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  1. Myra Melford- The Image of Your Body

    No doubt about that!!! sensational!!
  2. NFL chat thread

    Eli & Giants messed up in the last minute. One of those teams needs to practise their onside kicks.
  3. How old are you?

    old enough to remember when they sold king sized Sweet Tarts at the corner Drug.
  4. 2005 World Series

    The amazing thing about that run was that, except for the first two against Detroit, it came against some of the best teams in baseball: Tribe, Bosox, LAA, and Stros. word!
  5. The Phobia List

    fear of tax hikes
  6. Funny Rat

    Hey David, have you heard Clinkers? There are solo ones and solo ones While Gokhan is not posting more of his impressions from Mulhouse, here is a short but wild flick from Barry Guy's Orchestra perfomance (3,4 Mb) ← Clinkers is great. ← splendid. serendipitous.
  7. Blue Notes

    None of the Tad Jones blue note recordings. No Bechet or Fats Navarro either.
  8. God I hope this story is overblown right now!!!

    The more ass kicking the better as far as I'm concerned. This is what happens when you have incompetent liberal politicians in control. That Mayor should get his ass kicked out of office for good.
  9. My favorite station

    One of the Sirius network jazz stations is ok with a healthy selection of hard bop. Best option on the table if you drive around Iowa.
  10. God I hope this story is overblown right now!!!

    Cindy who????????
  11. Nastiness & This Board

    Can't go back to sleep now, -- old "nasty-one" is wideawake -- but hey dragging guys comments from forum to forum and thread to thread gets pretty old pretty fast. And given the title of this thread is "nastiness and this board" thought I would shake myself awake long enough to post a quick comment. Of course, I am not at all startled to see that your reaction was measured and thoughtful. Nor will I be shocked, if you find a way to respond to this, that somehow mentions the Aryan nation or something.
  12. Nastiness & This Board

    I don't get this. I don't see that much hostility here (other than minimal isolated incidents). It depends where you hang out, I guess. Sorry you feel this way. It has nothing to do with hostility. It has to do with a few individuals venting their frustration or whatever with life, the universe, their careers or whatever, pissing on everything and everybody, usually without giving it much thought. The atmosphere has turned sour and I've got better things to do than to read the "personal opinions" they so proudly defend. Cheers! P.S.: Am I the only one that has noticed that at least one frequent poster has left quietly because of this? Apparently, because everyone else has posted useless "happy birthdays" for him. The ability to disagree, while at the same time respecting others differing views is obviously a skill or attribute most of us are simply not very good at, or just don't have. Sadly. So simple conversations become slugfests, which then end up too often with pick-your-favorite-card being played. Racist, anti-semitic, or when really floundering around I guess, just toss out a nazi riff or two -- always a showstopper that one. And to try and escape slight criticism by trying to equate that europeans have called Nixon a crook or Johnson a killer or whatever -- thus its okay to keep yanking that old nazi chain -- pretty weak really.
  13. mp3 or wav file?

    Thanks all. Now I just have to find the time to finish the project. Ha!
  14. Turning Central Park Orange

    Sorry to say, but from the photos looks like a high school Cross Country race sponsored by the X Games. Hope it looks better in person. Weizen: Hope your Volvo-driving neighbors can give you a good report as well. But are you sure it wasn't just the wine talking about them going???
  15. mp3 or wav file?

    Thanks vibes and africabrass! One last question if that is allright with you. If someone has sent me a cd-r with mp3 files, can I, or should I, convert them to wav?