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  1. I'm helping a friend sell off his massive collection. He is a meticulous audiophile type, so all box sets are well cared for and from smoke free home. I suspect many of these were played just once, if even that. I spot checked these and haven't found a mark on most of the discs, but for now will conservatively grade all sets as VG++ though other will rate them higher (like NM) Feel free to ask any questions Can be combined with other CDs I have listed already. Shipping to US only Add $5 for MediaMail shipping Payment is via PayPal. If interested, please respond in thread and then PM. Thank you. Out of print 5 disc box set of wonderful jazz from South Africa. Hard driving jazz that reminds me of the early Art Ensemble. Lots of space, dissonance, chanting and percussion. And a few whistles!!! OGCD 024-028 Box is near mint. Looks unplayed. Well designed set includes discs inside plastic sleeves inside papersleeves. Box Set of 5 CDs and booklet of memories and photographs. CD1 (OGCD 024): Recorded live in Durban, South Afrika in 1964, prior to the departure of the Blue Notes to appear by invitation at the Juan-Les-Prins Jazz Festival. Previously released on CD as OGCD 007 (Ogun, 1995). Total Time - 72:50 CD2&3 (OGCD 025/026): Recorded on 23 December 1975 in a rehearsal room in London. It is the spontaneous tribute of four musicians who had assembled in London for the Memorial Service for their friend. Some of this music was originally available on LP as OGD 001/002 (Ogun, 1976). Total Time - 78:47/78:21 CD4 (OGCD 027): Recorded live at the 100 Club, 100 Oxford Street, London W1, on 16 April 1977 by Ron Barron. Some of this music was originally available on LP as OG 220 (Ogun, 1978). Total Time - 59:12 CD5 (OGCD 028): Recorded at Redan Studios, London on 18 August 1987. Tracks 1-6 released on LP as OG 532 (Ogun, 1987). Tracks 7-9 are alternate takes and are previously unreleased. Total Time - 65:27 $95
  2. Bump and price drop to $65 includes shipping thx!
  3. The Cabinet of Wonder!!!! I'll have to find my fob and play a few tunes on my new CD player that came with a USB port. There is some great stuff to hear here. Here here!
  4. Helping out Scott here...... Mosaic Selects sold Bobby Hutcherson Bob Brookmeyer Mosaic Large Boxes Joe Pass Jimmy Giuffre Bobby Hackets Columbia Small Group
  5. Hope to get list updated soon but recently sold the following... Art Ensemble. Nessa Miles Davis one the corner. Box Miles Davis. 7 steps box Miles Davis Fillmore 1970 Coltrane at the Village Vanguard box Bill Evans last waltz box Get them while they're hot ....
  6. Woody Herman Mosaic MS -031 Limited Edition Everything near mint Includes original box and booklet. $40 includes shipping Continental US only Paypal only Please post here and then PM me.
  7. Bump for May. Thanks for looking.

    If I didn't have 'Capricorn Rising" on vinyl........
  9. Joseph Jarman - RIP

    Thanks for posting, Chuck. Playing 'Song For' little later tonight. Michael
  10. I don't think Scott will mind me posting that the Brotzmann "Die Like a Dog" box and the Moondoc "Muntu" box has been sold also.
  11. The Schillinger System

    I am currently reading " A Power Greater than Itself' and the Schillinger System is mentioned quite a bit.
  12. Bargain Audio Equipment

    Man, for three hundred it better pour my coffee and take out the dog too!
  13. Savoy set coming from Mosaic

    These sets are great and even better when taken in small doses IMO. It helps keep the music within the perspective of the times it was developing.
  14. Finally Getting to So Many Unplayed Jazz LPs

    Last spring I moved the music room/library into a larger bedroom and forced myself to prune the book collection. Got about $25 at Half price mostly for a hard back copy of 'Against the Day". I don't want my wife to haul this stuff off after I'm gone so planning to take at least 25 more books out before the year's out. I know I'll never read some and never ever re-read those I've read already. Besides I need the room!!!!!
  15. My Aussie, Nellie, agrees....... She says that it feels like she's on the longest walk ever.