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  1. Dream last night: I'm walking inside my own house. On the stereo, George Benson's "Turn Your Love Around" is playing — a song I'm not particularly fond of, but used to hear a lot when my brother played it (record has an all-white cover; can't remember the album title) in the early 80's on the family's old Sony stereo system. The thing is, in the dream, I can't find the stereo. I walk from room to room. The stereo keeps playing. I want to turn the song off — either pick up the needle or press Stop (just in case it's digital). Walk to the dining room. Nope. Walk to the bathroom. Nope. Then I realize, while standing in the bathroom, it's not Benson who's singing. It's definitely the right song, but there's a different vocalist. Who the heck is it? They're having problems with articulation. It's also kind of funny, but I'm not sure if I should be laughing. No, I want to laugh. It is funny. Now it's supposed to be funny — the vocalist is even in on it. Anybody listening would be laughing. Why am I not laughing yet? I look in the mirror — oh, I am laughing. Oh shit, I might start crying. No, I'm laughing. That voice! Who is it??? Then I realize: It's Scooby Doo. Singing "Turn Your Love Around."
  2. Jimmy Smith

    Agreed, and I was partially un-sober (Jimmy goes well with a margarita) when I bumped this thread up! One of the unreleased tracks (from the second set in the afternoon) is "Joy Spring." Man, I'd like to hear Jimmy's version of that composition, and how he made his way through those changes. I always have to remind myself that the At "Club Baby Grand" recordings were made all in ONE day — five sets total. Two afternoon sets + three evening sets. Jimmy naturally has espresso in his veins, but five sets? That seems like alot. He made "Red Sails In The Sunset" twice, but both takes were rejected. Maybe Alfred thought that a Volume 3 would be pushing it for the label, especially as not many listeners at the time even knew who Jimmy was. These live recordings, Smith's first for Blue Note, are still some of my very favorite organ records. I like Jimmy sans horns. Plus — was Jimmy feelin' it or what with that striped blazer on?!
  3. Jimmy Smith

    There are kids in 9th grade who aren't as old as this thread. (Listening to A New Star, Vol. 1 while typing.) Serious question — first, look at all the extra material from the live At "Club Baby Grand" recording dates. Has any of it, outside of the two volumes released, ever seen the light of day? I'm a little surprised that Cuscuna didn't make it available when the U.S. discs were reissued. Perhaps the Japanese market, for Blue Note's 90th anniversary, will see fit to dig into the vaults. (Or maybe tapes don't exist anymore. That would be a shame.) Thoughts? 25 tracks were recorded in total (in one night). 8 were issued.
  4. Baby Face Willette

    Listening to Mo' Rock (Moroccan Village) while typing. This thread is pretty good Tuesday night reading. (Mo' Rock.)
  5. somethin' else (label) SHM-CD reissues

    Wow — you're right. Just listened. Very much like a nocturne. Beautiful. Thanks for bringing that track to my attention!
  6. Yes, I do mean quintet. I was thinking of the "lost" March 29, 1967 studio recording that produced six tracks. That session, recorded around the time Expression was made, occurred without Pharoah.
  7. I'd like to hear the alternates of "Out of This World" as well as the takes of "All The Things You Are." In time, I suppose, we eventually will. What I'd really like to hear are further recordings of the final quartet. (But we've been through that before. I e-mailed Cuscuna, and he lamented that tapes don't exist. But maybe Ravi has reference copies somewhere???)
  8. The Japanese label somethin' else (intentionally lower-case, I think) is having its 30th anniversary. To celebrate, 20 titles from its catalog are being reissued. Some excellent (generally) straight-ahead jazz therein. What can you recommend, and what have you heard? (And what got left out?) I'm tempted by Rubalcaba's Diz.
  9. The Japanese market is once again reissuing Bitches Brew, this time with quadraphonic sound. I guess this means 4-channel surround? I didn't know it had been recorded with more than two channels, but earlier vinyl releases seem to show otherwise. The reissue in question appears to be a hybrid SACD release.
  10. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    Covers here too (some with better scans!). Here's the thread that discusses those reissues. A great series.
  11. Michiel Braam

    I'm not as familiar with the Dutch (improvising) piano sound as I should be, but I really like Braam's playing on this record. What's especially notable is that he's not just playing the same "sound" from track to track. Quite the contrary. As soon as I identify a "Cecil bag," that bag explodes into something else. Exploding bags!
  12. Michiel Braam

    Solo piano. Recorded 1989 in The Netherlands. Michiel Braam: Oeps! The album, for listening, right here. (YouTube.) I'm hearing Misha Mengelberg, Ran Blake, Cecil Taylor, Sun Ra, Schoenberg, but not Monk. Check it out! Anyone familiar with this album already? It feels like a hidden gem.
  13. *** SUN RA Corner***

  14. Shirley Scott

    This album contains the best version of the jazz standard "Diane" that I've ever heard. (Jimmy Smith covered it too.) I think I played it at least six times on repeat last night.