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  1. Anthony Braxton Plays Standards for Lovers

  2. Andy LaVerne - Metropolis

    OK, I didn't bother to look up your name. I'm the mod.
  3. Andy LaVerne - Metropolis

    How about that...join us on FB.
  4. Circle

    true! Without looking it up, I thought Braxton split over the Scientology thing. Wouldn't be the first or last time someone did that.
  5. Circle

    They're old men, they could just be busy making their own music.
  6. Circle

    ARC + Braxton = Circle
  7. Circle

    and Holland's early years in general...he's played with Evan Parker before. I have a feeling Braxton and Corea don't mix.
  8. what are you drinking right now?

    chilled mint tea. .
  9. Ramsey Ameen - RIP

    sudden loss, what a great guy. I only knew him on FB, but what an interesting cat.
  10. The Story Behind John Cage’s 4’33”

    I'd like to read No Such Thing as Silence*....planning on doing something about it. * Kyle Gann book.
  11. The Nessa Juggernaut rolls on

    Maybe, but you have a juggernaut.