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  1. Hello again from Italy: I have the following OJC for sale - mint condition - printed in USA All CDs are in excellent condition... 5.00 $ / 4.50 € I ship Worldwide from Italy at cost (i ship the CDs with booklet and covers without jewel case to save money for shipping costs). Please feel free to PM me with your reguests... thank you Andrea On sale: ADAMS PEPPER Encounter! Prestige OJCCD-892-2 (P-7677) ADDERLEY CANNONBALL QUINTET-Inside Straight Fantasy OJCCD-750-2 (F-9435) ADDERLEY CANNONBALL The Cannonball Adderley Quintet Plus Riverside OJCCD-306-2 (RLP-9388) ADDERLEY CANNONBALL AND HIS ORCHESTRA-African Waltz Riverside OJCCD-258-2 (RLP-9377) ADDERLEY NAT Work Song Riverside OJCCD-363-2 (RLP-1167) ADDERLEY NAT Branching Out Riverside OJCCD-255-2 (RLP-285) ALLISON MOSE Local Color Prestige OJCCD-457-2 (P-7121) AMMONS GENE And His All-Stars - Groove Blues Prestige OJCCD-723-2 (PR-7201) AMMONS GENE Funky Prestige OJCCD-244-2 (P-7083) AMMONS GENE Boss Tenor Prestige OJCCD-297-2 (P-7180) AMMONS GENE Jammin' In Hi Fi With Gene Ammons Prestige OJCCD-129-2 (P-7110) AMMONS GENE Late Hour Special Prestige OJCCD-942-2 (P-7287) AMMONS GENE All Stars - The Big Sound Prestige OJCCD-651-2 (P-7132) AMMONS GENE Gene Ammons All-Star Sessions With Sonny Stitt Prestige OJCCD-014-2 (P-7050) BAKER CHET It Could Happen To You Riverside OJCCD-303-2 (RLP-1120) BAKER CHET Plays The Best Of Lerner & Loewe Riverside OJCCD-137-2 (RLP-1152) BAKER CHET With Fifty Italian Strings Jazzland OJCCD-492-2 (JLP-921) BAKER CHET In Milan Jazzland OJCCD-370-2 (JLP-18) BAKER CHET Chet Riverside OJCCD-087-2 (RLP-1135) BASIE COUNT-PETERSON OSCAR Night Rider Pablo OJCCD-688-2 BLAKEY ART AND THE JAZZ MESSENGERS - Caravan Riverside OJCCD-038-2 (RLP-9438) BRUBECK DAVE QUARTET-Near-Myth Will Bill Smith Fantasy OJCCD-236-2 (F-8063) BRUBECK DAVE Plays And Plays And Plays Fantasy OJCCD-716-2 (F-3259) BRUBECK DAVE QUARTET- Jazz At The College Of The Pacific, Vol. 2 Fantasy OJCCD-1076-2 BRUBECK DAVE Brubeck A La Mode Fantasy OJCCD-200-2 (F-3301) BRUBECK DAVE QUARTET-Jazz At College Of The Pacific Fantasy OJCCD-047-2 (F-3223) BRUBECK DAVE-DESMOND PAUL-VAN KRIEDT DAVID Reunion Fantasy OJCCD-150-2 (F-3268) BRYANT RAY Ray Bryant Trio Prestige OJCCD-793-2 (P-7094) BURRELL KENNY Same Prestige OJCCD-019-2 (P-7088) BYRD DONALD-BURRELL KENNY All Night Long Prestige OJCCD-427-2 (P-7073) CARTER BENNY Jazz Giant OJC20 167-2 Digipack CLAYTON BUCK-TATE BUDDY Buck & Buddy Prestige/Swingville OJCCD-757-2 (SV-2017) COBB ARNETT Party Time Prestige OJCCD-219-2 (P-7165) COBB ARNETT Blow Arnett, Blow Prestige OJCCD-794-2 (P-7151) COLEMAN EARL Earl Coleman Returns Prestige OJCCD-187-2 (P-7045) COLEMAN ORNETTE The Music Of Ornette Coleman:Something Else!!! Contemporary OJCCD-162-2 (S-7551) COLEMAN ORNETTE Tomorrow Is The Question! Contemporary OJCCD-342-2 (S-7569) COLLETTE BUDDY Nice Day With Buddy Collette Contemporary OJCCD-747-2 (C-3531) COLLETTE BUDDY Man Of Many Parts Contemporary OJCCD-239-2 (C-3522) COLTRANE JOHN Black Pearls Prestige OJCCD-352-2 (P-7316) COLTRANE JOHN Standard Coltrane Prestige OJCCD-246-2 (P-7242) COLTRANE JOHN Lush Life Prestige OJCCD-131-2 (P-7188) COLTRANE JOHN The Last Trane Prestige OJCCD-394-2 (P-7378) CRISS SONNY Up, Up And Away 2 COPY!!! Prestige OJCCD-982-2 (P-7530) CRISS SONNY This Is Criss! Prestige OJCCD-430-2 (P-7511) CRISS SONNY I'll Catch The Sun Prestige OJCCD-811-2 (P-7628) CURTIS KING The New Scene Of King Curtis Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-198-2 (NJ-8237) DAMERON TADD With John Coltrane - Mating Call Prestige OJCCD-212-2 (P-7070) DAVIS EDDIE "LOCKJAW" The Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis Cookbook, Volume 1 Prestige OJCCD-652-2 (P-7141) DAVIS EDDIE "LOCKJAW" The Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis Cookbook, Volume 2 Prestige OJCCD-653-2 (P-7161) DAVIS EDDIE "LOCKJAW"-TATE BUDDY-HAWKINS COLEMAN-COBB ARNETT Very Saxy Prestige OJCCD-458-2 (P-7167) DESMOND PAUL The Paul Desmond Quintet/Quartet Fantasy OJCCD-712-2 DOLPHY ERIC In Europe, Vol. 2 Prestige OJCCD-414-2 (P-7350) DOLPHY ERIC At The Five Spot, Vol. 1 Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-133 (NJ-8260) DOLPHY ERIC In Europe, Vol. 3 Prestige OJCCD-416-2 (P-7366) DOLPHY ERIC In Europe, Vol. 1 Prestige OJCCD-413-2 (P-7304) DOLPHY ERIC Eric Dolphy With Booker Little - Far Cry New Jazz OJCCD-400-2 (NJ-8270) DOLPHY ERIC Outward Bound OJC20 022-2 Digipack DORHAM KENNY Kenny Dorham Quintet Debut OJCCD-113-2 (DEB-9) DORHAM KENNY QUARTET-2 Horns / 2 Rhythm Riverside OJCCD-463-2 (RLP-255) DORHAM KENNY Quiet Kenny Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-250-2 (NJ-8225) DORHAM KENNY Sings And Play - This Is The Moment Riverside OJCCD-812-2 (RLP-275) EARDLEY JON The Jon Eardley Seven Prestige OJCCD-123-2 (P-7033) ELDRIDGE ROY Happy Time Pablo OJCCD-628-2 (2310-744) ELLINGTON DUKE The Pianist Fantasy OJCCD-717-2 (F-9462) ELLINGTON DUKE The Afro-Eurasian Eclipse Fantasy OJCCD-645-2 (F-9498) FARLOW TAL The Reurn Of Tal Farlow / 1969 Prestige OJCCD-356-2 (P-????) FARMER ART On The Road Contemporary OJCCD-478-2 (S-7636) FARMER ART QUINTET-Featuring Gigi Gryce Prestige OJCCD-241-2 (P-7017) FARMER ART-BYRD DONALD 2 Trumpets Prestige OJCCD-018-2 (P-7062) FLANAGAN TOMMY The Tommy Flanagan Trio Prestige/Moodsville OJCCD-182-2 (MV-9) FLANAGAN TOMMY-JONES HANK Our Delights Galaxy OJCCD-752-2 (GXY-5113) FORREST JIMMY Out Of The Forrest Prestige OJCCD-097-2 (P7202) FULLER CURTIS New Trombone Prestige OJCCD-077-2 (P-7107) GARLAND RED Red Garland Revisited! 2 COPY!!! Prestige OJCCD-985-2 (P-7658) GARLAND RED TRIO-Brighty And Breezy Jazzland OJCCD-265-2 (JLP-948) GARLAND RED The Nearness Of You Jazzland OJCCD-1003-2 (JLP-962) GARLAND RED QUINTET-High Pressure Prestige OJCCD-349-2 (P-7209) GARLAND RED QUARTET-Solar Jazzland OJCCD-755-2 (JLP-973) GETZ STAN Stan Getz Quartets Prestige OJCCD-121-2 (P-7002) GETZ STAN Stan Getz With Jimmy Raney & Terry Gibbs - Early Stan Prestige OJCCD-654-2 (P-7255) GETZ STAN-HAIG AL Prezervation Prestige OJCCD-706-2 (P-7516) GETZ STAN-TJADER CAL Stan Getz With Cal Tjader Fantasy OJCCD-275-2 (F-3266) GOLSON BENNY Benny Golson's New Yorke Scene Contemporary OJCCD-164-2 (C-3552) GONSALVES PAUL Gettin' Together! Jazzland OJCCD-203-2 (JLP-936) GRAPPELLI STEPHANE-PASS JOE-PEDERSEN NIELS-HENNING ORSTED Tivoli Gardens OJCCD 441-2 GRAPPELLI STEPHANE-SMITH STUFF Violins No End Pablo OJCCD-890-2 (2310-907) GRAY WARDELL Wardell Gray Memorial, Volume 2 Prestige OJCCD-051-2 (P-7009) GRAY WARDELL Wardell Gray Memorial, Volume 1 Prestige OJCCD-050-2 (P-7008) GRIFFIN JOHNNY Return Of The Griffin Galaxy OJCCD-1882-2 (GXY-5117) GRIMES TINY Tiny Grimes With J.C. Higginbotham - Callin' The Blues Prestige OJCCD-191-2 (P-7144) GRIMES TINY-HAWKINS COLEMAN Blues Grove Prestige OJCCD-817-2 (P-7138) GUARALDI VINCE Jazz Impressions Fantasy OJCCD-287-2 (F-3359) GUARALDI VINCE TRIO-Jazz Impressions Of Black Orpheus Fantasy OJCCD-437-2 (F-8089) GUARALDI VINCE TRIO-A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing Fantasy OJCCD-235-2 (F-1257) GUARALDI VINCE Vince Guaraldi Trio Fantasy OJCCD-149-2 (F-3225) HARRIS BARRY TRIO-Preminado Riverside OJCCD-486-2 (RLP-486) HARRIS BARRY Barry Harris At The Jazz Workshop Riverside OJCCD-208-2 (RLP-1177) HAWES HAMPTON QUARTET: All Night Session, Vol. 1 Contemporary OJCCD-638-2 (S-7545) HAWES HAMPTON QUARTET: All Night Session, Vol. 3 Contemporary OJCCD-640-2 (S-7547) HAWES HAMPTON Bird Song Contemporary OJCCD-1035-2 HAWES HAMPTON QUARTET: All Night Session, Vol. 2 Contemporary OJCCD-396-2 (P-7619) HAWES HAMPTON TRIO-Volume One Contemporary OJCCD-316-2 (C-3505) HAWES HAMPTON The Trio Vol. 2 Contemporary OJCCD-318-2 (C-3515) HAWKINS COLEMAN All Stars Featuring Joe Thomas & Vic Dickenson Swingville OJCCD-225-2 (SV-2005) HAWKINS COLEMAN Soul Prestige OJCCD-096-2 (P-7149) HAWKINS COLEMAN The Hawk Relaxes Prestige/Moodsville OJCCD-709-2 (MV-15) HAWKINS COLEMAN At Ease With Coleman Hawkins Prestige/Moodsville OJCCD-181-2 (MV-7) HAWKINS COLEMAN Night Hawk Prestige/Swingville OJCCD-420-2 (SV-2016) HAYNES ROY-NEWBORN PHINEAS-CHAMBERS PAUL We Three Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-196-2 (NJ-8210) HERMAN WOODY Herd At Montreux Fantasy OJCCD-991-2 (F-9470) HERMAN WOODY Giant Steps Fantasy OJCCD-344-2 (F-9432) HERMAN WOODY Tundering Herd Fantasy OJCCD-841-2 (F-9452) HOGGARD JAY Rain Forest Contemporary OJCCD-800-2 (C-4007) HOLMES RICHARD "GROOVE" Misty Prestige OJCCD-724-2 (PR-7485) HOPE ELMO Elmo Hope Trio Contemporary OJCCD-477-2 (S-7620) HUBBARD FREDDIE-PETERSON OSCAR Face To Face Pablo OJCCD-937-2 (2310876) HUMES HELEN Swingin' With Humes Contemporary OJCCD-608-2 (S-7596) JACKSON MILT Ain't But A Few Of Us Left Pablo OJCCD-785-2 (2310-873) JACQUET ILLINOIS The Blues; That's Me! Prestige OJCCD-614-2 (P-7731) JACQUET ILLINOIS The Soul Explosion Prestige OJCCD-674-2 (P-7629) JACQUET ILLINOIS On Prestige! - Bottoms Up Prestige OJCCD-417-2 (P-7575) JEFFERSON EDDIE Letter From Home Riverside OJCCD-307-2 (RLP-9411) JEFFERSON EDDIE Body And Soul Prestige OJCCD-396-2 (P-7619) JENKINS JOHN-JORDAN CLIFFORD-TIMMONS BOBBY Same Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-251-2 (NJ-8232) JOHNSON J.J.-WINDING KAI-GREEN BENNIE Trombone By Three Prestige OJCCD-091-2 (P-7023) JONES ELVIN Elvin! Riverside OJCCD-259-2 (RLP 9409) JONES ETTA AND STRINGS-So Warm Prestige OJCCD-874-2 (P-7204) JONES ETTA Lonely And Blue Prestige OJCCD-702-2 (P-7241) JONES ETTA Something Nice Prestige OJCCD-221-2 (P-7194) JONES THAD-ADAMS PEPPER QUINTET-Mean What You Say Milestone OJCCD-464-2 (MSP-9001) KELLY WYNTON TRIO & SEXTET-Kelly Blue Riverside OJCCD-033-2 (RLP-1142) KELLY WYNTON TRIO-Full View Milestone OJCCD-912-2 (MSP-9004) KESSEL BARNEY Vol. 1 - Easy Like Contemporary OJCCD-153-2 (C-3511) KESSELL BARNEY Music To Listen To Barney Kessel By Contemporary OJCCD-746-2 (S-7521) KESSELL BARNEY-BROWN RAY-MANNE SHELLY The Pool Winners Ride Again! Contemporary OJCCD-607-2 (S-7556) KONITZ LEE Subconscious-Lee Prestige OJCCD-186-2 (P-7004) KONITZ LEE The Lee Konitz Duets Milestone OJCCD-466-2 (MSP-9013) LACY STEVE Reflections New Jazz OJCCD-063-2 (NJ-8206) LATEEF YUSEEF Into Something Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-700-2???? LATEEF YUSEEF Eastern Sound Prestige OJCCD-612-2 (P-7319) LATEEF YUSEF The Centaur And The Phoenix Riverside OJCCD-721-2 (RLP-9337) LATEEF YUSEF The Three Faces Of Yuseef Lateef Riverside OJCCD-759-2 (RLP-1176) LINCOLN ABBEY That's Him! Riverside OJCCD-085-2 (RLP-251) MANN HERBIE-JASPER BOBBY Flute Soufflé Prestige OJCCD-760-2 (P-7101) MANNE SHELLY &HIS MEN-Play Peter Gunn Contemporary OJCCD-446-2 (S-7560) MANNE SHELLY & HIS MEN-More Swinging Sounds Contemporary OJCCD-320-2 (S-7519) MCDUFF JACK The Honeydripper Prestige OJCCD-222-2 (P-7199) MCGHEE HOWARD Maggie's Back In Town! Contemporary OJCCD-693-2 (S-7596) MCLEAN JACKIE QUINTET-Lights Out! Prestige OJCCD-426-2 (P-7035) MCLEAN JACKIE McLean Scene Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-098-2 (NJ-8212) MCLEAN JACKIE A Long Drink Of The Blues Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-253-2 (NJ-8253) MITCHELL BLUE A Sure Thing Riverside OJCD-837-2 (RLP-9414) MITCHELL BLUE SEXTET-Blue Soul Riverside OJCCD-765-2 (RLP-1155) MITCHELL BLUE Out Of The Blue Riverside OJCCD-687-2 (RLP-1131) MITCHELL BLUE Blue Mitchell with Johnny Griffin/Curtis Fuller/Wynton Kelly - Big 6 Riverside OJCCD-615-2 (RLP-12-273) MITCHELL BLUE Blue's Moods Riverside OJCCD-138-2 (RLP-9336) MOBLEY HANK-COHN AL-COLTRANE JOHN-SIMS ZOOT Tenor Conclave Prestige OJCCD-127-2 (P-7074) MODERN JAZZ QUARTET Django Prestige OJCCD-057-2 MODERN JAZZ QUARTET Concorde Prestige OJCCD-002-2 (P-7005) MODERN JAZZ QUARTET-JACKSON MILT QUINTET/MJQ Prestige OJCCD-125-2 (P-7059) MONK THELONIOUS Thelonious Monk Quartet Plus Two - At The Blackhawk Riverside OJCCD-305-2 MONK THELONIOUS Same Prestige OJCCD-010-2 MONK THELONIOUS Monk In France Riverside OJCCD-670-2 (RLP-9491) MONK THELONIOUS Thelonious Monk With John Coltrane OJC20 039-2 Digipack MONK THELONIOUS In Italy Riverside OJCCD-488-2 (RLP-9443) MONK THELONIOUS Thelonious Himself Riverside OJCCD-254-2 (RLP-235) MONK THELONIOUS Plays Duke Ellington Riverside OJCCD-024-2 (RLP-201) MONK THELONIOUS Alone In San Francisco Riverside OJCCD-231-2 (RLP-1158) MONTGOMERY WES Wes Montgomery Trio Riverside OJCCD-034-2 (RLP-1156) MULLIGAN GERRY-JACHSON CHUBBY Gerry Mulligan Quartet/Chubby Jackson Big Band Fantasy OJCCD-711-2 NELSON OLIVER Meet Oliver Nelson Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-227-2 (NJ-8224) NELSON OLIVER Featuring Eric Dolphy/Richard Williams - Screamin' The Blues Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-080-2 (NJ-8243) NEWBORN PHINEAS JR. A World Of Piano! Contemporary OJCCD-175-2 (S-7600) NEWBORN PHINEAS JR. TRIO-The Newborn Touch Contemporary OJCCD-270-2 (S7615) NEWBORN PHINEAS JR. Please Send Me Someone To Love Contemporary OJCCD-947-2 (P-7622) NEWBORN PHINEAS JR. The Great Jazz Piano Of Phineas Newborn Jr. Contemporary OJCCD-388-2 (S-7611) NEWMAN JOE QUINTET-Jive At Five Prestige/Swingville OJCCD-419-2 (SV-2011) NEWMAN JOE-FOSTER FRANK Good 'N' Groovy Prestige/Swingville OJCCD-185-2 (SV-2019) NORVO RED Red Norvo Trio With Jimmy Raney/Rd Mitchell Fantasy OJCCD-641-2 (F-3019) PARKER CHARLIE Bird At St. Nick's Jazz Workshop OJCCD-041-2 (JWS-500) PARKER CHARLIE Bird On 52nd Street Jazz Workshop OJCCD-114-2 (JWS-501) PASS JOE I Remember Charlie Parker Pablo Today OJCCD-602-2 (2310-109) PEPPER ART The Way It Was! Contemporary OJCCD-389-2 (S-7630) PEPPER ART Intensity Contemporary OJCCD-387-2 (S-7607) PEPPER ART Art Pepper + Eleven: Modern Jazz Classics Contemporary OJCCD-241-2 (S-7568) PEPPER ART Roadgame Galaxy OJCCD-774-2 (GXY-5142) PETERSON OSCAR The Oscar Peterson Big 6 At Montreux OJCCD-931-2????? PETERSON OSCAR-GRAPPELLI STEPHANE-PASS JOE-ROCKER MICKEY-PEDERSEN N.H.O. Skol Pablo Live OJCCD-496-2 (2308-232) PETERSON OSCAR-PASS JOE-PEDERSEN NIELS-HENNING ORSTED The Trio Pablo OJCCD-992-2 PLEASURE KING Golden Days HiFiJazz OJCCD-1772-2 (HiFiJazz-425) PLEASURE KING-ROSS ANNIE King Pleaseure Sings / Annie Ross Sings Prestige OJCCD-217-2 (P-7128) POWELL BUD TRIO-Jazz At Massey Hall, Vol. 2 Debut OJCCD-111-2 (DLP-3) PREVIN ANDRE' TRIO JAZZ-King Size! Contemporary OJCCD-691-2 (S-7570) PREVIN ANDRE' & HIS PAL-"Gigi" Contemporary OJCCD-407-2 (S-7548) PREVIN ANDRE' & HIS PALS (Shelly Manne & Red Mitchell) - Pal Joey Contemporary OJCCD-637-2 (S-7547) PREVIN ANDRE' TRIO-Like Previn! Contemporary OJCCD-170-2 (S-7575) PREVIN ANDRE'-FREEMAN RUSS Double Play! Contemporary OJCCD-157-2 (S-7537) ROLLINS SONNY QUINTET-Rollins Plays For Bird Prestige OJCCD-214-2 (P-7095) ROLLINS SONNY Way Out West Contemporary OJCCD-337-2 (S-7530) ROLLINS SONNY Worktime Prestige OJCCD-007-2 (P-7020) ROLLINS SONNY QUARTET-Tenor Madeness Prestige OJCCD-124-2 (P-7047) ROLLINS SONNY Sonny Rollins With The Modern Jazz Quartet Prestige OJCCD-021-2 (P-7029) ROLLINS SONNY And The Contemporary Leaders Contemporary OJCCD-340-2 (S-7564) ROLLINS SONNY Saxophone Colossus Prestige OJCCD-292-2 (P-7079) ROLLINS SONNY The Way I Feel Milestone OJCCD-666-2 (M-9074) ROUSE CHARLIE QUINTET - Takin' Care Of Business Jazzland OJCCD-491-2 (JLP-019) RUMSEY HOWARD Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars, Vol. 6 Contemporary OJCCD-386-2 (C-3504) RUMSEY HOWARD Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars - Sunday Jazz A La Lighthouse Contemporary OJCCD-151-2 (C-3501) RUSSELL GEORGE SEXTET-Ezz-Thetics 2 COPY!!! Riverside OJCCD-070-2 (RLP-9375) SHANK BUD-ROGERS SHORTY California Concert Contemporary OJCCD-948-2 (C-14012) SIMS ZOOT FOUR-The Innocent Years Pablo OJCCD-860-2 (2310-872) SIMS ZOOT QUINTET-Zoot! Riverside OJCCD-228-2 (RLP-228) SIMS ZOOT-PASS JOE Blues For Two Pablo OJCCD-635-2 (2310-879) STITT SONNY Kaleidoscope Prestige OJCCD-060-2 (P-7077) STITT SONNY-MCDUFF JACK Stitt Meets Brother Jack Prestige OJCCD-753-2 (P-7244) STITT SONNY-POWELL BUD-JOHNSON J.J. Same Prestige OJCCD-999-2???? SYMS SYLVIA-BURRELL KENNY Sylvia Is! Prestige OJCCD-775-2 (P-7439) TERRY CLARK QUINTET-Top And Bottom Brass Riverside OJCCD-764-2 (RLP-1137) TERRY CLARK QUARTET with Thelonious Monk - In Orbit Riverside OJCCD-302-2 (RLP-271) TERRY CLARK QUINTET-Serenade To A Bus Seat Riverside OJCCD-068-2 (RLP-237) THE QUINTET (GILLESPIE-PARKER-POWELL-MINGUS-ROACH) Jazz At Massey Hall Debut OJCCD-044-2 (DEB-124) THOMPSON LUCKY QUARTET-Lucky Strikes Prestige OJCCD-194-2 (P-7365) TIMMONS BOBBY This Here Bobby Timmons Riverside OJCCD-104-2 (RLP-1164) TIMMONS BOBBY TRIO-Easy Does It Riverside OJCCD-722-2 (RLP-9363) TIMMONS BOBBY TRIO-In Person Riverside OJCCD-364-2 (RLP-9391) TIMMONS BOBBY Soul Time Riverside OJCCD-820-2 (R-9334) TJADER CAL Primo Fantasy OJCCD-762-2 (F-9422) TJADER CAL QUARTET-Jazz At The Blackhawk Fantasy OJCCD-436-2 (F-8096) TJADER CAL MODERN MAMBO QUINTET-Mambo With Tjader Fantasy OJCCD-271-2 (F-3202) TYNER MCCOY Echoes Of A Friends Milestone OJCCD-650-2 (M-9055) TYNER MCCOY Trident Milestone OJCCD-720-2 (M-9063) VV.AA. New Blue Horns Riverside OJCCD-256-2 (RLP-1134) WALTON CEDAR The Cedar Walton Trio, Quartet & Quintet - Cedar! Prestige OJCCD-462-2 (P-7519) WEBSTER BEN-ZAWINUL JOE Soulmates Riverside OJCCD-109-2 (RLP-9476) WINCHESTER LEM-GOLSON BENNY Winchester Special Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-1719-2 (NJ-8223) WOODS PHIL QUARTET-Woodlore Prestige OJCCD-052-2 (P-7018) WOODS PHIL SEPTET-Pairing Off Prestige OJCCD-092-2 (P-7046) WOODS PHIL-QUILL GENE Phil & Quill With Prestige Prestige OJCCD-215-2 (P-71??) YOUNG LESTER In Washington, D.C. 1956, Vol. 5 Pablo OJCCD-993-2 YOUNG LESTER In Washington, D.C. 1956, Vol. 4 Pablo OJCCD-?????????????? YOUNG LESTER In Washington, D.C. 1956, Vol. 2 Pablo OJCCD-881-2 (2308-225) YOUNG LESTER In Washington, D.C. 1956, Vol. 1 Pablo OJCCD-782-2 (2308-219) YOUNG LESTER In Washington, D.C. 1956, Vol. 3 Pablo OJCCD??????
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  3. JAZZ CDs for sale: SAVOY Records

    11 titles sold, thank you
  4. Hello again from Italy: I have the following MOON Records, JAZZ VIEW-Historical Masters, NEW SOUND PLANET CDs for sale. Out of print CDs from Italian labels unofficially releasing titles , active from late 80's to early 90's. - mint / near mint condition 5.00 $ USD / 4.50 Euro I ship Worldwide from Italy at cost (i ship the CDs with booklet and covers without jewel case to save money for shipping costs). Please feel free to PM me with your reguests... thank you Andrea On sale: ARMSTRONG LOUIS Someday Moon MCD080-2 BLAKET ART Are You Real Moon MCD071-2 BYAS DON Don Byas Meets Dizzy Gillespie - Yesterdays Moon MCD009-2 COLEMAN ORNETTE Broken Shadows Moon MCD022-2 ELLINGTON DUKE & His Orchestra - Jive Rhapsody Moon MCD084-2 ELLINGTON DUKE Carnegie Hall '64 - Vol. 1 Moon MCD061-2 ELLINGTON DUKE Carnegie Hall '64 - Vol. 2 Moon MCD068-2 EVANS BILL Emily Moon MCD060-2 FARMER ART Art Farmer Meets Gerry Mulligan & Jim Hall Moon MCD051-2 GILLESPIE DIZZY On The Sunny Side Of The Street Moon MCD077-2 GORDON DEXTER Those Were The Days Moon MCD059-2 GRAY WARDELL How High The Moon Moon MCD076-2 HAWKINS COLEMAN-PETERSON OSCAR-BYAS DON-WILSON TEDDY Coleman Hawkins Vs. Oscar Peterson & Don Byas Vs. Teddy Wilson Moon MCD018-2 JOHNSON J.J.-MONK THELONIOUS The Be Bop Legends Moon MCD 072-2 MINGUS CHARLIE Astral Weeks Moon MCD016-2 O'DAY ANITA Tea For Two Moon MCD023-2 ROLLINS SONNY In Denmark 2 Moon MCD038-2 VV.AA. All-Star Jam Session - Ow! Moon MCD075-2 BAKER CHET QUINTET-Live In Europe 1956 (Vol. 1) Jazz View 033 BAKER CHET QUINTET-Live In Europe 1956 (Vol. 2) Jazz View 034 VV.AA. The Bop Fathers (Volume 1) Jazz View 026 VV.AA. The Bop Fathers (Volume 2) Jazz View 027 YOUNG LESTER The President (Vol. 3) Jazz View 037 YOUNG LESTER The President (Vol. 4) Jazz View 038 YOUNG LESTER The President (Vol. 5) Jazz View 039 YOUNG LESTER The President (Vol. 6) Jazz View 040 YOUNG LESTER The President (Vol. 1) Jazz View 029 YOUNG LESTER The President (Vol. 2) Jazz View 030 ARMSTRONG LOUIS Satchmo '54 New Sound Planet JU 301 BASIE COUNT Down For The Count New Sound Planet JU 303 BLAKEY ART AND THE JAZZ MESSENGERS - Live In Berlin 1959/1962 New Sound Planet JU 321 CARTER BENNY Benny Carter Big Band - On The Air New Sound Planet JU 327 CLAYTON BUCK AND HIS BAND-Jammin' at <Eddie Condon's> Vol. 1 New Sound Planet JU 311 CLAYTON BUCK AND HIS BAND-Jammin' at <Eddie Condon's> Vol. 2 New Sound Planet JU 312 COLTRANE JOHN QUARTET - Live In Denmark 1962 New Sound Planet JU-316 DAVIS MILES QUINTET-Live In Europe New Sound Planet JU 320 ELLINGTON DUKE Live In Italy 1967 - Vol. 1 New Sound Planet JU-305 ELLINGTON DUKE Live In Italy 1967 - Vol. 2 New Sound Planet JU-306 HINES EARL Live In Milano 1966 New Sound Planet JU 315 JOHNSON J.J.-MONK THELONIOUS The Be Bop Legends New Sound Planet JU-302 MONK THELONIOUS QUARTET-Live In Berlin 1961 New Sound Planet JU 326 MULLIGAN GERRY QUARTET - Live In Stockholm 1957 New Sound Planet JU 324 ROLLINS SONNY QUARTET featuring Don Cherry - In Europe 1963 - Vol. 2 New Sound Planet JU 314 ROLLINS SONNY QUARTET featuring Don Cherry - In Europe 1963 - Vol. 1 Sound Planet JU 313
  5. Hello again from Italy: I have the following RCA Records CDs for sale - mint / near mint condition 5.50 $ USD / 5.00 Euro I ship Worldwide from Italy at cost (i ship the CDs with booklet and covers without jewel case to save money for shipping costs). Please feel free to PM me with your reguests... thank you Andrea On sale: ALBMAN MANNY-WILKINS ERNIE And Their Orchestra/Al Cohn And His Orchestra RCA 74321 36409 2 BASIE COUNT 1949/Shoutin' Blues RCA 07883 66158 2 BLAKEY ART & THE JAZZ MESSENGERS - Au Theatre Des Champs-Elysees RCA 74321192522 BLAKEY ART ET LES JAZZ MESSENGERS - Au Club St Germain 1958 2 CD RCA ND 74897 (2) BLAKEY ART AND THE JAZZ MESSENGERS - Paris 1958 RCA 74321101522 BLEY PAUL Jazz 'n (e) motion BMG Rca 7432 1559342 COHN AL-PERKINS BILL-KAMUCA RICHIE The Brothers! RCA 74321477922 COHN AL-ROGERS SHORTY East Coast-West Coast Scene RCA ND 74404 COHN AL-SIMS ZOOT SEXTET-From A To Z RCA 74321477902 DORSEY TOMMY Clambake Seven/Having Wonderful Time RCA 74321 21824 2 DORSEY TOMMY AND HIS ORCHESTRA-The Post-War Era RCA 07883 66156 2 GONSALVES PAUL Ellingtonia Moods & Blues RCA 74321477932 GRAPPELLI STEPHANE Le Toit De Paris RCA 74321192502 GREEN URBIE AND HIS ORCHESTRA - Let's Face The Music And Dance RCA 74321433922 GREEN URBIE His Trombone And Rhythm / The Best Of New Broadway Show Hits RCA 74321398732 HAMPTON LIONEL Reunion At Newport 1967 RCA 07863 66157 2 HAMPTON LIONEL Tempo And Swing RCA 74321101612 JAMES ETTA Mystery Lady - Songs Of Billie Holiday RCA Victor JOLLY PETE TRIO-When Lights Are Low RCA 74321581092 JOLLY PETE Duo-Trio-Quartet RCA 74321424532 LAMBERT, HENDRICKS & BAVAN At Basin Street RCA 743211257562 LAMBERT, HENDRICKS & BAVAN At Newport '63 RCA 74321257572 LAMBERT, HENDRICKS & BAVAN Havin'A Ball At The Village Gate RCA 74321221112 LEE JEANNE-BLAKE RAN The Newest Sound Around RCA Victor Gold Series 74321748052 Digipack LEVY LOU QUARTET-Jazz In Four Colors RCA ND 74401 MONTROSE JACK QUINTET-The Horn's Full RCA 74321 18521 2 MONTROSE JACK QUINTET-Blues And Vanilla RCA ND 7440? NEWBORN PHINEAS JR. Jazz Interpretations Of Arold Harlen's Music From "Jamaica" RCA 74321580552 NEWBORN PHINEAS JR. TRIO-Faboulos Phineas RCA 74321257662 NEWBORN PHINEAS JR. Phineas' Rainbow RCA 74321318702 POWELL BUD Trio/Swingin' With Bud RCA 74321 13041 2 ROGERS SHORTY QUINTET-Wherever The Five Winds Blow SEALED!!! RCA ND 74399 ROGERS SHORTY And His Giants/The Big Shorty Rogers Express RCA 74321 18519 2 ROGERS SHORTY And His Giants/A Portrait Of Shorty RCA 74321 21822 2 ROGERS SHORTY THE FIVE - Arrangiaments By Shorty Rogers RCA ND 74397 ROGERS SHORTY-PREVIN ANDRE ORCHESTRA Collaboration RCA ND 74398 ROLLINS SONNY Sonny Meet Hawk! RCA 74321221073 ROLLINS SONNY The Standard Sonny Rollins RCA 74321221092 RUSSELL GEORGE And His Smalltet - The Rca Victor Jazz Workshop RCA 74321591442 SCOTT TONY QUARTET - Both Side Of Tony Scott RCA 74321611202 SCOTT TONY AND HIS ORCHESTRA - The Complete Tony Scott RCA 74321421322 SHAW ARTIE AND HIS ORCHESTRA-Personal Best RCA 74321101542 THE FOUR BROTHERS Together Again! RCA 07863 51096 2 TROVAJOLI ARMANDO Trio & Quartet RCA 742321-11149-2 WALLER FATS Fats Waller And His Rhythm/The Middle Years, Part. 1 (1936-1938) 2 CD SEALED!!! RCA?????? 10.00 $ / 9.00 € WAYNE CHUCK String Fever RCA 74321611192 WOODS PHIL-QUILL GENE Sextet/Phil And Quill RCA ND 74405
  6. Hello again from Italy: I have the following BLUE NOTE and CAPITOL Records CDs for sale - mint / near mint condition BLUE NOTE prices: The RVG Series and all the other titltes otherwise indicated are sold at 4.00 $ / 3.50 € CAPITOL RECORDS prices: 5.00 $ / 4.50 € I ship Worldwide from Italy at cost (i ship the CDs with booklet and covers without jewel case to save money for shipping costs). Please feel free to PM me with your reguests... thank you Andrea On sale: VV.AA. Low & Slow/The Blue Note Tenor Sax Ballads Collection (Feat.D.Gordon/S.Turrentine…) 3 CD Blue Note CDP 7 8 31280 2 (Europe) 6.00$ / 5.50€ ADDERLEY CANNONBALL Somethin' Else Blue Note CDP 7 46338 2 5.00$ / 4.50 € ALLISON MOSE The Earth Wants You Blue Note CDP 7243 8 27640 2 1 5.00 $ / 4.50 € BARBER PATRICIA Nightclub Blue Note Premonition 27290 2 4.50 $ / 4.00 € BLAKEY ART Ritual Blue Note CDP 7 46858 2 6.00 $ / 5.50 € BROOKMEYER BOB-EVANS BILL The Ivory Hunters Blue Note CDP 7243 8 27324 2 6 4.50 $ / 4.00 € BROOKS TINA Minor Move Blue Note 7243 5 22671 2 5 5.50 $ / 5.00 € BYRD DONALD Fuego Blue Note CDP 7 46534 2 5.50 $ / 5.00 € BYRD DONALD-WATKINS DOUG The Transition Sessions Blue Note Records 7243 5 50528 2 8 8.00$ / 7.50 € CHAMBERS PAUL Bass On Top Blue Note CDP 7 46533 2 6.00 $ / 5.50 € CHAMBERS PAUL Paul Chambers Quintet SEALED!!! Blue Note ??????? 11.00 $ / 10.00 € CHARLAP BILL Stardust Blue Note 7245 5 35985 2 5 4.50$ / 4.00 € CHARLAP BILL Bill Charlap Plays George Gershwin - The American Soul Blue Note Records 7243 8 4047028 4.50 $ / 4.00 € CLARK SONNY My Conception Blue Note 7243 5 22674 2 2 6.00 $ / 5.50 € CLARK SONNY Standards Blue Note 7243 8 21283 2 8 4.50 $ / 4.00 € CLARK SONNY Sonny Clark Trio Blue Note Records RVG Edition 7243 5 33774 2 7 COLEMAN ORNETTE At The Golden Circle, Volume One Blue Note Records RVG Edition 7243 5 35518 2 7 COLEMAN ORNETTE At The Golden Circle, Volume Two Blue Note Records RVG Edition 7243 5 35519 2 6 DAVIS WALTER JR. Davis Cup Blue Note Records RVG Edition 0946 3 92766 2 2 DOLPHY ERIC Out To Lunch Blue Note CDP 7 46524 2 4.50 $ / 4.00 € DOLPHY ERIC The Illinois Concert Blue Note Records 7243 4 99826 2 8 5.00$ / 4.50 € DONALDSON LOU The Scorpion: Live At The Cadillac Club 2 COPY 1 SEALED!!! Blue Note CDP 7243 8 31876 2 1 6.50 $ / 6.00 € 10.00$ / 9.00€ (sealed copy) DONALDSON LOU Midnight Creeper Blue Note Records 7243 5 24549 2 1 5.50$ / 5.00 € DONALDSON LOU A Man With A Horn Blue Note 7243 5 21436 2 7 5.50$ / 5.00 € DONALDSON LOU Gravy Train Blue Note CDP 7243 8 53357 2 3 5.50$ / 5.00 € DONALDSON LOU Lush Life Blue Note CDP 7 84254 2 6.00$ / 5.50 € DORHAM KENNY The Complete 'Round About Midnight At The Café Bohemia 2 COPY Blue Note Records RVG Edition 7243 5 33775 2 6 DORHAM KENNY Matador/Inta Somethin' Blue Note CDP 7 84460 2 6.50$ / 6.00€ ELLING KURT Close Your Eyes Blue Note CDP 7243 8 30645 2 6 ELLING KURT This Time It's Love Blue Note 7243 4 93543 2 6 ELLING KURT Flirting With Twilight Blue Note Records 72435 31182 2 8 ELLINGTON DUKE Money Jungle Blue Note CDP 7 46398 2 5.00$ / 4.50 € FERRELL RACHELLE First Instrument Blue Note CDP 7243 8 27820 2 5 FULLER CURTIS The Opener Blue Note Records RVG Edition 50999 2 15370 2 8 GORDON DEXTER The Squirrel Blue Note 85 73 02 2 5.00$ / 4.50 € GREEN GRANT Idle Moments Blue Note Records RVG Edition 7243 4 99003 2 5 GREEN GRANT Standards Blue Note 7243 8 21284 2 7 5.00$ / 4.50 € GREEN GRANT I Want To Hold Your Hand Blue Note CDP 7243 8 59962 2 1 5.00$ / 4.50 € GRIFFIN JOHNNY A Blowin' Session Blue Note Records RVG Edition 7243 4 99009 2 9 HARTMAN JOHNNY For Trane Blue Note CDP 7243 8 35346 2 3 5.00$ / 4.50 € HILL ANDREW But Not Farwell Blue Note CDP 7 94971 2 7.00$ / 6.50 € HILL ANDREW Black Fire Blue Note Records RVG Edition 7243 5 96502 2 7 HIPP JUTTA Jutta Hipp With Zoot Sims Blue Note CDP 7243 8 52439 2 9 10.00$ / 9.00 € HOPE ELMO Trio And Quintet Blue Note CDP 7 84438 2 7.00$ / 6.50 € HORNE LENA We'll Be Together Again Blue Note 7243 8 28974 2 2 5.00 $ / 4.50 € HUBBARD FREDDIE Ballads Blue Note 7243 8 56691 2 5 JACKSON MILT Same Blue Note CDP 7 81509 2 5.50$ / 5.00 € JOHNSON J.J. The Eminent, Volume One 2 COPY Blue Note Records RVG Edition 7243 5 32143 2 6 JOHNSON J.J. The Eminent, Volume Two Blue Note Records RVG Edition 7243 5 32144 2 5 JONES THAD The Magnificent Thad Jones Blue Note CDP 7 46814 2 5.50$ / 5.00 € JONES THAD-LEWIS MEL ORCHESTRA - Consumation Blue Note Records 7243 5 38226 2 0 5.50 $ / 5.00 € JONES THAD-LEWIS MEL ORCHESTRA - Central Park North Blue Note 7243 5 76853 2 0 5.50 $ / 5.00 € JORDAN CLIFFORD-GILMORE JOHN Blowing In From Chicago 2 COPY - 1 SEALED!!! Blue Note CDP 7243 8 28977 2 9 6.50$ / 6.00 € 10.00 $ / 9.00 € LAROCCA PETE Basra Blue Note Records RVG Edition 7243 8 75259 2 4 LITTLE BOOKER Booker Little 4 & Max Roach Blue Note CDP 7 84457 2 5.50 $ / 5.00 € MCGHEE HOWARD-DREW KENNY Howard McGhee - Introducing The Kenny Drew Trio 10" Series SEALED!!! Blue Note ??????? 10.00 $ / 9.00 € MCLEAN JACKIE Destination Out Blue Note Records RVG Edition 7243 5 92424 2 2 MCLEAN JACKIE Tippin' The Scales Blue Note CDP 7 84427 2 6.00 $ / 5.50 € MCLEAN JACKIE Bluesnik Blue Note CDP 7 84067 2 6.00 $ / 5.50 € MCLEAN JACKIE Jackie's Bag Blue Note Records RVG Edition 7243 5 42303 2 5 MCLEAN JACKIE New And Old Gospel Blue Note CDP 7243 8 53356 2 4 6.00 $ / 5.50 € MCLEAN JACKIE Hat Trick/Jackie McLean Meets Junko Onishi Blue Note CDP 7243 8 38363 2 1 6.00 $ / 5.50 € MCLEAN JACKIE Swing, Swang, Swingin' Blue Note TOCJ-4024 JAPAN 6.00 $ / 5.50 € MINGUS CHARLES Jazz Portraits Blue Note CDP 7243 8 27325 2 5 MOBLEY HANK Roll Call Blue Note CDP 7 46823 2 5.50 $ / 5.00 € MOBLEY HANK Another Workout Blue Note CDP 7 84431 2 5.50 $ / 5.00 € MOBLEY HANK Soul Station Blue Note CDP 7 46528 2 5.50 $ / 5.00 € MOBLEY HANK Workout Blue Note CDP 7 84080 2 5.50 $ / 5.00 € MONTEROSE J.R. J.R. Monterose Blue Note Records RVG Edition 50999 2 15387 2 8 MORAN JASON The Bandwagon Blue Note Records 7243 5 91889 2 1 MORGAN LEE Leeway Blue Note Records RVG 7243 5 40031 2 7 MORGAN LEE Standards Blue Note 7243 8 23213 2 3 MORGAN LEE The Cooker Blue Note Records RVG Edition 0946 3 62643 2 5 NICHOLS HERBIE The Art Of Herbie Nichols Blue Note CDP 0777 7 99176 2 4 5.50 $ / 5.00 € PEPPER ART The Art Of Pepper Blue Note CDP 7 46853 2 5.50 $ / 5.00 € PEPPER ART The Return Of Art Pepper Blue Note CDP 7 46863 2 5.50 $ / 5.00 € PEPPER ART Modern Art Blue Note CDP 7 46848 2 5.50 $ / 5.00 € PETERSON RALPH Present The Fo'Tet Blue Note CDP 7 95475 2 7.50 $ / 7.00 € PLEASURE KING Moody's Mood For Love Blue Note CDP 7 84463 2 POWELL BUD The Amazing Bud Powell Volume 2 Blue Note CDP 7 81504 2 5.00 $ / 4.50 € POWELL BUD The Amazing Bud Powell Volume 1 Blue Note CDP 7 81503 2 5.00 $ / 4.50 € POWELL BUD The Amazing Bud Powell Vol. 4 - Time Waits Blue Note CDP 7 46820 2 5.00 $ / 4.50€ PULLEN DON The Best Of Don Pullen Blue Note 7243 8 23513 2 0 QUEBEC IKE It Might As Well Be Spring SEALED!!! Blue Note ??????? 10.00 $ / 9.00 € QUEBEC IKE Heavy Soul Blue Note Records RVG Edition 7243 8 75263 2 7 RAWLS LOU Ballads Blue Note 7243 8 56689 2 0 REDD FREDDIE QUARTET-Music From "The Connection" Blue Note Records 7893922 6.00 $ / 5.50 € REEVES DIANNE In The Monent/Live In Concert Blue Note 7243 5 25141 2 0 ROACH MAX Max Roach With The New Orchestra Of Boston And The So What Brass Quintet Blue Note CDP 7243 8 34813 2 3 6.50$ / 6.00 € ROLLINS SONNY A Night At The Village Vanguard Vol. 2 Blue Note CDP 7 46518 2 5.50$ / 5.00 € ROLLINS SONNY A Night At The Village Vanguard Vol. 1 Blue Note CDP 7 46517 2 5.50$ / 5.00 € RUBALCABA GONZALO Suite 4 Y 20 Blue Note Records CDP 0777 7 80054 2 1 5.50$ / 5.00 € SHORTER WAYNE Without A Net Blue Note Records 509999 79516 2 9 SHORTER WAYNE JUJU Blue Note Records RVG Edition 7243 4 99005 2 3 SHORTER WAYNE Speak No Evil Blue Note Records RVG Edition 7243 4 99001 2 7 SILVER HORACE In Pursuit Of The 27th Man Blue Note Records RVG Edition 7243 5 35758 2 3 SIMS ZOOT-COHN AL-WOODS PHIL Jazz Alive/A Night At The Half Note Blue Note 7243 4 94105 2 7 5.00$ / 4.50 € SMITH JIMMY Standards Blue Note 7243 8 21282 2 9 TERRASSON JACKY Smile Blue Note 7243 5 42413 2 1 THE BLUE NOTE 7-BERNSTEIN PETER-CHARLAP BILL-COLTRANE RAVI-NASH LEWIS ECC… Mosaic Blue Note Records 50999 2 28123 2 2 5.50$ / 5.00 € THE THREE SOUNDS Standards Blue Note 7243 8 21281 2 0 THE THREE SOUNDS Black Orchid Blue Note 7243 8 21289 2 2 5.00 $ / 4.50 € TURRENTINE STANLEY Hustlin' Blue Note Records RVG Edition 7243 5 40036 2 2 TURRENTINE STANLEY The Spoiler Blue Note CDP 7243 8 53359 2 1 5.50 $ / 5.00 € VALDES CHUCHO Solo-Live In New York Blue Note Records 7243 4 93456 2 5.00 $ / 4.50 € VAUGHAN SARAH-YOUNG LESTER One Night Stand Blue Note CDP 7243 8 32139 2 4 VV.AA. The Great Jazz Vocalists Sings Ellington And Strayhorn Blue Note 7243 8 55221 2 3 VV.AA. Higer Ground - Hurricane Relief Benefit Concert Blue Note Records ?????? VV.AA. The Manhattan Project Blue Note CDP 7 94204 2 BAKER CHET The Pacific Jazz Years 4 CD Box Set Capitol CDP 7 89292 2 (USA 1994) 18.00 $ / 16.00 € KENTON STAN Retrospective 4 CD Box Capitol Jazz CDP 7 97350 2 (Canada 1992) 18.00 $ / 16.00 € CHRISTY JUNE The Song Is June Capitol Jazz 7243 8 55455 2 8 CHRISTY JUNE Day Dreams Capitol Jazz 7243 8 32083 2 6 CHRISTY JUNE The Intimate Miss Christy Capitol Jazz 0946 3 69800 2 7 CHRISTY JUNE Something Cool Capitol Jazz CDP 7 96329 2 CHRISTY JUNE Big Band Specials Capitol Jazz 7243 498319 2 6 COLE NAT "KING" Sings For Two In Love (And More) Capitol CDP 7 46650 2 DAVIS MILES The Birth Of The Cool Vol. 2 Capitol Jazz CDP 7 98935 2 DAVIS MILES Birth Of The Cool Capitol Jazz CDP 7 92862 2 FRESHMEN FOUR THE Two Classic Album From The Four Freshman Capitol Music 72438 - 19879 2/5 FRESHMEN FOUR THE ????? Emi-Capitol 72434-96530-2-3 FRESHMEN FOUR THE Spotlight On… Capitol Jazz 31205 GLEASON JACKIE The Romantic Moods Of Jackie Gleason Capitol Compact Disc CDP 7243 8 52541 2 3 GOODMAN BENNY Undercurrent Blues Capitol Jazz 7243 8 32086 2 3 HAWKINS COLEMAN Hollywood Stampede Capitol Jazz CDP 7 92586 2 HERMAN WOODY Keeper Of The Flame Capitol Jazz CDP 7 98453 2 KENTON STAN Easy Go Capitol Jazz 7243 5 24553 2 4 KENTON STAN Stan Kenton's West Side Story Capitol Jazz CDP 7243 8 29914 2 7 KENTON STAN Back To Balboa Capitol Jazz ?????????? KENTON STAN Kenton Showcase Capitol Jazz 7243 5 25244 2 6 KENTON STAN At The Las Vegas Tropicana Capitol Jazz CDP 7243 8 35245 2 5 KENTON STAN Sketches On Standards Capitol Jazz 7243 5 34070 2 5 KENTON STAN-CHRISTY JUNE-FRESHMEN FOUR THE Road Show Capitol Compact Disc CDP 7 96328 2 KING COLE NAT With The Pete Rugolo Orchestra - Lush Life Capitol Jazz KING COLE NAT Big Band Cole Capitol Jazz CDP 7 96259 2 KING COLE NAT The Piano Style Of Nat King Cole Capitol Jazz CDP8777 7 81203 2 2 KING COLE NAT Nat King Cole Sings/The George Shearing Quintet Plays Capitol Jazz 7243 5 25250 2 7 KING COLE NAT The Best Of The Nat King Cole Trio Capitol Jazz CDP 7243 8 33571 2 3 KING COLE NAT The Best Of The Nat King Cole Trio Capitol Jazz CDP 7 98288 2 LEE PEGGY Trav'lin' Light Capitol Jazz 7243 5 23567 2 0
  7. Hello again from Italy: I have the following SAVOY Records CDs for sale - mint / near mint condition 6.00 $ USD / 5.50 Euro I ship Worldwide from Italy at cost (i ship the CDs with booklet and covers without jewel case to save money for shipping costs). Please feel free to PM me with your reguests... thank you Andrea On sale: ADDERLEY CANNONBALL Presenting Cannonball Adderley Savoy Jazz SV-0108 BALL RONNIE All About Ronnie Savoy SV-0174 BERT EDDIE Encore Savoy Jazz SV- BERT EDDIE Eddie Bert With The Hank Jones Trio Savoy Jazz SV-0183 BRIGHT RONNEL Bright's Spot Savoy Jazz SV-0220 BROCK HERBIE Brock's Top's Savoy Jazz SV- CLARK KENNY The Trio Savoy Jazz SV-0184 CLARKE KENNY Telefunken Blues Savoy SV-0106 COHN AL Cohn's Tones Savoy Jazz SV-0187 COHN AL The Progressive Al Cohn Savoy Jazz SV-0249 FULLER CURTIS Imagination Savoy SV-0128 FULLER CURTIS Jazz…It's Magic Savoy SV-0153 GARNER ERROLL Yesterdays Savoy Jazz SV-0244 GARNER ERROLL Penthouse Serenade Savoy SV-0162 GARNER ERROLL Serenade To Laura Savoy Jazz SV-0221 GARNER ERROLL-TAYLOR BILLY Separate Keyboards Savoy Jazz SV-0223 GILLESPIE DIZZY School Days Savoy Jazz SV- GILLESPIE DIZZY The Champ Savoy SV-0170 GILLESPIE DIZZY Dizzy Gillespie Story Savoy SV-0177 GORDON DEXTER-GRAY WARDELL Jazz West Coast Live/Hollywood Jazz Vol. 1 Savoy SV-0164 HARDEN WILBURN-FLANAGAN TOMMY The King And I Savoy SV-0124 JACKSON MILT Jackson's Ville Savoy Jazz SV-0175 JACKSON MILT Roll'em Bags Savoy SV-0110 JOHNSON J.J. J.J. Johnson Jazz Quintet Savoy SV-0151 JOHNSON J.J.-WINDING KAI Jay And Kai Savoy Jazz SV- JONES HANK The Hank Jones Quartet Savoy Jazz SV-0236 JONES HANK Quartet-Quintet Savoy SV-0147 JORDAN DUKE-OVERTON HALL Do It Yourself Jazz Savoy SV-0130 MARLENE Every Breath I Take Savoy Jazz SV-0233 MCGHEE HOWARD Maggie Savoy Jazz SV-0269 MCGHEE HOWARD-JACKSON MILT Same Savoy Jazz SV-0167 MCPARTLAND MARIAN In Concert Savoy Jazz SV-0202 MCPARTLAND MARIAN On 52nd Street Savoy Jazz SVY 17069 MCPARTLAND MARIAN ETC. Looking For A Boy Savoy Jazz SV-0226 MCPARTLAND MARIAN-SHEARING GEORGE Great Britains Savoy SV-0160 MEHEGAN JOHN Reflections Savoy Jazz SV-0204 MODERN JAZZ QUARTET Same Savoy Jazz SV-0111 MUSSO VIDO-GETZ STAN Loaded Savoy Jazz SV- NORVO RED Move! Savoy Jazz SV-0168 NORVO RED The Red Norvo Trio With Tal Farlow And Charles Mingus Savoy Jazz SV- PARKER CHARLIE An Evening At Home With The Bird Savoy SV-0154 SHEARING GEORGE Midnight On Cloud 69 Savoy Jazz SV-0208 STITT SONNY Just In Case You Forgot How Bad He Really Was Savoy Jazz SVY 17221 STITT SONNY The Last Sessions Volumes 1 & 2 Savoy Jazz SVY 17254 VER PLANK BILLY AND HIS ORCHESTRA Dancing Jazz Savoy Jazz SV-0235 VV.AA. South Pacific Jazz Savoy Jazz SV-0219 WALLINGTON GEORGE The George Wallington Trio Savoy SV-0136 WAYNE CHUCK Jazz Guitarist Savoy Jazz SV-0189 WESS FRANK North, South, East…Wess Savoy SV-0139 YOUNG LESTER The Master's Touch Savoy SV-0113 YOUNG LESTER Jazz Immortal Series The Press Savoy Jazz SV-0180
  8. Hello again from Italy: I have the following FRESH SOUND Records CDs for sale - mint / near mint condition 5.50 $ USD / 5.00 Euro I ship Worldwide from Italy at cost (i ship the CDs with booklet and covers without jewel case to save money for shipping costs). Please feel free to PM me with your reguests... thank you Andrea On sale: ADAMS PEPPER-KNEPPER JIMMY The Pepper-Knepper Quintet 2 COPY Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD 344 ALBANY JOE TRIO-Portrait Of A Legend Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD317 AMMONS GENE-STITT SONNY Gene Ammons & Sonny Stitt Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD 788 BAKER CHET Live At The Trade Winds 1952 Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD BROWN CLIFFORD Brownie Lives! Fresh Sound Records FSCD-1012 BYAS DON-JOHNSON GEORGE Those Barcelona Days 1947-1948 Fresh Sound Records FSR 2901 CD BYRD DONALD-ADAMS PEPPER QUINTET - Out Of This World Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD 137 CANDOLI CONTE QUARTET-Portrait Of A Count Fresh Sound Records FSR 5015 CD CANDOLI CONTE Howard Rumsey Presents… Conte Candoli & Lee Morgan - Double Or Nothin' Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD197 COOPER BOB QUARTET-For All We Know Fresh Sound Records FSR CD-167 CRISS SONNY California Boppin' 1947 Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD156 CRISS SONNY Sonny Criss With George Arvanitas Trio Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD67 DAVIS MILES Quintet with Lee Konitz - Sextet With Jackie McLean Fresh Sound Records FSCD-1000 DORHAM KENNY The Arrival Of Kenny Dorham Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD 200 ERICSON ROLF Rolf Ericson And His All American Stars Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD 464 FAGERQUIST DON Portrait Of A Great Jazz Artist Fresh Sound Records - Jazz City Series - FSR 2212 FERGUSON MAYNARD And Chris Connor - Two's Company Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD 30 GARNER ERROLL TRIO-Plays Misty Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD158 GELLER HERB Herb Geller And His Sextet - That Geller Feller Fresh Sound Records FSR CD 334 GELLER HERB QUARTET-You're Looking At Me Fresh Sound Records FSR 5018 CD GETZ STAN Chamber Music By The Stan Getz Quintet Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD78 GIUFFRE JIMMY 3-Hollywood & Newport 1957-1958 Fresh Sound Records FSCD-1026 GORDON DEXTER Dexter Blows - Hot And Cool Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD 26 GORDON JOE-LAFARO SCOTT West Coast Days Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD-370 HAMILTON JIMMY Swing Low, Sweet Clarinet Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD 211 HAWES HAMPTON Trio And Quartet 1951-1956 Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD 369 HAWKINS COLEMAN Coleman Hawkins And His All-Stars Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD88 HEARTED RICHARD THE LION Dick Haymes That Is! Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD119 HOPE ELMO Elmo Hope Plays His Original Compositions Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD181 JACKSON CHUBBY All-Stars Big Band - Chubby Takes Over Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD 324 JONES JO Joe Jones Sextet Fresh Sound Records FSR CD-144 KELLY WYNTON TRIO-Live At The Left Bank Jazz Society Baltimore, 1968 Fresh Sound Records FSCD 1032 KELLY WYNTON The Wynton Kelly Trio Live At The Left Bank Jazz Society Baltimore, 1967 Fresh Sound Records FSCD 1031 LAPORTA JOHN QUARTET-The Most Minor Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD 208 MARIANO CHARLIE Boston Days Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD-207 MARSH WARNE-MITCHELL RED Warne Marsh-Red Mitchell Duo Fresh Sound Records FSCD-1038 MONTEROSE J.R. The Message Fresh Sound Records FSRCD 7001 Digipack MORGAN LEE Unforgettable Lee! Fresh Sound Records FS-CD1020 NAVARRO FATS Fats Navarro Featured With Tadd Dameron's Band Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD 171 NEWMAN JOE The Count's Men Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD 135 NIEHAUS LENNIE QUINTET+ONE-Seems Like Old Times Fresh Sound Records FSR 5016 CD PARKER CHARLIE Inglewood Jam - Bird And Chet - Live At The Trade Winds Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD 17 RANEY JIMMY Jimmy Raney Visit Paris Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD89 SCOTT TONY-EVANS BILL A Day In New York 2 CD Fresh Sound Records FSR CD-160/1/2 SEIFERS JILL The Waiting Fresh Sound New Talent FSNT 072 CD STITT SONNY QUARTET-Don't Call Me Bird! Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD-467 THOMPSON LUCKY Lucky Thompson With Gerard Pochonet & His Quartet Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD86
  9. Hello again from Italy: I have the following CONCORD Records CDs for sale - mint / near mint condition 5.00 $ USD / 5.00 Euro I ship Worldwide from Italy at cost (i ship the CDs with booklet and covers without jewel case to save money for shipping costs). Please feel free to PM me with your reguests... thank you Andrea On sale: AKIYOSHI TOSHIKO At Maybeck Concord Jazz CCD-4635 ALDEN HOWARD-VAN EPS GEORGE Seven & Seven Concord Jazz CCD-4584 ALEXANDER MONTY The River Concord Jazz CCD-4422 ALEXANDER MONTY TRIO-Full Steam Ahead Concord Records CCD 4287 ANDERSON ERNESTINE Great Moments With Ernestine Anderson Concord Jazz CCD-4582 APPLEYARD PETER Barbados Heath Concord Jazz CCD-4436 BEIRACH RICHIE At Maybeck Recital Hall Series Vol. 19 Concord Jazz CCD-4518 BELLSON LOUIE And His Big Band-Their Time Was The Greatest! Concord Jazz CCD-4683 BELLSON LOUIE BIG BAND-Inferno! Concord Jazz CCD2-2158-2 BOONE DEBBY Reflections Of Rosemary Concord Jazz CCD-2285-2 BROADBENT ALAN Live At Maybeck Recital Hall, Volume Fourteen Concord Jazz CCD-4488 BROADBENT ALAN-GARY FOSTER Same Concord Jazz CCD-4562 BROWN RAY TRIO-Summer Wind Concord Jazz CCD-4426 BROWN RAY-ROWLES JIMMY Same Concord Jazz CCD-4066 BRUNO JIMMY-BECK JOE Polarity Concord Jazz CCD-4888-2 BURRELL KENNY & THE JAZZ HERITAGE ALL-STARS - Live At The Blue Note Concord Jazz CCD-4731 BYARD JAKI At Maybeck Recital Hall Series Vol. 17 Concord Jazz CCD-4511 BYRD CHARLIE Moment Like This Concord Jazz CCD-4627 CAMPBELL JOHN At Maybeck Concord Jazz CCD-4581 CLOONEY ROSEMARY Demi-Centennial 2 COPY Concord Jazz CCD-4633 CLOONEY ROSEMARY Dedicated To Nelson Concord Jazz CCD-4685 CLOONEY ROSEMARY Sings The Lyrics Of Johnny Mercer Concord Jazz CCD-4333 CLOONEY ROSEMARY Sentimental Journey Concord Jazz CCD-4952-2 CLOONEY ROSEMARY Ballad Essentials Concord Jazz CCD-2279-2 CLOONEY ROSEMARY-BASIE COUNT ORCHESTRA At Long Last Concord Jazz CCD-4795-2 COLIANNI JOHN At Maybeck Concord Jazz CCD-4643 COWELL STANLEY Live At Maybeck Recital Hall Vol. 5 Concord Jazz CCD-4431 DE FRANCESCO JOEY Organic Vibes feat. George Coleman, Bobby Hutcherson Concord Jazz CCD-0013431230625???? DE FRANCESCO JOEY Goodfellas Concord Jazz CCD-4545-2 DEFRANCO BUDDY-MCKENNA DAVE Do Nothing Till You Hear From Us! Concord Jazz CCD-4851-2 DREW KENNY, JR. At Maybeck Concord Jazz CCD-4653 ELLIS HERB-PASS JOE-BROWN RAY-HANNA JAKE Arrival Concord Jazz CCD2-2168-2 FARLOW TAL A Sign Of The Times Concord Jazz CCD-4026 FARLOW TAL-JONES HANK-NORVO RED-BROWN RAY-HANNA JAKE On Stage Concord Jazz CCD-4143-2 FARMER ART The Art Farmer Quartet-ARTistry Concord Jazz CCD2-4974-2 FEINSTEIN MICHAEL With The Israel Philarmonic Orchestra Concord CCD-4987-2 GALPER HAL TRIO-Invitation To A Concert Concord Jazz CCD-4455 HALL JIM The Concord Heritage Series Concord Jazz CCD???? HAMILTON SCOTT Back In New York Concord Jazz CCD-2274-2 HAMILTON SCOTT Scott Hamilton Plays Ballads Concord Jazz CCD-4386 HAMILTON SCOTT & FRIENDS-Across The Tracks Concord Jazz 048072303881 HAMILTON SCOTT Nocturnes & Serenades Concord Jazz 0888072300255 HANNA ROLAND SIR At Maybeck Concord Jazz CCD-4604 HARRIS GENE QUARTET-Funky Gene's Concord Jazz CCD-4609 HARRIS GENE QUARTET-Black And Blue Concord Jazz CCD-4482 HARRIS GENE QUARTET-Listen Here! Concord Jazz CCD-4385 HARRIS GENE Live At Otter Crest Concord Jazz CCD-4945-2 HARRIS GENE Big Band Soul Concord Jazz CCD2-2143-2 HARRIS GENE & The Philip Morris Superband Concord Jazz CCD-4443 HARRIS GENE All Star Big Band - Tribute To Count Basie Bellaphon Concord Jazz CCD 4337 HERMAN WOODY Woody And Friends Concord Jazz CCD-4170 HICKS JOHN Live At Maybeck Recital Hall, Volume 7 Concord Jazz CCD-4442 JACOB CHRISTIAN TRIO-Time Lines Concord Jazz CCD-4801-2 JONES HANK Live At Maybeck Recital Hall Vol. 16 Concord Jazz CCD-4502 JONES HANK The Touch Concord Jazz 0002-7157-2 KUHN STEVE TRIO-Years Later Concord Jazz CCD-4554 LARKINS ELLIS At Maybeck Concord Jazz CCD-4533 LAVERNE ANDY At Maybeck Concord Jazz CCD-4577 MAKOWICZ ADAM At Maybeck Concord Jazz CCD-4541 MAKOWICZ ADAM TRIO-My Favorite Things - The Music Of Richard Rodgers Concord Jazz CCD-4631 MAKOWICZ ADAM TRIO-The Music Of Jerome Kern Concord Jazz CCD-4575 MCCONNELL ROB & THE BOSS BRASS - Our 25th Year Concord Jazz CCD-4559 MCCONNELL ROB & THE BOSS BRASS - Overtime Concord Jazz CCD-4618 MCCONNELL ROB & THE BOSS BRASS - Brassy & Sassy Concord Jazz CCD-4508 MCCONNELL ROB & THE BOSS BRASS - Play The Jazz Classics Concord Jazz CCD-4784-2 MCKENNA DAVE A Celebration Of Hoaghy Carmichael Concord Jazz CCD-4227 MCKENNA DAVE A Handful Of Stars Concord Jazz CCD-4580 MCKENNA DAVE Live At Maybeck Recital Hall Vol. 2 Concord Jazz CCD-4410 MCKENNA DAVE-SARGENT GARY Same Concord Jazz CCD-4552 MCNEELY JIM At Maybeck Concord Jazz CCD-4522 MCPARTLAND MARIAN Live At Maybeck Recital Hall Vol. 9 Concord Jazz CCD-4460 MCPARTLAND MARIAN At The Festival Concord Jazz CCD-4118 MCPARTLAND MARIAN In My Life Concord Jazz CCD-4561 MCRAE CARMEN Ballads Essentials Concord Jazz CCD-4877-2 MONTOLIU TETE TRIO-A Spanish Treasure Concord Jazz CCD-4493 NORRIS WALTER TRIO-Love Every Moment Concord Jazz CCD-4534 NORRIS WALTER TRIO-Lush Life Concord Jazz CCD-4457 NORRIS WALTER QUARTET-Sunburst Concord Jazz CCD-4486 PEPLOWSKI KEN QUINTET-Mr.Gentle And Mr. Cool Concord Jazz CCD-4419 PEPLOWSKI KEN It's A Lonesome Old Town Concord Jazz CCD-4673 ROSENTHAL TED At Maybeck Concord Jazz CCD-4648 SHANK BUDDY-MAYS BILLY-BROADBENT ALAN Same Concord Jazz CCD-4126 SHEARING GEORGE TRIO-Breakin' Out Concord Jazz CCD 4335 SLOANE CAROL Sweet & Slow Concord Jazz CCD-4564 SLOANE CAROL-TERRY CLARK The Song Ella & Louis Sang Concord Jazz CCD-4787-2 SMITH JOHNNY-VAN EPS GEORGE Solo Guitar Performance By Johnny Smith & George Van Eps Concord Jazz CCD-4616 SULLIVAN MAXINE-HAMILTON SCOTT Something To Remember You By Concord Jazz SUTTON RALPH At Maybeck Concord Jazz CCD-4586 THIELEMANS TOOTS Only Trust Your Heart Concord Jazz CCD 4355 TORME' MEL Two Darn Hot Concord Records CCD2-2118-2 TORME' MEL My Night To Dream Concord Jazz CCD-4790-2 TORME' MEL An Evening At Home With Mel Torme' Concord Jazz CCD-4736 TORME' MEL Rob McConnell And The Boss Brass Concord Jazz CCD-4306 TORME' MEL-LAINE CLEO Nothing Without You Concord Jazz CCD-4515 TORME' MEL-MCCONNELL ROB And The Boss Brass - Velvet & Brass Concord Jazz CCD-4667 TORME' MEL-SHEARING GEORGE "Do" World War II Concord Jazz CCD-4471 VACHE' WARREN Iridescent Concord Jazz CCD-4153-2 VENUTI JOE-BARNES GEORGE Gems Concord Jazz CCD-6014 VITRO ROSEANNA Softly feat. Fred Hersch e George Coleman Concord Jazz CCD-4587 WERNER KENNY At Maybeck Concord Jazz CCD-4622 WESS FRANK ORCHESTRA-Entre Nous Concord Jazz CCD-4456 WESS FRANK-EDISON HARRY SWEETS The Wess-Edison Orchestra - Dear Mr.Basie Concord Jazz CCD-4420 WOODARD RICKEY Yazoo Concord Jazz CCD-4629 WOODS PHIL QUINTET - Mile High Jazz - Live In Denver Concord Jazz CCD-4739 WOODS PHIL & THE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA - Celebration Concord Jazz CCD-4770-2 WOODS PHIL-MCNEELY JIM Flowers For Hodges Concord Jazz CCD-4485
  10. Hello again from Italy: I have the following BLUEBIRD / RCA Records CDs for sale - first reissues printed in the 80's & 90's - mint / near mint condition 5.00 $ USD / 4,50 Euro I ship Worldwide from Italy at cost (i ship the CDs with booklet and covers without jewel case to save money for shipping costs). Please feel free to PM me with your reguests... thank you Andrea On sale: BECHET SIDNEY Sideney Bechet 1923-1943 4 CD Bluebird ND90317(4) MILLER GLENN The Popular Recordings (1938-1942) 3 CD SEALED!!! Bluebird ND90412(3) WALLER FATS Fats Waller And His Rhythm/The Last Years (1940-1943) 3 CD SEALED!!! Bluebird ND90411 ALLEN HENRY "RED" World On A String Bluebird ND82497 ARMSTRONG LOUIS Sugar Bluebird ND90634 ARMSTRONG LOUIS Pops: The 1940's Small Band Sides Bluebird ND86378 ARMSTRONG LOUIS AND HIS ORCHESTRA (1932-1933) - Laughin' Louie Bluebird ND90404 BAKER CHET The Italian Sessions Bluebird ND82001 BARBIERI GATO The Third World Revisited Bluebird ND86995 BARNET CHARLIE Cherokee Bluebird ND90632 BARNET CHARLIE AND HIS ORCHESTRA - Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie Bluebird ND86273 BASIE COUNT Basie's Basment Bluebird ND90630 BASIE COUNT Count Basie 1947/Brand New Vagon Bluebird ND82292 BEIDERBECKE BIX Bix Lives! Bluebird ND86845 BURTON GARY Artist's Choice Bluebird ND86280 CARMICHAEL HOAGY Stardust, And Much More Bluebird ND88333 COHN AL-SIMS ZOOT From A To Z - And Beyond Bluebird ND86469 COLEMAN ORNETTE The Music Of Ornette Coleman Forms & Sounds Bluebird ND85561 DAVIS EDDIE "LOCKJAW" Save Your Love For Me Bluebird ND86463 DESMOND PAUL Polka Dots And Moonbeams Bluebird ND90637 DESMOND PAUL Easy Living Bluebird ND82306 DESMOND PAUL Late Lament Bluebird ND90207 DOODS JOHNNY Blue Clarinet Stomp / The Legendary Classic Jazz Clarinetist Bluebird ND82293 DORSEY TOMMY-SINATRA FRANK All-Time Greatest Hits Bluebird ND90310 DORSEY TOMMY-SINATRA FRANK Stardust Bluebird ND90627 ELLINGTON DUKE Sophisticated Lady Bluebird ND90625 ELLINGTON DUKE Black, Brown & Beige 2 CD Bluebird ND86641 ELLINGTON DUKE AND HIS COTTON CLUB ORCHESTRA - Jungle Nights In Harlem (1927-1932) Bluebird ND82499 ELLINGTON DUKE AND HIS ORCHESTRA-Early Ellington (1927-1934) Bluebird ND86852 ELLINGTON DUKE Solos, Duets, And Trios Bluebird ND82178 ELLINGTON DUKE The Great Ellington Units Bluebird ND86751 ELLINGTON DUKE The Far East Suite Bluebird ND 87640 EVANS GIL The Gil Evans Orchestra Plays The Music Of Jimi Hendrix Bluebird ND88409 EVANS GIL There Comes A Time Bluebird ND85783 FERGUSON MAYNARD The Birdland Dreamband Bluebird ND 86455 GETZ STAN With Arthur Fiedler At Tanglewood - A Song After Sundown Bluebird ND86284 GOODMAN BENNY Stompin' At The Savoy Bluebird ND90631 GOODMAN BENNY Benny Goodman Trio & Quartet - Avalon - The Small Bands Volume 2 (1937-1939) Bluebird ND82273 GOODMAN BENNY AND HIS ORCHESTRA-The Harry James Years, Volume 1 Bluebird 07883 66155 2 GOODMAN BENNY The Original Benny Goodman Trio And Quartet Sessions, Vol. 1 - After You've Gone Bluebird ND85631 GOODMAN BENNY QUARTET-Together Again Bluebird ND86283 GOODMAN BENNY AND HIS ORCHESTRA - Sing, Sing, Sing Bluebird ND85630 GREEN FREDDIE-COHN AL Natural Rhythm Bluebird ND86456 HAMPTON LIONEL Hot Mallets, Vol. 1 Bluebird ND86458 HAMPTON LIONEL Vol. 2 - The Jumpin' Jive - (The All Stars Groups: 1937-39) Bluebird ND82433 HAWKINS COLEMAN April In Paris featuring Body And Soul Bluebird ND90636 HAWKINS COLEMAN Body And Soul Bluebird ND 85717 HAWKINS COLEMAN-WEBSTER BEN-CARTER BENNY Three Great Swing Saxophones Bluebird ND90405 HAWKINS ERSKINE Tuxedo Junction Bluebird ND90635 HAWKINS ERSKINE AND HIS ORCHESTRA- The Original Tuxedo Junction Bluebird ND90363 HENDERSON FLETCHER AND HIS ORCHESTRA (1927-1936) - Hocus Pocus Bluebird ND90413 HERMAN WOODY Featuring Stan Getz - Early Autumn Bluebird ND90629 HERMAN WOODY Woody Herman Memorial - The 40th Anniversary Carnegie Hall Concert Bluebird ND86678 HINES EARL Piano Man: Earl Hines, His Piano And His Orchestra Bluebird ND86750 HODGES JOHNNY Triple Play Bluebird ND90208 HODGES JOHNNY-DAVIS WILD BILL In A Mellow Tone Bluebird ND82305 HORNE LENA Stormy Weather Bluebird ND90441 JACQUET ILLINOIS The Black Velvet Band Bluebird ND86571 JACQUET ILLINOIS Flying Home Bluebird ND90638 JOHNSON J.J. AND HIS BIG BANDS - Say When Bluebird ND86277 KLEMMER JOHN Nexus One (For Trane) Bluebird ND 86577 LAMBERT, HENDRICKS & BAVAN In Live Performance - Swingin' Till The Girls Come Home Bluebird ND 86282 LISTON SMITH LONNIE Golden Dreams Bluebird ND86996 McKINNEY'S COTTON PICKERS McKinney's Cotton Pickers (1928-1930) Bluebird ND90517 MILLER GLENN The Genius Of Glenn Miller - Volume One Bluebird ND90090 MILLER GLENN The Genius Of Glenn Miller - Volume Two Bluebird ND90205 MILLER GLENN Moonlight Serenade Bluebird ND90626 MILLER GLENN Major Glenn Miller & The Army Air Force Band, 1943-44 Bluebird ND86360 MINGUS CHARLES New Tijuana Moods Bluebird ND85644 MORELLO JO Same Bluebird ND90406 MORTON JELLY ROLL The Pearls Bluebird ND86588 MOTEN BENNIE Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra (1929-1932) Basie Beginnings Bluebird ND90403 NELSON OLIVER Black, Brown And Beautiful Bluebird ND86993 NORVO RED The Red Norvo Small Band Bluebird ND86278 OLIVER KING The New York Sessions (1929-1930) Bluebird ND90410 POWELL BUD TRIO-Time Was Bluebird ND86367 ROGERS SHORTY Swings Bluebird ND83012 ROGERS SHORTY Short Stops Bluebird ND 90209 ROLLINS SONNY All The Things You Are (1963-1964) Bluebird ND82179 ROLLINS SONNY On The Outside Bluebird ND82496 ROLLINS SONNY The Quartets Featuring Jim Hall Bluebird ND 85643 RUSHING JIMMY The You And Me That Used To Be Bluebird ND 86460 RUSSELL GEORGE The George Russell Smalltet - Jazz Workshop Bluebird ND 86467 SHAW ARTIE AND HIS ORCHESTRA-Begin The Beguine Bluebird ND86274 SHAW ARTIE AND HIS ORCHESTRA-Blues In The Night Bluebird ND82432 SHAW ARTIE AND HIS ORCHESTRA - Blues In The Night Bluebird ND82432 SHAW ARTIE The Complete Gramercy Five Sessions Bluebird ND87637 SHAW ARTIE Artie Shaw featuring Begin The Beguin/Frenesi Bluebird ND90628 TEAGARDEN JACK That's A Serious Thing Bluebird ND90440 TURNER JOE-WALKER T-BONE Bosses Of The Blues, Volume I Bluebird ND88311 VINSON EDDIE "CLEANHEAD"-SPANN OTIS Bosses Of The Blues, Volume II Bluebird ND88312 VV.AA. Birdland Stars 1956 Bluebird 07883 88150 2 VV.AA. The BeBop Revolution Bluebird ND82177 VV.AA. Early Black Swing - The Birth Of Big Band Jazz: 1927 - 1934 Bluebird ND90365 VV.AA. Masters Of Big Bands Bluebird ND90639 VV.AA. Jazz For Absolute Beginners Bluebird ND90210 VV.AA. Barrelhouse Boogie Bluebird ND88334 VV.AA. Swing Is Here/Small-Band Swing 1935-1939 Bluebird ND82180 VV.AA. Esquire's All-American Hot Jazz Sessions Bluebird ND86757 VV.AA. Great Trumpets: From Jazz To Swing-Various Artists Bluebird ND86753 VV.AA. From The Newport Jazz Festival - Tribute To Charlie Parker Bluebird ND86457 VV.AA. How Blue Can You Get? - Great Blues Vocals In The Jazz Tradition Bluebird ND86758 VV.AA. The Women / Classic Female Jazz Artists 1939-1952 Bluebird ND86755 VV.AA. At The Jazz Band Ball - Chicago/New York Dixieland Bluebird ND8675 VV.AA. The Sextet Of Orchestra U.S.A. Theatre Music Of Kurt Weill Bluebird ND 66285 WALLER FATS The Fats Waller Piano Solos - Turn The Heat 2 CD Bluebird ND82482(2) WALLER FATS The Joint Is Jumpin' Bluebird ND86288 WILLIAMS JOE The Overwhelming Joe Williams Bluebird ND86464
  11. Sold.... GREEN BENNIE Walking Down Prestige OJCCD-1752-2 (P-7049) GRYCE GIGI Gigi Gryce And The Jazz Lab Quintet Riverside OJCCD-1774-2 (RLP-12-229) JOHNSON BUD QUINTET - Let's Swing! Prestige/Swingville OJCCD-1720-2 (SV-2015) RICHARDSON JEROME SEXTET-Midnight Oil Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-1815-2 (NJ-8205) WINDING KAI-JOHNSON J.J. Green With Strings Prestige OJCCD-1727-2 (P-7030) WOODS PHIL-GARLAND RED Sugan Prestige OJCCD-1841-2 (P-5204) YOUNG LARRY TRIO-Testifying Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-1793-2 (NJ-8249)
  12. Hello everybody from Italy: I have the following OJCCD Limited Edition Series for sale, many out of print PRETIGE/NEW JAZZ, RIVERSIDE, JAZZLAND, CONTEMPORARY, SPECIALTY...... - mint condition - printed in USA All CDs are in excellent condition... 6,00 $ USD / 5,50 Euro I ship Worldwide from Italy at cost (i ship the CDs with booklet and covers without jewel case to save money for shipping costs). Please feel free to PM me with your reguests... thank you Andrea On sale: ADDERLEY CANNONBALL John Benson Brooks' Alabama Concerto featuring Cannonball Adderley/Art Farmer Riverside OJCCD-1779-2 (RLP-1123) BROOKMEYER BOB The Dual Role Of Bob Brookmeyer Prestige OJCCD-1729-2 (P-7066) COHN AL Broadway Prestige OJCCD-1812-2 (P-7819) COLLETTE BUDDY Jazz Loves Paris Speciality OJCCD-1764-2 (SP-5002) CURSON TED Ted Curson Plays Fire Below Prestige OJCCD-1744-2 (P-7263) DAVIS MILES-GETZ STAN-KONITZ LEE Conception Prestige OJCCD-1726-2 (P-7013) DREW KENNY TRIO-Pal Joey Riverside OJCCD-1809-2 (RLP-249) EARDLEY JON Hollywood To New York Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-1746-2 (NJLP 1105/PRLP207) FARMER ART-BYRD DONALD-SULIEMAN IDRIS Three Trumpets Prestige OJCCD-1801-2 (P-7092) FARMER ART-GRYCE GIGI When Farmer Meet Gryce Prestige OJCCD-072-2 (P-7085) FRIEDMAN DON TRIO-A Day In The City Riverside OJCCD-1775-2 (RLP-9384) FRIEDMAN DON TRIO-Circle Waltz Riverside OJCCD-1885-2 (RLP-9431) GEE MATTHEW Matthew Gee All-Stars - Jazz By Gee! Riverside OJCCD-1884-2 (RLP-221) GOLSON BENNY Gone With Golson Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-1850-2 (NJ-8235) GREEN BENNIE Walking Down Prestige OJCCD-1752-2 (P-7049) SOLD GRIFFIN JOHNNY Johnny Griffin Sextet Riverside OJCCD-1827-2 (RLP-264) GRIFFIN JOHNNY-DAVIS EDDIE "LOCKJAW" QUINTET-Tough Tenor Favorites Jazzland OJCCD-186-2 (JLP-9768) GRYCE GIGI Gigi Gryce And The Jazz Lab Quintet Riverside OJCCD-1774-2 (RLP-12-229) SOLD GRYCE GIGI QUINTET-Saying Somethin' Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-1851-2 (NJ-8230) HENRY ERNIE QUARTET-Seven Standards And A Blues Riverside OJCCD-1722-2 (RLP-248) HOPE ELMO QUARTET/QUINTET - Hope Meets Foster Prestige OJCCD-1703-2 (P-7021) HOPE ELMO TRIO-Meditations Prestige OJCCD-1751-2 (P-7010) JOHNSON BUD QUINTET - Let's Swing! Prestige/Swingville OJCCD-1720-2 (SV-2015) SOLD KAMUCA RICHIE-HOLMAN BILL West Coast Jazz In Hi Fi HiFi OJCCD-1760-2 (HiFi-609) LEA BARBARA Same Prestige OJCCD-1713-2 (P-7065) MALIK-ABDUL AHMED Jazz Sahara Riverside OJCCD-1820-2 (RLP-1121) MARIANO CHARLIE Boston All Stars Prestige OJCCD-1745-2 (PRLP-130/153) MELLE GIL Gil Melle Quartet With Kenny Dorham, Hal McKusick - Gil's Guests Prestige OJCCD-1752-2 (P-7063) MINGUS CHARLES-LAPORTA JOHN Jazzical Moods Period OJCCD-1857-2 (1107/1111) MOODY JAMES AND HIS BAND-Wail Moody, Wail Prestige OJCCD-1791-2 (P-7036) MOODY JAMES Moody's Mood For Blues Prestige OJCCD-1837-2 (P-7056/7072) MOONDOG Same Prestige OJCCD-1741-2 (P-7042) MOONDOG MORE The Story Of Moondog Prestige OJCCD-1781-2 (P-7069/P-7099) MOORE ADA With Tal Farlow, John La Porta Debut OJCCD-1701-2 (DLP-15) MORGAN LEE Dizzy Atmosphere Speciality OJCCD-1762-2 (SP-2110) NELSON OLIVER-NEWMAN JOE Main Stem Prestige OJCCD-1803-2 (P-7236) NELSON OLIVER-WINCHESTER LEM Nocturne Prestige/Moodsville OJCCD-1795-2 (MV13) NIEHAUS LENNIE Lennie Niehause, Vol. 4 - The Quintets & Strings Contemporary OJCCD-1858-2 (C-3510) NIEHAUS LENNIE The Octet #2, Vol. 3 Contemporary OJCCD-1767-2 (C-3503) PREVIN ANDRE' Plays Songs By Vernon Duke Contemporary OJCCD-1769-2 (S-7558) PREVIN ANDRE' Plays Songs By Harold Arlen Contemporary OJCCD-1840-2 (S-7586) PREVIN ANDRE' Plays Songs By Jerome Kern Contemporary OJCCD-1787-2 (S-7567) PRIESTER JULIAN Keep Swingin' Riverside OJCCD-1863-2 (RLP-1163) RAINEY JIMMY A Prestige OJCCD-1706-2 (P-7089) REDD FREDDIE-HAWES HAMPTON Freddie Redd Trio/Hampton Hawes Quartet - Piano: East/West Prestige OJCCD-1705-2 (P-7067) REED LUCY The Singing Reed Fantasy OJCCD-1777-2 (F-3212) RICHARDSON JEROME SEXTET-Midnight Oil Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-1815-2 (NJ-8205) SOLD ROSOLINO FRANK Free For All Speciality OJCCD-1763-2 (SP-2161) SCOTT HAZEL Relaxed Piano Moods Debut OJCCD-1702-2 (DLP-16) SHANK BUD-LEVY LOU Jazz In Hollywood Nocturne OJCCD-1890-2 (NLP-2/NLP-10) TATRO DUANE Jazz For Moderns Contemporary OJCCD-1878-2 (C-3514) THE PRESTIGE BLUES-SWINGERS Outskirts Of Town Prestige OJCCD-1717-2 (P-7145) THIELEMANS TOOTS Man Bites Harmonica Riverside OJCCD-1738-2 (RLP-1125) WALLINGTON GEORGE QUINTET-Live At Cafe Bohemia 2 COPY Prestige OJCCD-1813-2 (P-7820) WALLINGTON GEORGE QUINTET-Jazz For The Carriage Trade Prestige OJCCD-1704-2 (P-7052) WALLINGTON GEORGE The George Wallington Trio Prestige OJCCD-1754-2 (P-158/136) WARE WILBUR QUINTET- The Chicago Sound Riverside OJCCD-1737-2 (RLP-12-252) WHITE STEVE QUARTET-Jazz In Hollywood Nocturne OJCCD-1891-2 WIGGINS GERALD TRIO-Around The World In 80 Days Speciality OJCCD-1761-2 (SP-2101) WINDING KAI-JOHNSON J.J. Green With Strings Prestige OJCCD-1727-2 (P-7030) SOLD WOODS PHIL-GARLAND RED Sugan Prestige OJCCD-1841-2 (P-5204) SOLD WOODS PHIL-QUILL GENE-JENKINS JOHN-MCKUSICK HAL Bird Feathers New Jazz OJCCD-1735-2 (NJ-8204) YOUNG LARRY TRIO-Testifying Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-1793-2 (NJ-8249) SOLD YOUNG WEBSTER For Lady Prestige OJCCD-1716-2 (P-7106)
  13. JAZZ BOX SET on sale

    JELLY ROLL Box Set sold, thank you
  14. Hi everybody...again from Italy... just a few excellent BOX SET on sale... Mint / Near Mint condition, some are still sealed & new Please feel free to PM me with your reguests and shipping costs to your country. CHARLIE PARKER - The Complete Charlie Parker on Verve (Verve 837 141 2) 10 cd Box (1988) 40 $ / 37€ BIX BEIDERBECKE - The Complete B.B. In Chronological Order (IRD Records Biix 1/9) 9cd Box 45 $ / 40€ JELLY ROLL MORTON - Centennial, His Complete Victor Recordings (BMG/RCA ND 82361 5) 5cd Box 35 $ / 30€ (sealed) ) SOLD ROY ELDRIDGE- Little Jazz Trumpet Giant (Properzio Records Box 69) 4cd Box 22 $ / 20€ (sealed)) VARIOUS ARTISTS - Blue Note / A Story of Jazz (Panorama Magazine Edition) 6cd Box 27 $ / 25€ (sealed except cd #5) BILLIE HOLIDAY - The Complete B.H. on Verve 1945-1959 (Verve Polygram 517658 2) 10 cd Box 1^ edition 60 $ / 50€ (sealed) CHET BAKER - The Pacific Jazz Years (Capitol CDP 7 89292 2) 4cd Box 32 $ / 30€ VARIOUS ARTISTS - Low & Slow / The Blue Note tenor sax ballads collection (BN CDP 7 8 21280 2) 3cd Box 27 $ / 25€ MICHEL PETRUCCIANI - Concerts Inedits (Dreyfus FDM 36607 2) 3cd Box 40 $ / 35€ (sealed) DAVE BRUBECK - Time Signatures / A Career Retrospective (Columbia Legacy 52945) 4cd Box 40 $ / 35€ (sealed) STAN KENTON - 50th Anniversary Celebration / Back to Balboa (Moma Foundation MMF 1003) 5cd Box 35 $ / 30€ STAN KENTON - Retrospective (Capitol Jazz CDP 7 97350 2) 4cd Box 23 $ / 20€ ORNETTE COLEMAN - Beauty is a Rare Thing / The complete Atlantic Recordings (Rhino Atlantic R2 71410) 6cd Box 1^ edition 35 $ / 30€
  15. Hi everybody from Italy.... Each CD is in mint condition, like new and many of them are actually sealed ! Out of Print!!!!!! ORIGINAL CD - Made in FRANCE Original booklet in perfect condition 10$ / each CD 15$ / sealed CD I ship Worldwide from Italy at cost (i ship the CDs with booklet and covers without jewel case to save money for shipping costs). Please feel free to PM me with your reguests... On sale: CHRONOLOGICAL CLASSICS CLASSICS Catalog n. 1329 Gene AMMONS - 1949-1950 1367 Gene AMMONS - 1950-1951 1406 Gene AMMONS - 1951-1953 1179 Louis ARMSTRONG 1949-1950 1283 Louis ARMSTRONG 1951-1952 1352 Louis ARMSTRONG 1952-1953 1402 Louis ARMSTRONG 1954 1371 Georgie AULD - 1946-1950 1439 Charlie BARNET - 1940 Vol. 2 503 Count BASIE 1936-1938 801 Count BASIE 1943-1945 1387 Count BASIE 1952-1953 1446 Count BASIE 1953-1954 1384 Sidney BECHET 1952 882 Don BYAS 1944-1945 959 Don BYAS 1945 Vol. 2 1009 Don BYAS 1946 1073 Don BYAS 1947 1239 Don BYAS 1947-1951 1315 Don BYAS 1951-1952 1414 Don BYAS 1952-1953 5050 Ray CHARLES 1950-1952 968 Buck CLAYTON 1945-1947 1362 Buck CLAYTON 1949-1953 1427 Buck CLAYTON 1953 Vol. 2 804 Nat King COLE 1943-1944 1005 Nat King COLE 1946-1947 1031 Nat King COLE 1947 1062 Nat King COLE 1947 Vol. 2 1135 Nat King COLE 1947 Vol. 3 1155 Nat King COLE 1947-1949 1196 Nat King COLE 1949 1305 Nat King COLE 1949-1950 1256 Bill COLEMAN 1940-1949 1339 Bill COLEMAN 1951-1952 1381 Bill COLEMAN 1952-1953 1464 Eddie CONDON 1954-1955 1012 Eddie L. DAVIS 1946-1947 1382 Eddie L. DAVIS 1948-1949 1443 Eddie L. DAVIS 1953-1955 1445 Buddy DeFRANCO 1949-1952 1311 Roy ELDRIDGE 1951 1432 Duke ELLINGTON 1953 Vol. 2 518 Ella FITZGERALD 1938-1939 644 Ella FITZGERALD 1940-1941 1049 Ella FITZGERALD 1947-1948 1153 Ella FITZGERALD 1949 1195 Ella FITZGERALD 1950 1261 Ella FITZGERALD 1951 1328 Ella FITZGERALD 1952 1404 Ella FITZGERALD 1953-1954 1457 Ella FITZGERALD 1954-1955 753 Slim GAILLARD 1940-1942 1437 Slim GAILLARD 1951-1953 802 Erroll GARNER 1944 818 Erroll GARNER 1944 Vol. 2 850 Erroll GARNER 1944 Vol. 3 873 Erroll GARNER 1944-1945 924 Erroll GARNER 1945-1946 1004 Erroll GARNER 1946-1947 1109 Erroll GARNER 1947-1949 1138 Erroll GARNER 1949 1182 Erroll GARNER 1949 Vol. 2 1205 Erroll GARNER 1949-1950 1240 Erroll GARNER 1950 1310 Erroll GARNER 1950-1951 1341 Erroll GARNER 1951-1952 1370 Erroll GARNER 1952-1953 1391 Erroll GARNER 1953 1423 Erroll GARNER 1953-1954 1447 Erroll GARNER 1954 1126 Stan GETZ 1946-1949 1172 Stan GETZ 1950 1299 Stan GETZ 1951 1338 Stan GETZ 1951-1952 1379 Stan GETZ 1952-1953 1395 Stan GETZ 1953 1435 Stan GETZ 1954 888 Dizzy GILLESPIE 1945 935 Dizzy GILLESPIE 1945-1946 986 Dizzy GILLESPIE 1946-1947 1102 Dizzy GILLESPIE 1947-1949 1168 Dizzy GILLESPIE 1949-1950 1286 Dizzy GILLESPIE 1951-1952 1321 Dizzy GILLESPIE 1952 1347 Dizzy GILLESPIE 1952-1953 1380 Dizzy GILLESPIE 1953 1424 Dizzy GILLESPIE 1953-1954 1355 Benny GOODMAN 1945 1366 Benny GOODMAN 1945 Vol. 2 1375 Benny GOODMAN 1946 1385 Benny GOODMAN 1946-1947 1396 Benny GOODMAN 1947 1407 Benny GOODMAN 1947 Vol. 2 1418 Benny GOODMAN 1947-1948 1425 Benny GOODMAN 1948-1949 1436 Benny GOODMAN 1949-1951 1264 Wardell GRAY 1946-1950 1463 Wardell GRAY 1950-1955 1047 Bobby HACKETT 1943-1947 1403 Bobby HACKETT 1948-1954 803 Lionel HAMPTON 1942-1944 922 Lionel HAMPTON 1945-1946 1161 Lionel HAMPTON 1949-1950 1193 Lionel HAMPTON 1950 1262 Lionel HAMPTON 1950-1951 1429 Lionel HAMPTON 1951-1953 1340 Coleman HAWKINS 1950-1953 1416 Coleman HAWKINS 1953-1954 1360 Eddie HEYWOOD 1950-1951 1234 Al HIBBLER 1946-1949 1300 Al HIBBLER 1950-1952 1285 Billie HOLIDAY 1952 1254 Illinois JACQUET 1947-1951 1376 Illinois JACQUET 1951-1952 1451 Illinois JACQUET 1953-1955 1455 Harry JAMES 1946-1947 1176 J.J.JOHNSON 1946-1949 898 Stan KENTON 1945 1011 Stan KENTON 1947 1185 Stan KENTON 1950 1255 Stan KENTON 1950-1951 (2 copies) 1292 Stan KENTON 1951 1428 Stan KENTON 1951-1952 1461 Stan KENTON 1952-1953 964 John KIRBY 1945-1946 1390 Gene KRUPA 1952-1953 1433 Gene KRUPA 1953-1954 1165 Dodo MARMAROSA 1945-1950 1125 Howard McGHEE 1945-1946 1294 Howard McGHEE 1949-1952 1430 Thelonious MONK 1951-1952 1169 James MOODY 1949-1950 1263 James MOODY 1950-1951 1388 James MOODY 1951 1410 James MOODY 1951-1954 1306 Red NORVO 1943-1944 1356 Red NORVO 1944-1945 1386 Red NORVO 1945-1947 1422 Red NORVO 1950-1951 1274 Anita O'DAY 1945-1950 1336 Anita O'DAY 1950-1952 1000 Charlie PARKER 1947 1103 Charlie PARKER 1947-1949 1222 Charlie PARKER 1950 1314 Charlie PARKER 1951-1952 1408 Charlie PARKER 1952-1954 1084 Oscar PETERSON 1945-1947 1198 Oscar PETERSON 1949-1950 1250 Oscar PETERSON 1950 1323 Oscar PETERSON 1950-1952 1361 Oscar PETERSON 1952 1399 Oscar PETERSON 1952 Vol. 2 1426 Oscar PETERSON 1952 Vol. 3 1456 Oscar PETERSON 1952-1953 1170 Bud POWELL 1949-1950 1373 Bud POWELL 1951-1953 1452 Bud POWELL 1953-1954 1419 Buddy RICH 1950-1955 944 Charlie SHAVERS 1944-1945 1242 Artie SHAW 1942-1945 1368 Artie SHAW 1946-1950 1291 Sonny STITT 1950-1951 1378 Sonny STITT 1951-1953 1207 Buddy TATE 1945-1950 507 Art TATUM 1932-1934 560 Art TATUM 1934-1940 1344 Billy TAYLOR 1950-1952 1383 Billy TAYLOR 1952-1953 1166 Sarah VAUGHAN 1949-1950 1296 Sarah VAUGHAN 1951-1952 1044 Charlie VENTURA 1945-1946 1111 Charlie VENTURA 1946-1947 1149 Charlie VENTURA 1947-1949 1215 Charlie VENTURA 1950 1309 Charlie VENTURA 1949-1951 1363 Charlie VENTURA 1951-1953 1253 Ben WEBSTER 1946-1951 1458 Ben WEBSTER 1953-1954 630 Mary Lou WILLIAMS 1927-1940 1050 Mary Lou WILLIAMS 1945-1947 1346 Mary Lou WILLIAMS 1951-1953 1417 Mary Lou WILLIAMS 1953-1954 1364 Teddy WILSON 1952-1953