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  1. Live Streaming Concerts

    Tonight -
  2. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Thought I'd let people on here know - I've just released the 2nd album on my label West Hill Records, an improvised quartet with Paul Dunmall, Percy Pursglove and Jeff Williams. I'm really proud of this one - apart from anything else Paul and Jeff have been really significant figures for both Percy and me, and this tour was the first time they had played together - was great to be able to make that happen. Hopefully everyone reading this thread knows Paul Dunmall... Percy Pursglove you might have heard in Barry Guy's Blue Shroud band and Jeff Williams with the likes of Lookout Farm, various Bley/Lovano/Getz/Konitz bands, toured with Clifford Jordan, Art Farmer, etc etc... Recorded live at Cafe Oto... you can hear or buy it here: https://westhill.bandcamp.com/album/palindromes Squidco will have physical copies in the US very soon
  3. yes, definitely the 2nd, whoops! thanks for pointing that out. it's a really nice venue, Glasgow seems to be having a real surge in this sort of music, I hear good things about the Old Hairdressers as well, and the Counterflows festival looks great
  4. Cheers. If it's of interest we're playing the Glad Cafe in Glasgow on Oct 3rd, first night of our tour. No Edinburgh date I'm afraid...
  5. By both recordings do you mean the two by this trio? if you order two copies from the bandcamp link above I'll recognise your name and replace one of the copies with the first album. The postage is only 50p more for two copies. Thanks for your interest - I love Toby and Mark too! SquidCo definitely have copies of the new one so if you'd rather go through them it should be on their site very soon, but they haven't got copies of the earlier album
  6. The new album by Somersaults,'Numerology of Birdsong', comes out today on my new label West Hill Records. Wasn't sure if this is too close to advertising for this site, but several of you supported our previous album so wanted to let you know It's on Bandcamp (CD and download) and SquidCo have copies in the US https://westhill.bandcamp.com/album/somersaults-numerology-of-birdsong Tobias Delius - tenor, clarinet Olie Brice - double bass Mark Sanders - drums "This is a great album, full of interest, differing tones, hues and colours" - Free Jazz Blog
  7. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Kim Kashkashian playing Berio's Voci (ECM) - astonishing!
  8. Roscoe Mitchell on sopranino was mind-blowing at Cafe Oto last year
  9. Cafe Zimmermann

    I love them! Definitely my favourite Brandenburg recording. Their CPE Bach is wonderful too
  10. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Any fans of the Zehetmair Quarett here? Recent discovery for me, they're amazing, Schuman isn't someone I listen to a lot but these performances are sublime... Been listening to the first disc of their Beethoven / Bruckner / Hartmann / Holliger CD too. Not completely sure what to make of their Beethoven but quite fascinated by it! Very intense and dramatic. And the Bruckner is gorgeous. Will get to the Hatmann and Holliger tomorrow.
  11. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    I love the Smetana, sometimes my favourite late Beethoven
  12. Dave Holland - Uncharted Territories

    while I don't want to put words in Evan's mouth (and voted remain myself) I think it's worth noting that his stance on Brexit was as a Socialist in opposition to the neo-liberal nature of the EU, not some sort of narrow-minded xenophobia
  13. Thoughts on these upcoming boxed sets?

    The Juilliard 'complete epic' box is fantastic, and alongside the reissues on Testament give you most of their vital recordings (except the 2 wonderful Bartok cycles of course). Their take on Mozart's K421 is particularly magical and to my knowledge not previously available on CD I'm tempted by the Budapest Quartet set, although I don't really know their work and have quite a few Beethoven cycles...