant Green: The Latin Bit UCCQ 5042 Dexter Gordon: Go! UCCQ 5043 Freddie Hubbard: Hub Tones UCCQ 5044 Joe Henderson: Page One UCCQ 5045 Stanley Turrentine: Hustlin’ UCCQ 5046 Freddie Roach: Brown Sugar UCCQ 5047 Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers: Free For All UCCQ 5048 Lee Morgan: The Gigolo UCCQ 5049 Larry Young: Unity UCCQ 5050 Duke Pearson: Sweet Honey Bee UCCQ 5051 Elvin Jones: Puttin’ It Together UCCQ 5052 Lee Morgan: Charisma UCCQ 5053 Duke Pearson: Merry Ole Soul UCCQ 5054 Wayne Shorter: Super Nova UCCQ 5055 Ronnie Foster: Two-Headed Freap UCCQ 5056 Jimmy Smith: Crazy Baby! UCCQ 5057 Donald Byrd: Free Form UCCQ 5058 Herbie Hancock: My Point of View UCCQ 5059 Hank Mobley: No Room For Squares UCCQ 5060 Stanley Turrentine: A Chip Off The Old Block UCCQ 5061 Grant Green: Idle Moments UCCQ 5062 Hank Mobley: The Turnaround UCCQ 5063 Larry Young: Into Somethin’ UCCQ 5064 Freddie Roach: All That’s Good UCCQ 5065 Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers: Indestructible UCCQ 5066 Stanley Turrentine: Joyride UCCQ 5067 Grant Green: I Want To Hold Your Hand UCCQ 5068 Dexter Gordon: Gettin’ Around UCCQ 5069 Freddie Hubbard: The Night of The Cookers, Vol. 1 UCCQ 5070 Freddie Hubbard: The Night of The Cookers, Vol. 2 UCCQ 5071 Lee Morgan: Cornbread UCCQ 5072 Wayne Shorter: Adam’s Apple UCCQ 5073 Lee Morgan: Delightfulee UCCQ 5074 Lou Donaldson: Alligator Bogaloo UCCQ 5075 Duke Pearson: The Phantom UCCQ 5076 Herbie Hancock: The Prisoner UCCQ 5077 Lee Morgan: The Sixth Sense UCCQ 5078 Jackie McLean: Demon’s Dance UCCQ 5079 Grant Green: Alive! UCCQ 5080 Donald Byrd: Ethiopian Knights UCCQ 5081 Dizzy Reece: Blues In Trinity UCCQ 5082 Freddie Redd: Music From The Connection UCCQ 5083 Freddie Hubbard: Open Sesame UCCQ 5084 Tina Brooks: True Blue UCCQ 5085 Freddie Redd: Shades of Redd UCCQ 5086 Duke Jordan: Flight To Jordan UCCQ 5087 Kenny Dorham: Whistle Stop UCCQ 5088 Lou Donaldson: Here ‘Tis UCCQ 5089 Donald Byrd: The Cat Walk UCCQ 5090 Stanley Turrentine: Dearly Beloved UCCQ 5091 The Three Sounds: Here We Come UCCQ 5092 Jackie McLean: A Fickle Sonance UCCQ 5093 Sonny Clark: Leapin’ & Lopin’ UCCQ 5094 Ike Quebec: Heavy Soul UCCQ 5095 Donald Byrd: Royal Flush UCCQ 5096 The Three Sounds: Hey There UCCQ 5097 Don Wilkerson: Preach Brother! UCCQ 5098 Donald Byrd: A New Perspective UCCQ 5099 John Patton: Along Came John UCCQ 5100 Blue Mitchell: Step Lightly UCCQ 5101 Johnny Coles: Little Johnny C UCCQ 5102 Herbie Hancock: Inventions & Dimensions UCCQ 5103 Joe Henderson: Our Thing UCCQ 5104 The Three Sounds: Black Orchid UCCQ 5105 Art Blakey: The Freedom Rider UCCQ 5106 Lee Morgan: Search For The New Land UCCQ 5107 Freddie Hubbard: Breaking Point UCCQ 5108 Wayne Shorter: Night Dreamer UCCQ 5109 Grachan Moncur III: Some Other Stuff UCCQ 5110 Kenny Dorham: Trompeta Toccata UCCQ 5111 Donald Byrd: I’m Tryin’ To Get Home UCCQ 5112 Joe Henderson: Inner Urge UCCQ 5113 John Patton: Oh Baby! UCCQ 5114 Bobby Hutcherson: Dialogue UCCQ 5115 Andrew Hill: Andrew!!! UCCQ 5116 Sam Rivers: Contours UCCQ 5117 Tony Williams: Spring UCCQ 5118 Andrew Hill: Compulsion UCCQ 5119 Don Cherry: Complete Communion UCCQ 5120 Joe Henderson: Mode For Joe UCCQ 5121 Ornette Coleman: The Empty Foxhole UCCQ 5122 Jack Wilson: Something Personal UCCQ 5123 Booker Ervin: The In Between UCCQ 5124 Lonnie Smith: Think! UCCQ 5125 Donald Byrd: Slow Drag UCCQ 5126 Grant Green: Goin’ West UCCQ 5127 Lonnie Smith: Turning Point UCCQ 5128 Lonnie Smith: Move Your Hand UCCQ 5129 Donald Byrd: Electric Byrd UCCQ 5130 Marlena Shaw: Marlena
  5. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    On December 6 (2017), 50 Blue Note SHM-CDs will be back in the catalog again. No images on the Universal site yet. It's a chance to pick up titles that were missed the first time around in 2014.
  6. I finally heard Janigro's version of the Suites (rec. 1954). Excellent sound for the period, and Doremi's production values are top-notch, as always. eMusic currently offers it for $16.99. The set is three discs: (1) Suites, (2) Suites, (3) 3 Sonatas + Bach Concerto + Boccherini Concerto. The latter is a live recording in rough sound, but all the Bach recordings are recommendable.
  7. Unissued Coltrane

    Well, I contacted Cuscuna himself on the matter. He kindly wrote me back (same day!), and reported what I should have known — those session tapes (that I listed above) are missing. "One of the great vault tragedies in recorded music" were his exact words. I agree (and hope he doesn't mind me quoting him). It's fun to guess at what else might be out there, but it's also important (I have to remind myself sometimes) to reinvestigate what you already have. Everybody has listening phases (e.g. listening only to Sidney Bechet for three weeks, listening to Ben Webster straight for eight hours, listening to Ayler first thing in the morning with espresso, etc.), and I've been enjoying an unexpected late-period Coltrane phase. I'm hearing things in the music I haven't noticed before. That's what it's all about — that's what good music is all about. Coltrane gave us so much.
  8. Eric Dolphy skateboard decks!!

    I'm still waiting for the Jackie McLean (Bluesnik) lunchbox.
  9. Unissued Coltrane

    You mentioned wanting to hear a decent transfer of Expression. To my ears, the 1987 German edition of Expression (#254 646-2), which was "Manufactured by Record Service GmbH, Alsdorf," and issued by Warner (now 30 years ago!), sounds flat transferred. It's very quiet, but when you turn the volume up, it sounds quite good. No ear fatigue whatsoever.
  10. Saw the documentary last night. I can't say I was wowed, but maybe that's because so much of the story I was already familiar with (as, I imagine, most of the posters here are too). The home movie footage was a delight, but it seemed that the documentary leaned a little too heavily on shaping Coltrane as some kind of spiritual soothsayer or musical mystic. The idea of mysticism, to me, often undermines the incredible amount of labor (hours upon hours of practice) that is responsible for creating a larger-than-life figure. I think Coltrane would have felt very uncomfortable being regarded as some type of American guiding light. I noticed that, in more than one of the Japan tour photos, Coltrane is holding a violin case.
  11. Unissued Coltrane

    Perhaps the new Coltrane documentary in theaters (I'm actually going to see it tonight) will spark some interest and/or re-evaluation. At some point, I imagine, the Japanese will get to these sessions. Maybe in 2026, Coltrane's centennial?
  12. Unissued Coltrane

    One of the aspects of Coltrane's music that makes it worth coming back to is its sheer density and length. I've owned Live In Seattle for a long time, as an example, but it wasn't until a few days ago that I actually listened, closely, to all 36 minutes of "Evolution" — whew! At any rate, just when I think I too have heard enough, I get whomped over the head with just how much I didn't hear the first time. I'm a little surprised that more late period studio work hasn't already been issued. Those 2011 Coltrane SHM-CDs have excellent sound. (I missed out on the Live In Seattle issue. Argh!) I listened to the 2011 SHM-CD of Sun Ship just today. It follows the edits (which are minor) of the vinyl, and sounds very, very good (considering that it's a non-RVG recording, and Tyner's piano is squashed hard left in the stereo mix). Hearing that quartet at the very end — right before dissolving into the group with Alice and Rashied — is something else. I need to play the Half Note and Temple sets more.
  13. Unissued Coltrane

    I wonder if Ravi is working with Universal to put more of his father's work out into the world. What's still in the vaults? And what would you like to hear? Browsing the Coltrane discography, there are a number of unissued studio recordings originally made for Impulse! • April 21, 1966 - four unreleased studio tracks • April 28, 1966 - two unreleased studio tracks • February 27, 1967 - two unreleased studio tracks • March 29, 1967 - six unreleased studio tracks • May 17, 1967 - two unreleased studio tracks Coltrane's last session in the studio (May 17, 1967) yielded the tracks "None Other" and "Kaleidoscope." I wonder if he titled them himself. Would love to hear what these later recordings sound like. I'm in the mood for a box set of unissued studio recordings!
  14. Brilliant Corners I wanted to bring to the board's attention the literary journal out of Lycoming College (in Williamsport, Pennsylvania) called Brilliant Corners. It focuses on all things related to jazz in literary forms. The current issue contains work by Yusef Komunyakaa and Billy Collins, among others. I was fortunate to have poems on Albert Ayler and Nina Simone included in this issue as well. Copies are usually $7 (and not just the recent issue). Support the indies if you're curious!
  15. Maxwell "Lockjaw" Davis?

    Indispensable: The track "Blue Tango" is perfection.