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  1. Bass Pedals and exp-100

    Makes sense, absolutely. I was kind of afraid it was an organic issue of analog vs digital for the pedals. And thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I'm experimenting with some settings for the pedals, as well as midi'ing out the pedal notes to a sound module to see if I can find something that makes tapping a little more like an actual Hammond. Thanks for the reply. Funny, but Tony Monaco's extensive video on the subject made it seem like pedaling(and tapping) on a clone wouldn't be such an issue. There's another video on tuning up your clone to match a Hammond more closely that I may buy to see if there's anything there he suggests about the subject.
  2. Bass Pedals and exp-100

    I just got my answer by downloading Tony Monaco's excellent video series on "bass and comp". He demonstrates exactly how it's done.
  3. Bass Pedals and exp-100

    So I just got mu xk200L pedals and they look and feel great. However, I have a question on pedaling while playing walking bass with the left hand.. I know that many great players "tap" a note(almost any note) on the pedals while walking a quick bass with the left hand. I don't seem to be able to get that thumping sound only from the bass pedals by lightly tapping on them. I always get the note I am tapping which sounds terrible when in conflicting the notes from my left hand. What am I missing here? Do the xk200L pedals not have an area of movement where I can tap them and get the thump without the note sounding? Or is there a pedal setting on my SK2 that will accomplish this for me? I've tried everything in the pedal setup on my SK2, and can't get the sound I'm looking for.
  4. band videos

    So - I took the plunge and ordered the pedals from Sweetwater. Now waiting 2 weeks for delivery....
  5. band videos

    So, advice needed. I haven't played a Hammond for 30 years after traveling with one on the road for 20 years before that. I just purchased an SK-2 last year and now am ready for pedals, but really didn't want to lug a big set around. Bottom line, it's been a long time since I kicked pedals. My left hand bass is back in good shape, however. It sounds like the small ones will be OK since I'm getting reacquainted anyway? Thoughts?
  6. band videos

    Thanks Jim. I checked out a few options and settled on Adobe Premiere. It not only makes the multi-camera editing super easy, it automatically syncs my camera videos (3 Zoom QA2 cameras) using the audio tracks from the Zoom units, which I just previewed at NAMM 2017 and immediately ordered when I got home. I shoot videos every few weeks at my regular gig and I'm working on the technical challenges of managing camera operation and placement while performing and running the gig My next addition is going to be a set of XPk-200L pedals.
  7. band videos

    Jim: Just curious as to what software you use to edit your band videos? Particularly in what you are are using to switch video views of each player during the video as the video music plays.
  8. Bass Pedals and exp-100

    I'm thinking of getting the Hammond 1100 pedals for my sk2 rig. I have the Exp-100 expression pedal. Is there a place to mount the expression pedal on the bass pedals, or do you just have the pedals side by side? Sorry. The bass pedals are xk200L
  9. Bass Comping Registrations

    Thanks Jim. That's what I've been using. Bass just didn't seem punchy enough. I guess I'll get my hands on a sub amp to see if I get what I'm looking for.
  10. Bass Comping Registrations

    I'd like to set my Sk2 bottom manual to always be the same when I change presets. I know Jim said there is a way to do this in the setup. Question: I don't have pedals, just kicking left hand bass. I can't seem to get the comping and bass parts to feel right. What registration do you use for this on the lower manual?