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  1. Sony Jazz Connoisseur series

    That's good advice. I only have three Carter albums: The Betty Carter Album (love this one), Droppin' Things, and It's Not About The Melody. I saw her live just once, after Droppin' Things came out (I think that was the most recent album; maybe not). The concert took place just a handful of days after Sarah Vaughan passed, and Betty sang an impromptu tribute to her. Marc Cary was the pianist (he seemed perfect for her), and Gregory Hutchinson was the drummer. I can't remember the bass player. It was a really good concert. I've actually never checked out her early work.
  2. Sony Jazz Connoisseur series

    Did anyone here purchase the Betty Carter title from this series? (I'm guessing that it's been out before?) I need to put it on the purchase list.
  3. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    I've had the Stockholm recordings for more than 20 years, but I've actually never heard the Olympia stuff, so I'm definitely in.
  4. Miles Davis Complete Blackhawk

    Listening to this set right now. Good with a martini. This date could have been a quartet session (ouch!). Mobley plays just fine, perhaps above fine, but I think Miles is the one that really steps it up — you can hear quite a bit of experimenting with lip-slurring and bending/half-valving notes; his chops were in good shape. The club vibe is infectious.
  5. The original Vogue cover had some creative spelling for Monk's first name: The EP corrected it, while using alternate song titles: And iTunes offers this rare Monk gem: And ... Vogue also issued this The(lonious) Monk(s) record during The High Priest's "jerk" period.
  6. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    Agreed. And ... I believe so, yes. I'm still waiting for the live stuff circa 1971-1973.
  7. Sunny Murray

    Agreed. His sound on the drums was like no other. What would Spiritual Unity be without him ...
  8. Flying Dutchman Japanese Reissues

    And don't forget Mr. Blyleven!
  9. 30 Frying Dutchman Titles Reissued In Japan
  10. Hermeto Pascoal

    This was issued just last month evidently. Listening to it on YouTube right now.
  11. Hermeto Pascoal

    What are Pascoal's "old albums," and which ones are recommended?
  12. Interesting Mainstream Records reissues

    Haven't made a CD Japan order in a while, but seven titles will be en route after the 6th: • Reggie Moore: Wishbone • Reggie Moore: Furioso • Mike Longo: Matrix • Hal Galper: Inner Journey • Hadley Caliman: Hadley Caliman • Hadley Caliman: Iapetus • George Coleman: Amsterdam After Dark Four piano dates, and three tenor dates. I know the Coleman session, but have never owned it. Nice to have the original cover:
  13. Paul Quinichette

    Whenever I play Quinichette, I think: "Why don't I play this guy more?" Though apparently he didn't mind the "Vice Pres" tag, I think ultimately it takes away from his own inventiveness as a soloist. He's no clone, that's for sure. Anyone know Quinichette's set-up from that photo? Is that a King or Conn tenor? And is that a Buscher mouthpiece?
  14. Interesting Mainstream Records reissues

    Definitely the music — thanks for posting that link! The album's being reissued in Japan on December 6th.
  15. Paul Quinichette

    Ten years later ...