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  1. Yosuke Yamashita's New York Trio

    Fourteen years later, somebody says: "Man, that sounds like a good concert." Been listening to Yamashita lately. May have to start a new Artists topic ...
  2. Sam Lazar - Organ Grooves

    This will be deep.
  3. Jimmy Giuffre on Verve: 1959-1961

    Some of the most splintered 50's Warne on record. Wonky and totally on-point at the same time. The recording itself is beautiful.
  4. Jimmy Giuffre on Verve: 1959-1961

    Yes — the Stitt album. I even have it! Some of my favorite Stitt playing. It looks like it was even the first thing Giuffre did for Verve. I've edited the list above. The Jazz Discography Project doesn't list the session in Giuffre's entry for some reason. And, yes, the Piece for Clarinet and Orchestra does appear to have been recorded March, 1960. The Verve 2-disc set I have lists March, 1959. Must be a mistake. Thanks for the corrections!
  5. Marion Brown

    Too bad the Japanese release of this title was cancelled (a number of years ago.) Listening now to a vinyl rip.
  6. Marion Brown: Porto Novo

    Marion Brown's Porto Novo is being reissued in November, this time through the Muzak label (out of Taiwan, if I'm not mistaken) and with the original UK cover: In mini-LP format. All of the discs I've purchased on Muzak sound pretty good. I'll be getting this reissue for sure. I think it's Brown's masterwork. 1967, with Maarten Altena and Han Bennink. Bennink is a drummer who, for me, a little goes a long way; on this record, however, I think he's perfect. His playing is less tongue-in-cheek.
  7. Giuffre's collected Verve recordings would've made a fine Mosaic box set. All these sessions have been out on compact disc — either in the U.S., Europe, or Japan. The last two sessions have of course been out on ECM for some time. Below (and attached) is a complete list ... I think. Please post corrections/additions! What sessions are under-remarked? Personal favorites? Sonny Stitt Plays Jimmy Giuffre Arrangements with Jack Sheldon, Lee Katzman, Frank Rosolino, Jimmy Rowles, Buddy Clark, Lawrence Marable, Al Pollen February 16, 1959 7 Pieces with Jim Hall, Red Mitchell February 23 & 25, March 2, 1959 Herb Ellis Meets Jimmy Giuffre with Art Pepper, Bud Shank, Richie Kamuca, Jim Hall, Lou Levy, Joe Mondragon, Stan Levey March 26, 1959 Cool Heat: Anita O’Day Sings Jimmy Giuffre Arrangements orchestra conducted and arranged by Giuffre April 6-8, 1959 Lee Konitz Meets Jimmy Giuffre with Hal McKusick, Ted Brown, Warne Marsh, Bill Evans, Buddy Clark, Ronnie Free May 1959 Ad Lib with Jimmy Rowles, Red Mitchell, Lawrence Marable August 3, 1959 The Easy Way with Jim Hall, Ray Brown August 6 & 7, 1959 Piece for Clarinet and String Orchestra ~ Mobiles with the Sudwestfunk Orchestra of Baden Baden March 1960 In Person with Jim Hall, Buell Neidlinger, Billy Osborne July 19, 1960 Fusion with Paul Bley, Steve Swallow March 3, 1961 Thesis with Paul Bley, Steve Swallow August 4, 1961 Jimmy Giuffre on Verve.docx
  8. Lew Tabackin Under rated!

    Yes. With what appears to be new remastering, e.g. different than what's in the Mosaic Select (which already has good remastering). Also, these will be in mini-LP format. I might spring for March of The Tadpoles. Tabackin's 2008 Live In Paris is excellent. Warmly recommended.
  9. Lew Tabackin Under rated!

    An excellent Tabackin solo here.
  10. Binky doesn't understand John Coltrane

    Perhaps Binky doesn't enjoy Coltrane, but, a la Trane, it looks like he enjoys sweet potato pie. Look at all those missing teeth! Floss, Binky, floss.
  11. Yvonne Loriod

    Yvonne Loriod is probably best known as a piano pedagogue and Olivier Messiaen's wife. Hopefully this new-ish box set changes that perception. She's also a great pianist. Her recordings of her husband's compositions are likely reference recordings. And her Mozart, as one example, stands up there, to my ears, with Clara Haskil. There's still a lot I'm learning — I'm only about halfway through the set — but wanted to enthusiastically recommend it. The sound is excellent mono.
  12. Erroll Garner Remastered Series

    Even the sound samples sound great. Amazon has these at $9 a pop.
  13. Jimmy Giuffre 3-Live in Graz 1961

    I'm down with that.
  14. Jimmy Giuffre

    The new [official] Graz release has prompted me to go back through my Giuffre collection, and now I've been on a "marathon" too. (Marathons are actually fun — especially when you're not running them!) The first two discs of the Mosaic set are not to be overlooked (— I'm guilty of overlooking them in the past). Wonderful music, and Jack Sheldon is surprisingly well-matched to the music. One thing about Giuffre on clarinet: the dude's intonation is ON. Listeners take it for granted, but no. Ain't easy. Sometimes, listening to Giuffre, I start daydreaming. Did Coltrane ever listen to Giuffre? Giuffre does some false fingering on clarinet, circa 1956, that sounds not unlike figures Coltrane would play about three or four years later. (John Gilmore's false fingerings also seem to pre-date Coltrane's recorded evidence of the same.) Thoughts? At any rate, Giuffre is AVANT GARDE — in the best of ways. And before a lot of other musicians who boldly, and conspicuously, wore that badge. Bam!