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  1. Ellington Suites

    The work of EVERY saxophonist (Hodges AND the section) on "Blues For New Orleans" guarantees them all a place of immortality in my heart. Amen, 'blues for n.o.' is OUTSTANDING. And to think, Johnny Hodges was gone two weeks later, listening to these blues is bittersweet for sure. The New Orleans Suite seems kind of underrated, I just bought it recently and there's some wonderful music here, Portrait of Wellman Braud is a beauty as is Borbon Streen Jingling Jollies. Ellington's font was inexhaustible!
  2. 2008 Top Ten

    New issue: Ari Brown, Live at the Green Mill and favorite reissue: Dewey Redman Stuggle Continues (both issued late in 2007, but I'll count them for 2008) Favorite new issue Favorite reissue
  3. Delmark

    I've lived in Illinois for a number of years so this label is kind of in my backyard. Yet, I'm really not too familiar with the Chicago jazz scene. I'd be interested in hearing people's favorites from this label. I think the only thing I have from Delmark is a George Lewis (New Orleans George) session, I'm interested in branching out some.
  4. Eddie Condon

    The centennary of his birth is Nov 16 this year. Condon and the chicago/dixieland style seems to have mostly fallen out of favor--I don't expect to see any Lincoln Center tributes or cover stories in Jazz Times. Which is too bad because it's fun music. Condon is right after Coltrane on my music shelf, and they both have their place. Here's to Eddie and his four-stringed rhythm guitar
  5. Pianist Lou Levy

    I've been listening a lot lately to Warne Marsh (All Music--Nessa).... Lou Levy's playing has been catching my attention. Pleased to see a thread devoted to him, I'm just discovering him...he plays 'sideways' as noted earlier in this thread, in a good way.
  6. Happy Birthday, Chris A.!

    three cheers!
  7. Verve Originals, complete list

    How's the Armstrong? We might need an occasional reminder that some of these are still available elsewhere (I know I don't always check in time ). For instance Dizzy Cool World and Dizzy Goes Hollywood are both on the recent Mosaic box set, and Hobo Flats is on the Nelson Mosaic set. (I'm pretty sure Hobo Flats is one where the entire album shows up and not halfsies.) Thanks for the list! The Armstrong is very fine, the original incarnation of the All Stars with Earl Hines and Teagarden. All the music is, I believe, on the oop Mosaic set.
  8. Verve Reissues, 2008

    I notice a couple of new reissues, Verve seems to have no interest in publicizing their reissue program, maybe there are more Sonny Stitt Sits in with Oscar Peterson Stan Getz in Stockholm For reference, here is a link to a thread on the summer reissues summer 2008 verve
  9. XM, Sirius to merge

    The semantics of this are funny--contemporary jazz is found on the station Beyond Jazz. Personally, I don't care for most of the 'beyond jazz' content, I don't mind seeing the station go. However, I think room should be made on the 'real jazz' station on xm for groups like organissimo. The contemporary jazz content on xm is largely restricted to Wynton and the Lincoln Center folks.
  10. What music did you buy today?

    I'll second the recommendation for the quintets' album! (don't have the other one). My recent purchases: Von Freeman--Doin' it Right Now Ellington -- New Orleans Suite Chick Corea--Tones for Jones Bones
  11. Mahanthappa/Dresser/Hemingway

    Sound samples on this are intriguing. Any comments from those who have heard the whole thing?
  12. David "Fathead" Newman 60's sides

    I thought I'd bump this thread up, looking for recommendations for FH Newman's Atlantic sessions.
  13. ....and it keeps getting better, I really like the Booker Ervin sessions at the end. Right now, I'm listening to Blue Mitchell, disc IV
  14. I came across...

    Thank you for sharing these materials, they're fascinating!
  15. Upcoming re-issues from Concord

    Five new RVGs (release date 10/7) concordmusic rvgs Miles Miles Davis And The Modern Jazz Giants Coltrane Black Pearls Boogaloo Joe Jones Right On Brother Dolphy At the Five Spot, Vol. 1 Burrell Bluesy Burrell
  16. Unfortunately, this type of thing is nothing new. A discussion on this board a few years ago on the atlantic fires linked this article describing the sad history of archival practices of the major labels Vault losses
  17. You can comfort yourself in the knowledge that a soon-to-be-out-of-print Mosaic is a whale of a lot better investment than most stocks these days! Greg Mo This is a nice set, very good sound and meat/potatoes Blue Note (I mean that in a complementary sense). My favorite sessions are the last ones with Booker Ervin and Grant Green. I agree with Hans' earlier post--forced to choose, I think I'd go with this over the GW (though I like that one too)
  18. Dr. Lonnie Smith Trio

    I'm planning on seeing Dr. Lonnie tomorrow, for the first time. Reading this thread has me PUMPED
  19. If Kahn's 'Blue Note' book is similar to his Coltrane/Impulse book, I would expect it to delve a lot more into the Alfred Lion/business side of the story than Richard Cook did. I wonder how much cooperation Kahn had from MC, Lundvall and others? I've enjoyed Kahn's other jazz books, I'm betting this will be a winner, worth preordering.
  20. Trombonist Jimmy Cleveland has passed

    Thanks Larry for pointing out Cleveland's solo on "Ballad..." I just dug out it and spun it, very beautiful.
  21. Maybe this?: "As long as there was a piano in the corner, a bottle opened and some business to attend to in a back room, he seems to have been content" To echo what Lon said earlier, I've become increasingly reliant on the opinions and thoughts of board members and much less reliant over time on the Penguin Guide (and other commercial reviews).
  22. What music did you buy today?

    Just placed an order for: Coltrane Ole Louis Smith Smithville David Murray Like a kiss that never ends (I expect the music will be better than that title) Clifford Brown Memorial (RVG)
  23. SteepleChase dates from the 80's, 90's and 00's

    Trawling around, looking for information on the Steeplechase label, I came across this interesting thread. Worth reviving, I think....lots of interesting suggestions. I just wish these CDs weren't so expensive
  24. Andrew Hill Select (the group recordings -- MS 016). This late 60s early 70s era of Blue Note is fascinating to me. This Hill Select, coupled with the Tyner Select, are favorites.