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  1. King Crimson Collectors' Club CDs

    Definitely real cds. Have quite a few.
  2. Tim Buckley - Merry-Go-Round at the Carousel

    It's fantastic. One of the best live Buckley releases so far, and there are lots.
  3. Archie Shepp Bill Dixon Helsinki 1962

    Archie Shepp: saxophone, piano Bill Dixon: trumpet Don Warren: bass Howard McGray: drums Perry Robinson: clarinet Recorded live at the Helsinki Conservatory August 2nd 1962 as part of the World Festival of Youth and Students for Peace and Friendship. This is a great performance. Have had a copy of this for some time, great to know others are liking it!
  4. Wadada Leo Smith "Trumpet" And this one as well. But it looks like May 21 for both. I love the man's music and vision and am thrilled to see him releasing albums prolifically these last 10-15 years.
  5. Berkshire Music Outlet

    I used to go there 4-5 times a year in the 80's and 90's when they had store hours. So many great finds. I did not know they were still in business.
  6. Missed Opportunity

    True. It was huge for my then 22 year old self.
  7. Missed Opportunity

    Well my friend you snooze you lose! It's happened to me there too. I've been acquainted with this store owner and store since 1984 when I first got my driver's license. Some of the best bargains of my (music collecting) life found there. Probably the best single day was around 1989-90 or so? My brother was in there in the morning (I was working for some extra $$, it was a Saturday) and said the owner had a bunch of records I might like "Sun Ra and some other stuff". Of course I flew over there. I found around 25 original mint Byg/Actuel titles, all of the Sun Ra on ABC impulse stuff and a dozen or so rarities (Shepp, Bill Dixon, Cherry). I got 45 or so lps for $300. A fortune for me then, but well worth the price at most any given point in time. What pains me the most is that all the Sun Ra Saturn stuff had been there just a few hours earlier. And who knows what else....
  8. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    I ordered at Amazon. They seem to be the the only outlet for the Asian Improv label.
  9. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    ordered this one, can't wait to hear it!
  10. I did try that and she's out. It was a very limited pressing from what I understand. I know I can download it (and have) but I am looking for a hard copy. One last bump to see if anyone has a copy they'll part with. C
  11. Hi- Looking for a copy of this cd: I missed out on it when it came out. Enjoying their new cd. Thanks, C
  12. Avreeayl Ra Attacked

    Contributed. Thanks for posting this. He deserves more than we can give him.
  13. pm sent on braxton pm sent on braxton