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  1. *** Trombone Corner ***

    Trombone and tenor, trombone and bari, trombone and alto flute- three of my favorite combinations. bari, trombone and alto flute.......interesting; I'm drawing a blank on examples of this, any clues? Dolphy recordings maybe? Others?
  2. Your Next Mosaic

    I'm kind of surprised by the ambivalence expressed toward the Gillespie set, it's one that's been high on my 'to buy' list.
  3. *** Trombone Corner ***

    One of the glories of jazz is the tonal blend of trombone, trumpet, and tenor.... my favorite Messengers groups are the ones with Fuller, he fills out the ensemble in a way perfectly suited for that music. Vic Dickenson is GREAT...his Vanguard recordings shouldn't be missed
  4. ECM Touchstones

    I'm interested to hear what others recommend too, I'm unfamiliar with a lot this music. Two I'm going to order: Gnu High and Special Edition.
  5. Phil Woods

    There's a lot of material out there, but other than Phil's work in 60s big bands (Oliver Nelson in particular), I really haven't heard much. I don't have any Phil Woods-led sessions in my collection, so I'm wide open for suggestions. Thanks.
  6. Dewey Redman

    I purchased this recently from bmg, it is wonderful! I find it intersting that some musicians are able to convey warmth and authenticity while others just sound cold. This album, to me at least, is very moving. Particularly 'Love is'
  7. George Coleman

    I've heard Coleman as a sideman on some of the obvious classics (e.g., Hancock's Maiden Voyage) but I have nothing from him as a leader. Just curious what people think about him and whether there are some sessions as a leader or sideman that are worth hunting down.
  8. Pablo Records

    I've been enjoying some Pablo sessions lately, reminding me of a thread I started a few years ago. Since that time, I've had some hits and misses, but these I've been particularly enjoying:
  9. Bobby Timmons - Workin' Out

    The first date, with Lytle, doesn't do a lot for me but the second date, with Shorter, is very nice. Good sound too.
  10. more on this at:
  11. Sounds as though the box is definitely worth pursuing! I'll be looking out for good deals, I regret missing some of the bargains others found for this box (mentioned earlier in the thread, when BMG was still carrying sony stuff)
  12. I finally got around to picking up a single CD from material in this box ('Four and more'). Good gracious, it smokes! Tony Williams is a beast. I'm wondering now if it might be worth considering springing for the entire box, or instead continue to just cherry pick the single CDs.
  13. New Universal Music Originals

    I'm looking forward to getting Getz' Sweet Rain. These are listing for 8.79 at cduniverse, a few years ago the list price would have been double that.
  14. Great lists, thanks! I don't think I could come up with 100, and it's hard to know sometimes what qualifies as 'overlooked', but here are a few that I like a lot and that don't receive lots of attention (as far as I can tell): Vic Dickenson--Nice Work (Vanguard). (plenty of good Edmond Hall on here too) Duane Tatro --Jazz for Moderns Shelly Manne-- Son of Gunn Bobby Hackett (1950 Columbia sessions, found on the Condon Mob Mosaic, disc 3) Ari Brown (Live at the Green Mill) Billie and De De Pierce--Blues & Tonks (OJC) (Thanks Chris! Eternal gratitude!) Walt Weiskopf--Anytown (CrissCross) Frank Strozier--Remember Me (Steeplechase)
  15. Arthur Blythe

    Thank you for all of the comments, very interesting. Glad to hear a lot of this music holds up well. This seems like a fascinating period in jazz, with the fusion/funk backlash, emergence of the neo classicists, and the folks like Blythe, Murray, Hemphill etc moving the music in different directions. All these streams converging
  16. What's the music like on this? Big Band? Strings (I hope not). Cool cover .
  17. Roy (Eldridge) Runs Low

    This is an exciting set and Eldridge is one of the greats. It's mostly small group jazz, few vocals (as others have noted). Eldridge has like a three octave range and a lot of the tempos are up---lots of heat
  18. David Binney

    Coincidentally, I was listening to some tracks from 'South' today. Very nice, some great compositions. I like Adam Rogers on it. I have the first Criss Cross he did (with Chris Potter), also enjoyable.
  19. Jeremy Pelt - one hell of an interesting trumpeter

    I liked his Criss Cross CD. But I when I bought one of his more recent ones (on Maxjazz) I found it pretty boring, to be honest. I sold it.
  20. Fill me in on Sonny Stitt

    I thought I'd bump this thread up, looking for ideas and thoughts about SS. Out of the nearly 1,000 jazz cds I have, sad to say none feature Stitt as a leader.
  21. mccoy tyner

    This set arrived late last week and I have to say I'm really, really pleased with it. In no way inferior to the Milestone years, imo.... Plenty of powerful vamps, with some Eastern colors now and then, modal blow-outs... it all sounds so fresh even 40 years later. More generally, I love this period of jazz, late 60s to early 70s.
  22. Best track you heard all week

    Tal Farlow. Little Girl BLue... something about Farlow's tone that always brightens me. Late last night, Farlow was a nice antidote to a day that had some tension.
  23. Well said, this is how I feel in relation to my duaghters too. An honest sentiment, it should grace every Father's Day card this year.
  24. Blue Note - Beefing Up The Collection

    I've been spinning Jimmy Smith, Live at the Baby Grand (Vol1) almost daily for the last couple of weeks. I usually don't hear that one singled out from among Smith's vast catalog, but it absolutely smokes and it's one of my favorites.