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  1. Great rock movie. Should have been an album too.
  2. Composer Steve Chambers

    anger issues!
  3. La Monte Young, Dream House

    One of his noiser compositions. I've heard a tape of a more recent performance. I like his microtonal music more interesting. YMmV.
  4. Mary Halvorson - best place to start?

    listening to Pierre Henry's Variations pour Une Porte et Un Soupir this morning. Now there's a squeaky door that's put to creative use! .
  5. Mary Halvorson - best place to start?

    don't get what's great about her sound...that sound whenever she uses a guitar, flipping the expression pedal around on a Line 6 echo. It's distracting.
  6. ECM Press Releases for New Items

    The Transitory Poems looks interesting.
  7. Morton Feldman

    Try him on CD or even on DVD audio, you have to hear the transparency of HIFI...it's perfect for his music.
  8. A few years ago I heard Ravi Coltrane play most of the evening on sopranino
  9. Happy Birthday 7/4!

    thanks folks...feeling old these days!
  10. Andy LaVerne - Metropolis

    It's on Amazon...
  11. Where the hell is Phil Schaap?

    aw...get well soon Phil!
  12. 2018 rock hall inductees

    um...King Crimson is celebrating 50 years in 2019. .
  13. It couldn't have helped! Of course it could have been prevented.