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  1. Best track you heard all week

    A favorite of mine too. I like it better than Miles' version.
  2. Teddy Charles

    Teddy Charles has a new recording scheduled for release in February. On Smalls Records. Talk about longevity! Dances With Bulls
  3. Fave Freddie Hubbard sides

    Yeah, Freddie had serious chops and a sense of humor... a too rare combination.
  4. It's interesting to wonder what jazz (if any) recorded in the last 5-10 years will be canonized 50 years down the road. It seems like 50 years ago musicians such as Rollins, Miles, Bird, Ellington etc. were already regarded as 'giants' by their contemporaries and their place in an emerging canon was clear enough. (i may be wrong, and I'll defer to those among us who were around in those times). The situation seems a lot different today, for better or worse.
  5. Fave Freddie Hubbard sides

    Among many favorites is the 20 minute live version of Red Clay at the end of the reissue of the album. Full of energy and humor, I remember listening to that over and over once on a tiring drive through the Midwest, I needed the charge that comes from live Freddie.
  6. All CDs used/like new. Prices include shipping (first class, domestic only). Paypal preferred. PM if interested. Thanks. SOLDEric Alexander Alexander the Great (High Note) 5SOLD SOLDDavid Binney Bastion of Sanity (Criss Cross) 8 SOLD SOLDEddie Condon Dr Jazz Series v.1 (Storyville) (small sticker residue on case) 7SOLD Tal Farlow This is Tal Farlow (Japanese import 24 bit uccu 9314) 10 SOLDBenny Golson Gone with Golson (OJC limited) SOLD SOLDBilly Hart Quartet (High Note) 6 SOLD SOLD Dave Holland Critical Mass (Sunny Side) 7 SOLD Oliver Lake Big Band Cloth (Passin’ Thru)..small notch in case 5 SOLD George Russell Ezz thetics (OJC 1992 remaster, not keepnews) 4 SOLD
  7. BMG Sale Corner

    Kinda sad to see bmg go away. I can remember when you couldn't open a magazine without seeing those ads '12 for the price of 1' and the detachable cards that you could send in to get those cds. I remember growing up and my sister getting 8 tracks in the mail each month from Columbia House (ABBA, Supertramp etc), she never remembered to turn in the the card to prevent CH from sending the selection of the month. p.s. If you've accumulated music points you only have until 1/31 to redeem them.
  8. Your Top 3 Mosaics...

    Farlow Mobley Armstrong 50s Decca (this was the second Mosaic I ever ordered, Tea Capitol set was the this is the sentimental choice)
  9. Kenny Dorham

    I've begun appreciating KD more and more recently, funny how time has a way of altering our perceptions and opening new ways to hear. Trumpet Tocata is a beautiful record.
  10. Here's an hour long concert recording of MTO for anyone interested npr jazz
  11. Blue Note Catalog deletions

    I like Jacknife a lot, the opener is a classic to me--the CD has more going for it than early DeJohnette! You may be in for a pleasant surprise
  12. More info on createspace: createspace Createspace:Disc on demand incidentally, the Hutcherson Montreux cd is also cd-r Hutch Live
  13. Blue Note Catalog deletions

    Thanks for posting that list, I just ordered the Mobley...been meaning to get it for awhile. I don't have the Brooks CDs, probably need to attend to that also. I don't take much comfort in knowing these will be available in digital format sometime down the road, I guess I'm a Luddite.
  14. Your Columbia / RCA reissue requests?

    Shorty Rogers RCAs would be a good Mosaic project. Lots of love for Miles in the voting so far.
  15. Charles Lloyd - Rabo De Nube

    Agreed. Lots of fabulous moments on this Cd. Well-recorded too. I noticed, recently, it's now available at bmg
  16. Is there an appreciable difference between a cd-r and the original cd? This same cd-r deal is also available for Reminiscing at Blue Note Reminiscing at Blue Note
  17. Your Columbia / RCA reissue requests?

    I voted for the Ellingtons and Herbie Hancock (VSOP). Surprised to see so much support for Johnny Mathis/Perry Como. Why not just release it all!
  18. This will be a really fun set. I hope Ted Kendall does the remastering, the grp decca reissues from the early 90s sound horrible to me.
  19. Blue Note

    There's also some 80s material that I'd like to see reissued. Actually, I think the more fundamental question is can they reissue more stuff, not what can they reissue...time are tough, 'specially in the music bidness bluenote 80s/90s
  20. Fake Live Albums

    The applause in a lot of v discs seems dubbed. Not sure where these were recorded many times ("Hot Horn Hall" )?
  21. Any discernible change in tone or coverage with Morton taking over?
  22. Verve Reissues, 2008

    listed at cduniverse. apologies if these reissues have already been mentioned--a quick search didn't turn up anything. Street date 3/18 Paul Desmond--Bridge Over Troubled Water Oliver Nelson Fantabulous George Benson--I got a woman and some blues Stan Getz--Jazz Giants '58 JImmy Smith--Live at the Village Gate Oscar Peterson--Plays Count Basie Kenny Burrell--Night At the Vanguard Bill Evans-Plays the theme from the V.I.P.S. and other songs
  23. Ellington Suites

    Choosing among Ellington's suites is like choosing a favorite sweet in a Fannie Mae box of assorted chocolates. So many to choose from: Liberian Suite, Queen's Suite, Far East Suite, Harlem Suite, New Orleans Suite, Newport Festival Suite, Peter Gynt Suite, Toga Brava Suite, Nutcracker Suite etc.... But I think my personal favorite is the Latin America Suite. Some highlights for me: the rolling percussion at the opening of Oclupaca, the electric bass coming in distorted and fuzzy under piano and drums in Chico Cuadradino, and the beautiful melody and piano playing that opens and closes The Sleeping Lady... Paul Gonsalves and Ellington's piano playing are also highlights throughout. Does anybody else have a favorite suite?
  24. New Paul Motian live recording.

    A second volume of this group at the Village Vanguard has been released. Looks promising, any comments (on either volume)? Winter & Winter cduniverse
  25. Nagel Heyer

    I bought some Nagel Heyers a few years ago but eventually ended up selling most of them. I've kept Sandke's Bix cd, but haven't listened to it in awhile. I can't seem to warm to neoclassicism in jazz, though I'd like to.