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  1. Jimmy Giuffre 3-Live in Graz 1961

    This is indeed a legitimate release. I'm eager to purchase a copy! (I've never heard the bootleg.) Hat Hut Records relaunches.
  2. Milt Buckner & Jo Jones

    Received my copy today. Sonics are excellent. If you're already familiar with Buckner and appreciate his wackiness, you're going to like this set. It's jazz that makes you feel good to be in the world.
  3. Shirley Scott

    That would've been great: • The Complete Shirley Scott on Prestige. • The Complete Don Patterson on Prestige. • The Complete Johnny "Hammond" Smith on New Jazz/Prestige etc. For Trudy Pitts, I just want to hear the complete Club Baron recordings (if any additional tracks exist).
  4. Branford slams Miles

    When Branford played alto with The Jazz Messengers, his solos (I'm thinking of the Blues Alley video) sounded a lot like Wayne's solos from the Plugged Nickel recordings. (I actually mean that as a compliment.) I like some of his early work on Columbia. His treatment of Kenny Kirkland's composition "Dienda" in particular is outstanding. I wonder if his comment on Hancock, Carter, and Williams was meant as a testament to their level of mastery coming into Miles' band. Of course they learned from Miles. Bill Evans learned from Miles. Herbie Hancock learned from Bill Evans. Musicians jumped at the chance to play with Miles. Any bandleader is a teacher in some form or another. Did McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison, and Elvin Jones learn nothing from Coltrane? Did Jaki Byard learn nothing from Mingus? Did John McEnroe learn nothing from Bjorn Borg?
  5. I agree. This shouldn't deter people who simply want to hear the music, of course. But if the Grundman transfers are out there (and those I've heard are excellent; Wayne Shorter's Schizophrenia is an example), I wish they could be used. But maybe your thought — using older remastering as a deliberate choice — is accurate. At any rate, I'm happy that a reissue program for Blue Note still exists. Now if only the the pre-1947 Blue Note material was considered for reissue! (Maybe in 2039?)
  6. Ditto that. I wonder if the Japanese market has access to Bernie Grundman's transfers. It seems like those would be a much better choice than Larry Walsh's 1994 work.
  7. Shirley Scott

    At the age of 24, Shirley Scott recorded her first session as a leader for Prestige. Seventeen tracks in one session, which would then be spread out over four records (Shirley's Sounds, Great Scott!, Now's The Time, and Workin'). Shirley Scott: organ George Duvivier: bass Arthur Edgehill: drums May 27, 1958 1. It Could Happen To You 2. There Will Never Be Another You 3. Summertime 4. Brazil 5. The Scott 6. Baby, Won’t You Please Come Home? 7. Indiana 8. Cherokee 9. Nothing Ever Changes My Love For You 10. Trees 11. All of You 12. Goodbye 13. Four 14. S’posin’ 15. Ebb Tide 16. Slaughter On 10th Avenue 17. Miles’ Theme (The Theme) An auspicious debut.
  8. Shirley Scott

    Because Shirley Scott is one of my favorite organists, I went ahead and purchased the download. Listening right now. There isn't any organ so far, just a lot of talking. (Must be one of the reverends unreleased sermons.) But suddenly my cats are: and
  9. Shirley Scott

    Doing some discographical research, I came upon this Shirley Scott record. I haven't heard it. I didn't know that Shirley was a reverend, but I do think I remember having read something about her being an internationally known communicator.
  10. Elvin Jones - SKYSCRAPERS - vol.1-4 LP

    Though Elvin's solos are very long on this series of records, I actually think they're some of his best. (I haven't heard Vol. 4.) It would be nice to have these records as a compact disc set. The music is well above average.
  11. Raphe Malik

    Bam. This quartet is burning. Who's the saxophonist?
  12. • Bill Barron on Savoy • Bill Dixon-produced Savoy sessions • Sam Rivers trio recordings (any/all) ... but these sets are likely too niche for Mosaic. Barron's Motivation in particular seems destined for oblivion.
  13. Jimmy Smith

    Please, somebody purchase these before I do (again). A good price for amazing music.

    The two trumpet line-up (Botschinsky on flugelhorn) is better than expected. And Tete is never off.