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  1. I haven't heard any music from this band but I've been been curious about it for a long time. So I'm really looking forward to this set.
  2. More Keepnews reissues

    Released Sept 11. (apologies if these have been mentioned elsewhere) clark terry seranade to a bus seat george russell ezz thetics mccoy tyner horizon sonny rollins sound of sonny monk at town hall Other upcoming reissues concord upcoming releases
  3. Upcoming re-issues from Concord

    It's the June issue. mine just arrived in the mail today. The article WB3 is referring to also happens to be online (in full). It includes a brief interview with Joe Tarantino. jazztimes
  4. Art Tatum CD Reissue - June 3rd

    It's ironic that a piece of software is the only artist left on Columbia/Sony's jazz roster.
  5. Roy Campbell Ensemble - Akhenaten Suite

    I really like this CD a lot. Campbell plays with a lot of heart and fire. I like the textures from the violin (Billy Bang), vibes, and trumpet frontline. The playing is a little ragged in spots, but that only increases its authenticity and honesty (imho). Sound quality is pretty good, the bass is pretty well-recorded which is always a concern I have with live recordings.
  6. Upcoming re-issues from Concord

    Freedom Suite is also available on the box set: The Freelance Years, Complete Riverside and Contemporary Recordings. 5 CDs for 30 dollars from Newbury. I have the set, good remastering too (though the programming is a little odd).
  7. What music did you buy today?

    I was in Chicago recently, made the obligatory stop at Jazz Record Mart. The prices may be a little high, but the atmosphere is priceless (while I was shopping I heard one worker tell another that "Cuscuna just called, he wants you to call back'). Jimmy Smith's Live at the Baby Grand was playing while I was shopping, sounded realy good so I picked that up. I also picked up Warne Marsh, All Music. And the magazine Stop Smiling. stop smiling mag
  8. How many different styles of jazz

    To me, pioneers--inventors--were folks at the beginning who created the language. Louis Armstrong, Fletcher Henderson, Coleman Hawkins, Jelly Roll Morton etc. "You can't play anything on a horn that Louis hasn't played--I mean even modern. -- Miles Davis
  9. How many different styles of jazz

    somewhat of a coincidence: I was listening to Tristano the other day playing Digression (1949?)which sounds kind of free to me...made me think that virtually all of the subsequent 'styles' of jazz were more or less already in germinal form by 1950. Hard for me to think of Miles (or anyone from that generation) as pioneers since the seeds had already been planted.
  10. Favorite West Coast Classics

    Up. Ate at IHOP with the fam this morning and there's a cd exchange a couple of doors down so I check it out and low and behold they have a copy of Katanga sittin' there for $5!!! It even has the OBI strip. As soon as I got in the car, I popped it in and was astonished how good this album is! Its been said before, there really isn't a bad one in the bunch. Now all I need is five more, and I'll have'em all!!! Katanga is amazing, nice find Native Land will have you reaching for the repeat button.
  11. What music did you buy today?

    Hard to believe I'm still picking up oop OJCs. A deep catalog (past tense) Herbie Mann--Wailin' Zoot Sims -- I Wish I Were Twins Art Pepper-- + Eleven (K2) and, in addition, David Murray (Sacred Ground)
  12. Red Allen with Kid Ory

    I read a reference in the most recent Mosaic/True Blue e-mail/promo to this 2 CD set: Kid Ory & Red Allen: Jazz Concert in Berlin 1959. Apparently the tapes are newly discovered...I'll likely pick this up for the presence of Red Allen. Newly discovered RA music is a good thing ( Incidentally, those Allen/Ory Verve tracks are my favorites on the Ory set.) (from Jazz Crusade website) Jazz Crusade The 1959 European tour by Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band was planned well in advance. On the 13 July, Red Allen flew out to Los Angeles to record fourteen tracks for Norman Granz's Verve label; the photo on the first set box was taken at that session. The personnel chosen for these recordings, with the omission of guitarist Frank Haggerty and the replacement of Morty Corb on bass, was the line-up chosen for the tour. They arrived in Germany on the 17 September, and performed this concert a few days later at the Sportspalast, which was recorded by BFM Berlin. Ory's aughter Babette eventually became custodian of the original tapes, and recently sold the rights to the enterprising Bill Bissonnette, owner of the Jazz Crusade record label. The results of this deal can be heard on these two discs. giving punctuation to the ensemble, providing musical full stops and commas where needed, and these, along with his arrangements (mostly little turnarounds, fillers and codas), help to give the band that singular 'Ory sound'. He gets that famous mute of his out to add some tonal colour to Tin Roof Blues and Careless Love. Henry Alien was an inspired choice for this band. He was capable of wildness, but he keeps it mostly under wraps for this concert, while still showing the exciting qualities that his biographer John Chilton called 'adventurous dexterity'. Most importantly, he could still provide that essential New Orleans trumpet lead.
  13. Jimmy Smith Blindfold Test (db 1/31/74)

    4 stars for the Rabbit-Wild Bill album. "It had that feeling". That says it all...means a lot coming from someone like JOS. I wish Verve (or more likely Mosaic) would release some of those collaborations between Hodges and Wild Bill. Thanks for posting
  14. The Modern Jazz Quartet

    I've been enjoying the live CD Dedicated to Connie recently..the first time, really, that I've actually enjoyed the MJQ (if you know what I mean). I guess there's a place in my life now for something a little more slowly paced (a feeling similiar to comments of others earlier in the thread). Or maybe my listenting chops are getting better and I'm hearing things that I used to miss. In any case, I'm bumping this thread up, hoping to read some more thoughts and recommendations.
  15. Earthquake in Illinois, what an experience! Some force you can't see is shaking your bed, your house, everything..really unnerving. First thing I checked on this morning was my stereo--it's unharmed AP story: Rare earthquake shakes midwest
  16. IT'S A GIRL, YAY!!!!! (Pt. II!)

  17. Gil Mellé

    That's the type of vibe I'm hoping for, thanks! It's becoming ridiculously difficult to track this type of music down..anything a little off-center. Hard to believe 10 years ago BN released the complete Gil Melle; if i'd only known then what i know now....
  18. Richie Kamuca

    Good call, prompted me to listen to this today. Some really nice playing, plenty of swing, lots of love for Pres
  19. Gil Mellé

    I just received notice that my order for 'Patterns in Jazz' is on its way. woo hoo. I don't know much about this CD (other than the sound samples I could find at hmv-Japan) but the lineup of baritone, guitar, and trombone is intriguing. Any opinions on 'Patterns' (or Gil more generally)?
  20. Good idea. 'Bout Soul is the curate's egg.....for me, I avoid it.
  21. Prior to purchasing this box a few years ago, I didn't have any of this music--so it was all completely new to me. Like so many other Mosaic sets, taking a chance opened up a new doorway. In this case to the 'freebop' Blue Note material (Dolphy, Rivers, Hill etc.) that I've subsequently purchased and now absolutely cherish.
  22. What music did you buy today?

    Gil Melle -- Patterns in Jazz. Ordered it tonight, not quite sure what to expect, something West Coast-like (but recorded by RVG in NJ!).
  23. The Apple Jam session with Basie and the session with Charlie Parker are my favorites, but it's all good. Some people say Roy's over the top in these JATP type settings, but I think he's perfect
  24. for Larry's book. The Neo-Con game , the Tristano material, and so forth have given me some insight I don't imagine I would have ever gotten elsewhere.
  25. Thad Jones, Disc 1. Interesting to compare Shadow Wilson (first half of the disc) with Max Roach (second half).