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  1. Price drop to $50 shipping included
  2. Possibly the last Mosaid set from the FreeJazz archive Post here then PM Paypal F/F appreciated but not required MD4-185 4CDs Kenton Presents Bob Cooper, Bill Holman & Frank Rosolino No box or book. Housed on sleeves with front and backjewel case inserts intact and no extra folds CDs rated NM- No marks, scuffs, etc. Asking $28 including shipping thanks
  3. Lou Donaldson CDs

    All remaining titles with price drops. LOU DONALDSON Everything I play is Funky CDP7243 8 31248 2 4 VG+ $6 A Man with a Horn 7243 5 21436 27 (SBM) VG+ $10 Here 'Tis 50999 5 14371 2 1 (RVG) $4 Alligator Boogaloo CDP 7 84254 2 VG+ $5 Lush Life CDP 7 84254 2 VG+ $13 Fried Buzzard Chessmates GRD829 $5 Possum Head + Signifyin' Groove Hut GH66703 VG+ $10 Sentimental Journey CK66790 VG+ $4 Relaxin' at Sea/Live on the QE2 CR(D) 366 VG+ $4
  4. Spinning Duke Ellington "At His Very Best" RCA Victor LP1715 I need to install that mono cartridge I bought a couple weeks back..
  5. Mrs. Swing - Mildred Bailey

    Last box Mildred Bailey $7 shipped
  6. Continuing with assisting with the FreeJazz CD collection liquidation.. He is a meticulous audiophile type so all discs are well cared for and from smoke free home. I am not sure how he got this heavy metal box but if this is your thing..... Feel free to ask any questions. Shipping to US only Payment is via PayPal. If interested, please respond in thread and then PM. Thank you. Going to be listing the last box sets of this collection over the next week or two. A special one here. Everything is in as new condition as possible. I am call these NM- because they have never been played. I could not find much info on this box but I think this is known as the Ozzy years Volume one. Includes the first five releases. Pictures are posted Disc sleeves are in plastic sleeves with OBI and includes slipcase. I will pack this well and will be insuring shipment. thanks for looking Starting price on this set is $250 shipping media mail and insurance included
  7. Sale of Monty the Great pending Wednesday price drops Take them all for $75 shipped!!! MONTY ALEXANDER My America Telarc CD 83552 Promo Digipak VG+/ Disc NM- $3 Caribbean Circle Charly JD 80 NM- $5 Live at the Iridium Telarc CD83610 Promo NM- $3 Jamento OJCCD-904-2 NM- $22 Ivory and Steel SACD 1024-6 NM- $6 Steaming Hot Concord Jazz CCD2-2232-2 Promo NM- $10 Triple Scoop Concord Jazz CCD2-2122-2 Promo NM- $4 Straight Ahead Concord Jazz CCD2-2167-2 Promo NM- $7 Solo KIN W 2605 NM- $10 At Maybeck Concord Jazz CCD-4658 Promo VG+ $4 Echoes of Jilly's Concord Jazz CCD-4769-2 NM- $5 Monty meets Sly and Robbie Telarc CD-83494 NM-
  8. More discs from FreeJazz archive, examined a little more closely and graded individually. All discs unless mentioned housed in plastic sleeves with inserts. Back insert is usually folded inside front booklet. Feel free to ask any questions. Shipping to US only First three discs $3 media mail additional discs $.50 each Media Mail shipping Payment is via PayPal. If interested, please respond in thread and then PM. Thank you. Misc artists "A" Aatonen, Juhani Etiquette (promo) LRCD119 NM- $10 AAlectica - Bleeding Light (hole punch) DRL-155 NM- $5 Abate Quintet, Greg Monsters in the Night Koko KJRCD 003 NM- Abbast, Rez Third Ear OZ008-2 NM- $8 Abelen, Chris Proost BV HAAST 0202 NM- $13 Abelen, Chris (Quintet) Dance of the Penguins BV HAAST CD9608 VG+ $15 Abelen, Chris (Quintet) What a Romance BV HAAST9913 NM- $11 Abbs, Tom & Frequency Response Lost and Found (hole punch) Engine E11 NM- $5 Ablanedo, Pablo (Octet) alegria FSNT 156 NM- $12 Ablenado, Pablo (Octet) From Down There FSNT 109 NM- $5 Abler, Paul Fearless BSNM-10 NM- $15 Abdul-Malik, Ahmed Jazz Sahara OJCCD-1820-2 NM- $13 Abdul-Malik, Ahmed Jazz Sounds of Africa Prestige 24279-2 NM- $7 Abraham, Chris Thrown RM409 (Hole Punch) Digipack NM- $13 Bibic/Hollmer/Kalaniemi et.al accordian tribe LC8399 NM- $12 Achiary, Benet The Seven Circles FMP128 NM- $20 Ackerman, Bob a la mode CMD 8065 NM- $7 Ackerman Ensemble Les Oiseaux de Proie 4Tay-CD-4007 NM- $8 Ackley Trio, Bruce The Hearing AVAN 069 NM- $5 Acoustic Alchemy The New Edge GRD-9698 NM- $5 Acoustic Alchemy Reference Point GRD-9614 NM- $7 Acoustic Alchemy AART HOMCD 11103 Digipak NM- $5 Acoustic Guitar Trio Vignes Digipak LSRCD1122009 NM- $8 Acoustic Jazz Quartet Organic Origin 82407 $8 thanks for your support!!!
  9. Another FreeJazz item Post here then PM Paypal (F/F appreciated) 7 CD box of The Singers Unlimited Magic Voices FMP 539 131 everything looks near mint other than slash thru the UPC on back. There is no booklet. Starting it at $90 shipped thanks
  10. Price reductions on most remaining titles also lowering shipping to $3 for first three titles each additional add .50 Thanks ERIC ALEXANDER Gentle Ballad I & II Venus Records (Japan) TKCV-35335/35376 (w/OBIs) 24Bit Both discs VG+. Housed in double plastic sleeve $32 Gentle Ballads III & IV Venus Records (Japan) VHCD-1011/1027 (w/OBIs) Both discs VG+. Housed in double plastic sleeve $32 My Favorite Things Venus Records(Japan) TKCV35410 24Bit (w/OBI) Disc NM- $18 Sunday in New York Venus Records(Japan) TKCV35350 (w/OBI) 24Bit Disc NM- $19 New York Calling Criss Cross Jazz 1077 VG+/NM- $10 Mode for Mabes Delmark 500 Disc NM- $6 Man with a Horn Milestone MCD-9293-2 Promo Disc NM- $3 Nightlife in Tokyo MCD-9330-2 Promo Disc NM- $5 the second milestone MCD-9315-2 Promo Disc NM- $3 Summit Meeting MCD-9322-2 Promo Disc NM- $3 Temple of Olympic Zues HighNote HCD7172 Disc NM-/Sleeve has hole punch in UPC $7 Alexander the Great HighNote HCD 7013 Disc VG+ $4 Dead Center HighNote HCD7131 Disc NM- $5
  11. 3/22 Price drops JOHN ABERCROMBIE Timeless ECM1047 422 829 114-2 $8 Wait Till You See Her ECM 2102 $7 Getting There ECM 1321 $8 Class Trip ECM 1846 B0002289-02 2004 $10 Cat 'N Mouse ECM 1770 440014 001-2 $10 Tactics ECM 1623 314 533 680-2 $8 Homecoming Gateway ECM1562 BMG 78118-21562-2 $8 (rear insert trimmed /hole punch in UPC) In the moment Gateway ECM 1574 BMG78118-21574-2 $8 (rear insert trimmed) While we're young ECM1489 BMG Classics $11 Animato ECM 1411 $5 Abercrombie/Erskine/Johnson ECM 1390 $8 Current Events ECM 1311 $8 Night ECM 823 212-2 $11 Gateway ECM 1061 BMG Classics 78118-21061-2 $8 Gateway 2 ECM 1105 78118-21061-2 $3 Muhal Richard Abrams Levels and Degrees of Light DD413 $8 Things to Come from Those Now Gone DD430 $6 Spihumonesty Black Saint 120 032-2 $7 Sightsong Black Saint 120 003-2 $11 1-0QA+19 Black Saint 120 017-2 $17 Mama and Daddy Black Saint 120 041-2 $9 Rejoicing with the Light Black Saint BSR0071 $10 The Hearinga Suite Black Saint 120 103-2 $8 Blu Blu Blu Black Saint 120 117-2 $9 Spectrum (with Roscoe Mitchell) Mutable 17536-2 $11 Open Air Meeting (with Marty Erlich) New World 80512 $10 Colors in Thirty-Third Black Saint 120 091-2 $6 Blues Forever Black Saint 120061-2 $5 Cannonball Adderley Things are Getting Better OJCCD-032-2 $4 Live at "The Club" Capitol Jazz CDP 7243 8-29915 2 6 $4 Dizzy's Business Milestone MCD 47069-2 $5 Quintet in San Fransisco RCD30131-2 $6 Sophisticated swing -Complete Emarcy small-group 2CD (Verve) 314 528408-2 $16 At the Lighthouse Capitol Jazz 7243 5 31572 2 7 $6 Soul Zodiac (Europe) Stateside 5099920851521 $9 Nat Adderley Branching Out Riverside OJCCD255-2 $7 Naturally Jazzland OJCCD-1088-2 $5 A Little New York Midtown Music Galaxy OJCCD-1008-2 $8 Work Song Victor VICJ41090 (20bit K2 Japan/OBI) $18 Soul of the Bible 2CD (Blue Note/ Europe) 7243 5 8257229 $18 Work Song-Live at Sweet Basil Sweet Basil 7312-2 $3 Good Company Challenge (Netherlands) Jazz CHR 70009 $5 That's Right (and the Big Sax Section) Riverside OJCCD-791-2 $13 Pepper Adams Hollywood Quintet Sessions JazzCity FSR 2246 $10 Complete Regent Session JazzCity FSR CD 491 $10 My One and Only Love West Wind 2053 $5 10 to 4 at the 5 Spot Riverside 12-265 $20 Plays Charlie Mingus JazzCity FSR CD 341 $8 Encounter! OJCCD 892-2 $7
  12. Don't know Age of Steam but this is equally keyboard and horn with a smooth big band behind it. Track four is Steely Dan-ish. If you can check it out on Youtube and like it I can do it for $13 and throw it in the pile. thanks mike
  13. Price drops for a Sunday night GENE AMMONS Funky (Prestige OJCCD-244-2) NM- $6 jammin' in hi-hi (Prestige OJCCD-129-2) VG+ $9 The Big Sound (Prestige OJCCD-651-2) VG+ $5 Boss tenor (Prestige PRCD-7180-2) 20bitK2 VG+ $12 All Stars Session with Sonny Stitt (Prestige OJCCD-014-2) VG+ $5 We'll Be Together Again (Prestige OJCCD-708-2) NM- $5 The Gene Ammons Story: Gentle Jug (Prestige PCD-24079-2) NM- $7 The Gene Ammons Story: Gentle Jug Vol. 2 (Prestige PRCD-24155-2) NM- $5 Fine and Mellow (Prestige PRCD-24281-2) VG+ $6 God Bless Jug and Sonny (PRCD-11019-2) Promo VG+ $5 Goodbye (OJCCD-1081-2) VG+ $5 Jug and Dodo (PCD-24021-2) VG+ $13 Swingin' the Jug (Groove Hut GH66706) VG+ $7 Legends of Acid Jazz (PRCD-24188-2) Promo VG+ $11 Red Top- The Savoy Sessions (Jazz Heritage Society 5196532) VG+ $5 The Happy Blues (OJCCD-013-2) VG+ $11
  14. Lou Donaldson CDs

    Thank you, kind sir. I hope I'm not coming down with a fever!!!!!