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  1. Miles on Columbia

    I noticed those Miles titles for $3.79 as well. Sometimes the label is listed as Legacy, sometimes Columbia/Legacy, sometimes SMG, sometimes Sony UK, and sometimes Imports. I wonder why the variation.
  2. And now Prophecy is on HAT (in 2020). I'm not sure what the "Revisited" is supposed to mean.
  3. In my opinion, this is Griffin's most interesting project for Blue Note. He isn't all about 16th notes here, and the relaxed mood lets you (the listener) soak in his deep tone. Sonny Clark is great as always, and I think it may be the only Blue Note appearance for Kenny Dennis on drums. I love Griffin's take on "I'm Glad There Is You." My compact disc copy (TOCJ 1580) says 29:59 on the player. A Love Supreme is only 33:04! Some records just need to be short, I guess.
  4. hat [now] ART

    Thanks for the recommendations. Found this one on YouTube.
  5. hat [now] ART

    I have no titles from this improvised/classical series. Squidco offers sound samples of quite a few titles, which I've been checking out recently. Any recommendations for titles that you're particularly fond of? This one sounds good:
  6. John Coltrane: Graz, 1962

    Thanks for the Squidco link. The samples sound really good. Squidco is a great business to support, too.
  7. The bass clarinet

    Thanks for posting that Giant Steps video. I also watched his Body & Soul video. Excellent player.
  8. In July 2019, a small series (I think eight titles) of Koji Wakamatsu soundtracks were reissued by Solid for 1000¥ each. They were only on sale for two months. (CD Japan lists them all as "sold out," but a few titles can still be found on the internet.) My question is: Did anyone here pick up any titles from this extremely short-lived reissue series? One review on HMV Japan says that they're overly compressed, which, if true, would be a shame. The series (for the obi) looked like this:
  9. John Coltrane: Graz, 1962

    That was my question too. The front cover notice —actually part of the cover art — of "license of original tapes" would seem to indicate something of significance. If the Giuffre Graz concert is any indication (that show was once deemed "unlistenable," but it turned out that the original tapes were in fine condition; the concert sounds great) then we may have reason to have high hopes. I've never owned a boot of this Coltrane show, so for me this is a no-brainer.
  10. Cannonball's Rhythm Sections

    Who would you rank at the top?
  11. Harlequin CD issues

    Listening to (above) right now — excellent! Some of the falsetto ballads are exquisite.
  12. John Coltrane: Graz, 1962

    Is this the first authorized release of these tapes? Hat Hut issues its first Coltrane disc — I wouldn't have expected the label to put out Coltrane, but why not! I'm in.
  13. Cannonball's Rhythm Sections

    The rhythm sections that played for Miles get mentioned all the time. Coltrane's rhythm section(s) get mentioned. Tonight I was listening to, and really enjoying, Roy McCurdy's playing. Cannonball's rhythm sections were tight — not to mention the looming presence of Joe Zawinul. What configurations of Cannonball's rhythm sections do you find yourself noticing? Would you agree that Cannonball's rhythm sections go under-remarked?
  14. Wanted: Plugged Nickel box set

    The Poetic Bards have a copy right now.