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  1. All Things Hat

    From the hathut website: "You have experienced our growing number of Revisited issues on ezz-thetics. We have more plans for this series, but need your support by donations in the existing difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your contribution is highly welcome and will be honored by more upcoming new CDs by new artists, but also from artists we have already presented but need to be completed by additional CDs. Please click on „Donate" to get connected with the PayPal system for your donation. We plan further CD releases of the series Revisited, for which we offer a participation that the CD of your choice will be personalized with your name. This could read like: A… B… made a financial contribution to the release of this CD. In addition, we offer you CDs free of charge to your address. If you'd like to follow this concept, please contact by for further information about a possible realization." So it sounds like, with an ample enough donation, and with Werner's consent, you can get a producer credit for a reissue of your choice. Maybe hathut can be the label to reissue Bill Barron's Motivation! Seriously. What other titles would fit with the Revisited concept? If they're going to reissue Coltrane's 1961 Village Vanguard recordings (kind of a waste, in my opinion), they could dig deeper and reissue some of the unreleased Half Note recordings, or other previously bootlegged live work. And that's just Coltrane ...
  2. 1987 Japanese/German Impulse! titles

    I have that particular (U.S.) Evans disc, but haven't heard its German or Japanese counterparts. However, I think your assumption is probably on the mark judging by the sound of the U.S. disc. The same is true (I think) for the first U.S. edition of East Broadway Rundown. There was a short period of time (late 80's) where U.S. editions (in jewel cases) used the original cover art and Impulse! logo, and sounded very close to their Japanese counterpart.
  3. Those are my two favorites as well. As for conductors for those symphonies, I like: • Symphony No. 2 - Klemperer • Symphony No. 9 - Bernstein (Columbia) I've actually never heard Boulez conduct Mahler, so I'm probably missing out there.
  4. Roy Brooks - Understanding

    Agreed. Would have been great to be there in person.
  5. Oliver Nelson on Prestige

    Aha! And Zev Feldman claims he's the jazz detective!
  6. Oliver Nelson on Prestige

    Great album. My first Nelson purchase (before Blues And The Abstract Truth)! I like Nelson's elegance juxtaposed with Dolphy's abandon.
  7. CharlesTolliver - The Ringer

    I haven't picked up this latest Japanese edition. Thoughts from those who have?
  8. Don Ellis French Connection Reissue

    I hope you have this set on your radar, released this May ...
  9. Finally got around to sleuthing out which live date I thought Morell sounded good on. It's this one from 1974: This was recorded live for CBC radio; it's an excellent recording, even if Gomez seems miked just a little too close at times. Morell is more aggressive than usual, which is why I took notice. When he trades fours with Evans on the opener "One For Helen," he has some good ideas, but I will say the execution feels a little stiff — he plays right on, and sometimes slightly ahead of, the beat. The album, which I think presents Evans at a highpoint in the 70's, won't change anyone's opinion of Morell. But he IS locked in with Gomez, which is nice, and Evans takes more chances than usual. Of those I've heard, I'd say this is one of Evans' best live recordings from the mid-70's. Oh, and the cover drawing is by Tony Bennett!
  10. Oliver Nelson on Prestige

    Listened to the tracks last night where Nelson is part of a quintet on Red Garland's Soul Burnin'. Recommended.
  11. If this current reissue of Sun Ship uses the 2011 Japanese remastering, Coltrane fans will want to hear it. It's the best-sounding version to my ears — much better than the complete U.S. edition. It also follows Ed Michel's (minor and tasteful) edits, which tighten the album.
  12. Very excited to hear this release. I wonder if Ravi will bring to light any of the "lost" recordings from 1967 (assuming there are tapes lying in boxes within boxes inside a trunk up in the attic behind Ray Draper's first tuba).
  13. John Coltrane's Creation

    Bump ... for Coltrane's upcoming birthday party. What other tracks from the Half Note recordings didn't appear on the official release?
  14. All Things Hat

    Totally agree. "Creation" is one of Coltrane's greatest recorded moments in my opinion. I can't imagine exactly who the target audience is for this current release on hat/ezz-thetics. I'm sure it's a nice reissue, but still.