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  1. BN Collectors Edition

    The label on the actual CD (linked to above) states that this is a Universal Records Special Markets release, Manufactured by Universal Music; Copy-write Capital 2019. So the CD must be an official BN release. US site: http://www.culturefactoryusa.com/ lots of major labels noted here
  2. I just looked at these re-issues on CD Japan. For some reason I decided to google translate the Sidewinders' track listing (I'm not sure why). Anyway, Lee Morgan seems to have had amazing powers of foresight, as track 3 has the title: 'Gary's Laptop'.
  3. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    These were the titles released Sept 28: http://www.universal-music.co.jp/jazz/jazz-hyakkaten/cat/201609bluenote/ The BN Masterworks was not duplicated as such, the BN releases are part of a Universal cross-label re-issue program (CD Japan identifies this as follows: Reissue with SHM-CD format. Comes with new liner notes. This series features the album with the following product numbers: UCCO-5551 through UCCU-5704. The site mentions Riverside, even though this re-issue 'event' covers other labels.) I 'believe' each BN title was part of the Masterworks release schedule. The only other title I have (alongside Somethin' Else) from the Sept releases is Newk's Time and this does seem to adhere to the Masterworks sound profile as much as I can tell, also. Probably a good idea to check the the sound samples between BN 75 and the later crop of releases; I'm not really the best person to comment on sound quality, as I'm not really a sound-chaser, usually happy just to have the music, for the most part. I do see how some masters can bring music to life and can see why the chase could be fun. I'm too lazy and poor to do this :-). Probably, mostly the latter.
  4. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    Demitry I think the BN SHM-CDs released on 28 Sept 2016 (preceding the Dec RVGs SHM releases) are the same masterings as the BN 75 SHMs. At least I'm pretty sure Cannonball Adderley's Somethin' Else is. [Both shared the same tracklisting .i.e extra tracks and the same P&C copywrite dates - plus to me they sounded identical.] Maybe someone else can offer an opinion too, if they have heard other Sept 2016 releases etc. The packaging was more basic on the newer CD than the BN 75ths, but that was the only difference I noticed. I think sound samples can be compared on CD Japan for some identical titles, to see if they match - also.
  5. I have just got hold of a Somethin' Else UCCU-5655 SHM-CD. I'm as certain as I can be that this is the 2013 BN SHM mastering. I know the 75th Anniversary CD as a burn and the new CD has the same 7 tracks and the P-Circled copyright 2013 identifier. Although, the new CD comes without the 75th's packaging e.g. photo tray etc. The packaging is the bog-standard 'Low-Priced Edition' presentation; a facsimile of the original LP cover - front and back . The bonus tracks are not even noted on the cover track-list, only the CD, which I find a bit strange. Still, its the music that counts, really, and I like the sound.
  6. YEN 200.000 (=USD 1.900+) ....

    Whoow - its gone down by £40 since I saw this a few days ago, for those who pay Sterling. Bargain ;-) (Well, unless we Brits leave Europe today and the pound plummets.) You'd think they'd offer more than 3% bonus points given the price. Wouldn't want to drop one of these being made of glass.
  7. Blue Note Premium Mini LP Platinum SHM-CD Vol.1

    For those interested in these CDs, apparently they are different masterings to the earlier BN SHM-CDs - they are in mono - according to the HMV Japan site. This is noted in the Hoffman forum thread: Platinum SHM-CDs Launched! (Disc 3). On the current last page, someone has kindly posted a 1 minute sound sample from Somethin' Else. I hope its socially exceptable for me to draw another forum to peoples attention, in this way, I'm not really sure of forum etiquette. Edit: here is a link Chuck (sorry, this is a bad English joke - chuck meaning buddy): http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/platinum-shm-cds-launched-disc-3.342656/page-45 Post 1124
  8. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    I received a copy of Duke Pearson's Sweet Honey Bee SHM-CD this morning (Amazon impulse purchase; after seeing it being noted as out of print, elsewhere). I really like the music and think the CD sounds fine. To add to the previous discussions on the CDs source. I'm pretty sure that the CD is taken from a vinyl source. However, I am not saying that I would have noticed this if others had not raised the issue. Out of interest, I burnt the new CD to my laptop as an MP3 and listened to it on headphones and compared it to another MP3 of the 1993 Capital Records EU release. What I could hear (I believe) are two CDs from the same source. There appears to be vinyl static noise in the same places. Although, this is less noticeable on the SHM-CD. Plus, this is probably more noticeable in general on headphones, especially when you are actively listening for faults, so I would not want to over play this. Flicking between both files, I didn't notice much of a difference in sound overall. I don't really care about DR values (I care about sound enjoyment, but sometimes check them out of personal interest - to try and ascertain whether I think compression is good or bad for music: probably both at times I have decided). However, I could see, but not necessarily hear, that the differences between both sources may be partially down to very slight added compression. Plus, whatever engineers do to lessen clicks and pops. (Possibly, alter the EQ slightly, in this instance, I guess.) I compared lossy files only, as I'm not into audiofile sound-test exercises...just wondered whether the SHM-CD was possibly the product of a newly obtained master-tape that, we may now be privileged to hear. Anyway, after lots of waffle. Did I mention, I really like this CD and the way it sounds. Needle drop or not, I would purchase again. (What's wrong the odd click and pop, anyway? I'd listen to a record found in a skip if the content excited me.)
  9. Blue Note Premium Mini LP Platinum SHM-CD Vol.1

    I avoid that method due to the Health & Safety implications.
  10. Blue Note Premium Mini LP Platinum SHM-CD Vol.1

    There is a small indicator that the Yoshida / Grundman remastered Blue Notes may see the light of day. That is if the following is correct. Universal Music Italy has Somethin' Else slated for release in 2016 (26 Feb); noted to be a "2012 remastered". Details: UPC 00602537857463 / http://www.universalmusic.it/pop/artista/discografia/?ccidp=31056253817 . The RVG version of this title is also noted separately. Lee Morgan's Cornbread is also due to be released on this date (no mastering info noted, I'm affraid), I suspect more BN titles will be added for release on this date. Reasoning? Amazon UK and ImportCDs.com have 19 BN titles listed. ImportCDs state that the titles are Italian imports. Both third party sites had these slated to be released in December (this date was originally noted to be the release date for the above 2 titles on the UM Italy site), but on the supposed release date their status was altered to back order or not available. The titles on these sites reflect those of the first 4 batches of the recent BN vinyl reissues and most are still available in earlier released form. Although, to complicate matters somewhat, the non-remastered box sets released this year (e.g. Wayne Shorter) - that me and Erwbol conversed about on the BN SHM thread, were also Italian releases according to ImportCDs. The more I looked into this, the muddier things appeared. The only indication I have found that the CDs slated for release may be the newer remasterings, is the Cannonball Adderley titles listing details. To be honest I have now lost interest, but seeing the further BN Platinum CDs due for release noted on the CD Japan site and mentioned here prompted me to post this info. By the way, I have no interest in the Platinum releases, life is too short. Crushing the skin of many grapes will not release wine, just make your fingers sore.
  11. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    Thanks for the update Erwbol. I suspected that the box sets may have been non-remastered, but found no indication either way when looking. However, I reckon that the other CDs may be new remasters - we may find. I haven't found any concrete evidence, as such. It is just that all the new titles, except one, were in the first batch of 20 BN (Grundman) vinyl masters. So, maybe a CD reissue program is to mirror the vinyl one, but at a quicker pace, I presume? Also, I see that Spotify also appears to be hosting new BN masters e.g. Introducing The Three Sounds (2013) / Lee Morgan - The Cooker (2006 versions & 2013). These are copyrighted: Blue Note Records, not uploaded by a European third party Public Domain company etc. This is just pure speculation on my part. I have found no other on-line shops offering new (non-SHM) remasters or found any info regarding a new CD reissue programme. Seeing the 2015 labeled titles just peaked my interest. EDIT: whatever these CDs are, they are listed at ImportCDs.com (and some other sites). Some sources state that they are Italian releases and are due to be released today (Friday 11th). Amazon has the same date. However, Universal Italy states 26 Feb and calls the items international releases, although, only Cornbread and Somethin' Else is listed, I think. The first title has no associated mastering information, but the latter is noted to be '2012 remastered'.
  12. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    It looks like some of the most up to date Blue Note remasters may be about to be released on CD. I believe the vinyl reissuing was due to run up to this month and CD reissuing appears to be following on from this, if this is correct. Amazon UK (and other Amazon sites, too) are advertising December pre-orders for the titles (or at least most of them, as far as I can see) originally released in the first four months of the vinyl program. I'm not sure which country/region is actually issuing the CDs as different Amazon sites note that they are 'imports'. Edit: actually, I've noticed that all of the first 20 releases, baring Somethin' Else, appear to be available: http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=sr_pg_1?fst=as%3Aoff&rh=n%3A229816%2Ck%3Ablue+note%2Cp_n_binding_browse-bin%3A382528011&sort=date-desc-rank&keywords=blue+note&ie=UTF8&qid=1447373219 [There were also Wayne Shorter / Herbie Hancock BN box set released last month, I noticed. There is no mention whether these are newly remastered or not.]
  13. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    Hi, This may be of use to some: I've not used the site myself, but HMV Japan does have some of the titles missing on CD Japan, at the moment. For instance, Night Dreamer and Here 'Tis. (I stick with CD Japan as the cheap postage to the UK helps to keep the price down and aids avoidance of import costs). Andy
  14. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    It looks like even some of the last batch of the SHM-CDs may be going out of print. So, if anyone has a SHM-CD or two on there Christmas list, then they may need to write to Santa now. (Ironically, I hate how in some shops the end of September is the start of the Christmas season.) I have noticed that Wayne Shorter's Night Dreamer, for instance, is already unavailable at CD Japan and on the Universal Japan site. (Although, it is available elsewhere - at this time.) Some of the earlier titles had been around for about two years, so I did find this surprising.
  15. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    In relation to romualdo's post; has anyone compared the RVG (which I like) to the SHM-CD: Tina Brooks - True Blue. I don't usually upgrade, but may do at some point, for this one. [Even for those that hate RVGs, your comments will be welcomed by me, I am just interested in the differences that may be heard.] As an aside, I received a copy of Moon Rappin' by Jack McDuff, released as part of the low budged re-issue program. The copy now available is the non-RVG TOCJ-6755 mastering, if this info is of use to anyone.