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  1. The King Is Gone - Benny Carter RIP

    Horrible news. I was just listening to his Verve sessions with OP a couple of nights ago and marveling at their pure beauty. Not unexpected, I suppose, but hard to believe he's gone.
  2. billy mitchell

    Picked this up based on the recommendations on this board...everybody's right! This is a tremendous session, one I would have totally overlooked. It's a shame Billy Mitchell wasn't recorded more as a leader.
  3. I think this sounds like a great idea. The Eddie Condon Mosaic sets are among my favorites. Dick Cathcart, who is on some of the Matlock recordings on the Condon Mob set, has some albums from the late 50s on Warners. Cathcart, Dick Pete Kelly Lets His Hair Down Warner Bros. (USA) WS-1217 Cathcart, Dick BIX MCMLIX Warner Bros. (USA) WS-1275 Cathcart, Dick Pete Kelly's Blues Warner Bros. (USA) WS-1303 As far as I know, these don't overlap with the Matlock albums mentioned earlier, but I'm not sure. I'd also be interested to know what else is on the label from this period.
  4. Jack Teagarden--big band years

    I have a CD that I really like, "Big T Jump", that covers transcriptions made between 1944-45 by the big band. The label is Jass. Excellent remastering from Jack Towers.
  5. Elvin Jones

    The Real Mccoy is one of my favorite albums, due in no small part to Elvin Jones. He energizes other favorite sessions as well--Unity, ALS, Thad Jones (Mosaic)... ANd yet, I don't have anything by Elvin as a leader. Any suggestions for good places to start?
  6. Elvin Jones

    Thank you for the suggestions. Rooster, I'm in central Illinois which is about as stateside as you can get. How representative are the three samples on the Mosaic website? I think I might start with Elvin!. The lineup looks really good.
  7. June 23 Reissues

    I'll certainly second this. Precision, swing, and blues blasting out of the speakers.
  8. Interesting. I guess it's for real. I wonder if Mosaic's trying to clear out some shelf space--a lot of good releases are coming up. In some ways, perhaps, the deepdiscount sale takes the place of the 10% off sale Mosaic ran last year.
  9. Tommy Turrentine hybrid SACD

    This is what I meant to say (you said it better) when I said there was a wide stereo spread. It sounds horrible to've basically got the rhythm section crammed into one speaker and the soloist popping out of the other, with nothing in between. It's bizarre.
  10. Art Tatum

    Some other jazz greats from NW Ohio--Joe Henderson's from Lima OH and WIld Bil Davison's from Defiance. I wonder if they have plaques. I pased through Defiance last summer and asked the register girl at the local Wendy's if there was any commemoration of Wild Bill in town. SHe looked at me like I was nuts. "WHo's that?"
  11. Tommy Turrentine hybrid SACD

    I was referring to the new hybrid remastered by steve hoffman. Picked it up at redtrumpet a couple of weeks ago. I don't have the old one to compare it to. By "dry" I mean lifeless (if that clarifies anything). There just isn't much presence. I have a comfortable volume on my system and I don't deviate much from it--for this hybrid I have to turn up the volume much higher than I normally do to reach that comfort get some presence.
  12. Tommy Turrentine hybrid SACD

    I've only heard this on a CD player since I don't have an SACD player. To be honest, it sounds bad to me--extreme stereo separation and really dry. OF course, it may sound much better on SACD
  13. This is generally true, but last year I came across an out of print Ellington Capitol Mosaic at It was discounted from the original price, to make the deal even less believable. I took a chance anyway and about a week later it arrived on my porch. Maybe clandy44 will luck out--it'll be interesting to see.

    I've got this too and the fidelity of the recordings is very good. A swingin' time in Hot Horn Hall!
  15. osby st louis shoes

    Gave this one a spin today. First impressions: 2 thumbs up. Payton sounds inspired, great arrangements. The two Ellington tunes stand out the most to me--man, people will be finding new things to say with Ellington's music 500 years from now. SIngle Petal was beautiful.
  16. AUGUST JRVG ADDITIONAL TRACKS and are two good places to purchase imports.
  17. curtis fuller recs

    In addition to everything else that's been mentioned, I really like his playing as a sideman on Blue Mitchell's Blue SOul. I'm listening to it right now--reminds me I better snap up Blue's Mosaic before too long. It should be nearing Running Low status fairly soon I would guess.
  18. Count Basie -- Complete Decca Recordings

    It's possible Definitive lifted the GRP transfers, so there may be no difference at all. It's unlikely Definitve went out and found all original 78s, cleaned them and transferred them. They likely lifted them from somewhere. I like the transfers done by Dave Bennett for a small UK label called Avid.
  19. The Columbia Reissue Program

    I'd like to see some stab at the Buck Clayton jam sessions. We aren't likely to see them in complete form again, but a 2 CD set would be nice. With Basie's centennial coming up, it'd be nice to see a Basie box along the lines of the Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, and Charlie Christian boxes. How's that for starters?
  20. Thanks Gary, er, I mean "Bruce".
  21. Clarinet Recommendation?

  22. Blue Note signs WM

    The curiosity factor alone will make this a big seller (by jazz standards). I'll preorder it. It'll be interesting to see how Blue Note approaches this. Will WM record with his sextet? Big Band? Or will there be a lot of guest appearances by Osby, Lovano etc.
  23. Dizzy, Bird, and the Birth of BEBOP

    This is probably a case where the sum is greater than the parts. Diz's contribution is enhanced by Bird's and vice versa. "Woody 'n you" is sometimes referred to as the first bebop recording for a record label. Dizzy bursts out for his solo like a supernova. The speed, harmony, and control in the upper register are beautiful. Hawk almost sounds flustered or angry when he returns for a final bar or two.
  24. Roy Hargrove - Hard Groove

    I'm glad for Hargrove and whoever else is involved, but in some ways the good sales is bad news. I mean, according to Jazz Times Greg Osby's Blue Notes only sell 5000 total. Good sales will probably only encourage companies to follow the same formula--light on the jazz, heavy on the hip hop, record scratching and whatever else sells. I have no interest in this type of fusion.
  25. New Mosaic Schedule of Releases

    This is a golden era for Mosaic. Well, my Christmas list is done. I wish shopping for my wife was as simple.