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  1. Paypal or no Paypal??

    As somebody who buys on eBay, and lives in Tokyo, Paypal has been a Godsend. I have used them for numerous transactions over the last four years and never had a problem. Also, as RDK says, paying with Paypal could not be simpler, a couple of clicks and you are finished.
  2. Hancock/Shorter/Holland/Blade

    They will be in Japan for the Tokyo Jazz Festival on September 18 and 19. That would be a good road trip Jim.
  3. Bud Powell

    First off, I have to confess that I have no Bud Powell, as a leader, in my ever expanding collection. I realize that I need to urgently correct this situation and was wondering whether the 'Complete Bud Powell on Verve' would be a good place to start (I am a fan of box sets). I have the opportunity to pick it up at a good price and it seems like a nice package. Any thoughts would be welcome.
  4. Bud Powell

    Thank you everyone for your insights. I will pick up the box this evening, the price, used, is the equivalent of a little below $30 which I think is pretty cheap. Chuck, I look forward to exploring the music of Bud Powell.
  5. Speaking of Walt Dickerson, I am also very fond of 'Impressions of a Patch of Blue' with some nice Sun Ra piano. I believe this was a Verve Elite Edition a few years ago and I guess they did not make many copies, so if you see it pick it up.
  6. What music did you buy today?

    Brownie, I picked this up today used for a mere $4.00. I like what I have heard of Teddy Edwards and at that price it was an easy choice Based on all the positive comments on this board about Rashaan Roland Kirk, I also bought a used copy the 2 CD Rhino Anthology 'Does Your House Have Lions'. I have to confess that I own no Kirk and I hope this is a good introduction (also it was only $10).
  7. Elvin is dead

    Brownie, you beat me to it, I was about to post the same article. Love Robert Wyatt's comment.
  8. The duds.

    Bobby Hutcherson - 'Natural Illusions' I love Bobby, but this with strings effort is truly awful. Sold it immediately.
  9. Guy Lafitte

    Brownie, beer and wine both have their time and place (as does vodka). The key is to have a balanced diet
  10. Charlie Mariano

    Anyone familiar with 'Autumn Dreams', Charlie Mariano and the Mal Waldron Trio, a recording on Alfa Jazz from the early '90's? Hard to find any information on this one but I guess it is hard to go wrong with Mariano and Waldron. Any comments would be appreciated.
  11. Actually EKE BBB, the first London vote was from me. Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner. Anyway, It's about time England hosted either the Olympics or the World Cup, especially as I live in Tokyo.
  12. In addition to Conn's Bangkok recommendations, for something other than temples I would add Jim Thompson's house. This is a really nice traditional well preserved Thai house next to a Klong (canal). Jim Thompson's story is also very interesting. For getting around the Skytrain is really convenient and cheap, and avoids the traffic (and heat). A lot of the taxis are metered now and if you are lucky they even use them. The food and entertainment options in Bangkok are rapidly changing so get some current info. Also, if you want to check out the famous go-go bar scene, despite what Weizen says on another thread, Patpong is for toursits. The locals generally go to Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy.
  13. I agree scottb, I think that ultimately it was actually a dissapointing season for Arsenal despite their achievment in the league. I feel they really thought this was their year in the Champions League and losing to Man United in the FA Cup semi final really hurt too. They really wanted to emulate United in doing the treble and this season was as good an opportunity as they are likely to get.
  14. Confession Corner

    If Sinatra qualifies as a confession then I admit to Billie, Ella and Sarah too.
  15. Big Wheel, for Bangkok (and Thailand generally) I would recommend the famous Stickman guide to Bangkok site at A lot of good information there and some of the reader submissions are priceless. All in all, pretty entertaining.
  16. CDs you intend to buy very soon

    Tempted by the 8 CD Bill Evans live box 'Consecration' which I saw used for around $58. This seems like a good price, especially as it is the Japanese K2 20 bit version. Anyone have any thoughts on this box? I really like his playing at slower tempos and I heard there was a lot of more uptempo material on this box.
  17. Anyone stressed out?

    Friday night out with the boys is fast approaching. Always helps after a tough week. Booze may not be the answer but at least it makes the question irrelevant.
  18. Bossa Nova

    Perhaps not as authentic or Brazilian as many of the above recommendations, but I think the Sinatra/Jobim collaboration is superb, a high point for both great artists.
  19. 'The First Swallow of Spring'.
  20. Now reading...

    Just finished 'Nico: Songs They Never Play On The Radio' by James Young. A compelling and frequently hilarious journal of the last few years of Nico's life by her keyboard player. She spent much of this time on the road with other junkies and assorted low life characters (most memorably, Dr. Demetrius, her manager). Despite living only for heroin much of the time, Nico comes across as a surprisingly sympathetic figure. As an aside, at one point she mentions being the model for the cover of the Bill Evans LP 'Moonbeams'.
  21. Favorite 45 (Single)

    Suzi Quatro - Can the Can (my first crush) Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side David Bowie - Life on Mars The thing is, I still really like the last two.
  22. Sinatra-Basie

    For prime live Sinatra I would recommend the '57 in Concert' gold CD recorded in Seattle. Frank at his peak with Nelson Riddle and a great song selection. Great as the Capitol years were there is still a lot of good stuff on Reprise. I like the Basie/Ellington recordings a lot but I think there are even better Reprise releases. I would start with 'September of My Years' and the Sinatra/Jobim CD.
  23. My apologies Gary, I thought you meant the treble. If they manage to go undefeated all season in the league that would indeed be a unique achievment. Who knows, with no other distractions now, they just might manage it.
  24. Watched the Man.U.-Arsenal semi-final on cable and was delighted with the result. Not only should United now salvage something from this season (Millwall?) but they prevented Arsenal from repeating their 1999 treble feat (so no Gary, Arsenal were not on the verge of achieving something unique, Manchester United have already been there). I do believe Arsenal will still win the league however. As for the Champions league, great stuff. It really is wide open with no clear favourite.
  25. The First Concert You Ever Attended

    First concert was Roxy Music at the Rainbow in London in 1973. Most boring was probably Genesis at the Knebworth festival in 1978.